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How to Become a Vintner in the United Kingdom

Vintners are people who make wine with the help of other vineyard professionals such as viticulturists who are in charge of growing grapes. These individuals are responsible for making decisions concerning crushing, harvesting, fermenting, pressing and maturing grapes using their vast knowledge in chemistry. Most of the activities in winemaking are seasonal, and these professionals have to stay at work for very long hours a week to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Most of the work is carried out during the harvest time.

The wine making process in the UK takes place outdoors and indoors. These professionals must need to be physically fit so that they can perform all the tasks required. They have to bend, push and lift in their line of work, and it can be challenging if they have any health issues. There are qualified personnel in the winery who are responsible for controlling the all the procedures.

If you are planning to become a UK vintner, you can learn the skills needed while on the job or enrolling in viticulture programs. You can also learn the science of wine making through special platforms. There are educational options that are available too such as the certificates and doctoral degree programs. These programs prepare the professionals for the procedures involved in the UK vintner wine making process. Follow these steps if you want to succeed in this field.

Get the Experience

Some individuals start their career by going for the educational programs. However, it is possible to start by getting employment at one of the small wineries in your area and learning how they work. The first job they will get will be serving in the vineyards, especially during the summer harvest. Although this job will demand very long hours, physically work and many other challenging activities, it prepares the professionals for the tasks ahead.

Get a College Degree in Enology or Viticulture

Although this is not mandatory to have a career in the UK vintner industry, it is important that you consider completing tour degree in enology or viticulture. This is because you will be equipped with all the educational skills needed for wine making, and you will be able to understand the science behind it. Several schools offer these educational programs in the United Kingdom, and you should choose the best so that you get the best skills. The programs prepare the professionals in the preparation and sale of wine in the UK, the process of growing grapes and many other activities through plant chemistry, biology and the science of soil.