CEO Rick Smith Securus

Contribution of Rick Smith to the Securus Technologies’ Success

Securus technologies made a move of signing an agreement deal with the purpose of acquiring the JPay Inc. The agreement that is defined by Stock Purchase Agreement indicates the completion of the deal that will be sealed. The company is among the leading enterprises in the matter of the electronic business. The primary is of the electronic equipment of the JPay are the entertainment apps and educational apps. The company has pushed its boundaries regarding services provided to over 30 prison system. The acquisition of the company by Rick Smith has made the efficiency on issues of service delivery. The services that are furnished by the firm are made in a manner that allows the inmates to experience the good life transformation of becoming a real citizen. Rick Smith acts as the CEO of the JPay, and he manages it as one of the branches of Securus. The operation of the JPay that is run under the leadership of Rick is the same as the earlier. The boost that has been laid in the JPay is the innovative scene that is marked by professional individuals.

JPay is located in Miramar, and it serves all the information that is linked to the inmates including the emails. Many prisoners have benefited from the services of the technology employed by the JPay. This has also made a huge impact on matters of curbing the crime rate across the city of Florida. Securus technology has emerged to be the best firm in that manner of presenting the solution to the technical matters that are facing the inmates. Headquarter of the company is in Dallas, and it has expanded their services to many prisons within the city up to 1 million prisoners that are in the service of Securus. The primary services that Securus dedicates its efforts are emergency services and the analysis of the factors that relate to biometric.

Rick Smith Securus has a pragmatic leader with a lot of skills in the field of management has initiated a lot of favorable changes to the firm of Securus Technologies. He serves at the position of the CEO and has the network in many parts of America through the services that are provided by the company. His effort in the transformation of the reform that is related to the prisoner marked the enormous contribution of the Rick in the services provided by Securus. He has also pushed the company to the provision of the safety by making it a crime free through the employment of technology.The growth that has been experienced in Securus is much attributed to the efforts of Rick Smith leadership. He attended the studies at the State University of New York where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. His passion for mathematics shoved him to consider master’s degree in mathematics. He has demonstrated abilities in the field of leadership that has made Securus one of the successful firms.