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Is there such a thing as bad content? Yes, there is. Most Google search engines strive to keep any and all bad content from every reaching the surface. In fact, most search engines will flag you, if your stuff ends up being less-than relevant or fluff. So how can you tell if something is considered fluff? How can you tell if content is just plain bad?

Here are some things to look out for. This will give you some idea as to whether or not you are on the right track.

1)If your content doesn’t bleed, it’s not going to lead. This is an old line in the news business, but it’s very true. In order for your content to have any impact at all, you really do have to cut right to the core. Do this figuratively, not literally. You have to identify with your audience. Your audience will know right away if you are being sincere or not. Get ready to live and die with every word you write/type. If you are not leaving your soul on the floor with each word you write, than it’s considered low-quality.

2)How many people are you worried about offending in your content or brand? Take 1% off the top for each person. If there is 5 people, this will amount to 5% of your total content. Never be concerned with what others think. This is part of the reason why some offer low-quality content. This is another reason why the BBA pushes it down. Spend more time writing how you feel. The rest will take care of itself. In some ways censoring yourself is going to get your flagged, but so will being overtly honest. Find a nice balance.


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