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What You Need To Know About UKV PLC Wines

UKV PLC wines is a service of dedicated and experienced wine consultants who will guide you through the options available to you when choosing the appropriate wine and champagne for your events. UKV PLC is an independent wine company that uses a variety of wine selections. As a result of their independence, the company is not tied to any particular wine brand.

UKV PLC wine selections includes Haut Brion 1996, Haut Brion 2007, Haut Brion 2009, Margaux 2007, Margaux 2009, Palmer 2009, Latour 1998, Latour 2005, Petit Mouton 2008, Lynch Bages 2010, D’Yquem 2009, among others.

UKV PLC have an impressive social media presence. They have a Facebook page, Twitter Page and Instagram page where they post regular updates about high quality wines and also interact with their followers. A wine enthusiast can follow their social media pages to get daily updates about good wines.

The benefits of purchasing wine through UKV PLC are numerous. Their wine experts will advise you on the wine that is most appropriate for your occasion making sure that you purchase the right wine at the right time. UKV PLC also offers delivery services directly to your door steps. When you use UKV PLC you can be sure that you will only get high quality wines.

UKV PLC Wines consists of an excellent team of fine wine consultants that will be able to inform you about the many wine options available. UKV PLC has a wealth of knowledge about the wine industry, and they will be able to educate any wine lover about the most appropriate champagne or wine for any occasion.

If you wish to discuss your wine requirements with UKV PLC consultants, you will be able to understand exactly what type of wine that suits your needs the best. This will allow you to have a successful event with the perfect wine for your occasion.

The Leading Wine Merchants in the UK

In the United Kingdom, wine is held in high regard as evidenced by the large numbers of vintners and wine merchants in the country. Among the most recognized vintners and wine merchants include the Merchant Vintner Company, Highbury Vintners and UK Vintners. All these UK vintners offer a variety of services apart from the actual production of wines.

The Merchant Vintner Company ( was established in 1965 and is currently owned by 20 shareholder member firms. The main aim of this company is to develop family owned wine merchants to have a competitive edge against the big players in the industry. The company has about 2 million pounds worth of stock at the disposal of its members. These products are purchased at very competitive prices to allow its members to have access to a variety of wines and spirits and at the same time reduce their personal stock holding.

Highbury Vintners is among UK vintners that are held in high esteem. It is an award-winning independent vintner that is flexible and is always coming up with new brands of wines. The merchant stocks over 1300 different types of wines from all over the world.They prefer to focus on small producers whose products are rarely found in supermarkets or retail shops. They value quality and great value and that is why they choose to deal with family run wineries who have quality, organic wine due to small production. They not only deal with wines, but also stock a wide variety of beers, microbrews, and ciders from all over the world. Highbury vintner is, therefore, one among the few UK vintners with a difference. They also provide other services which include wine tasting, glass loan, wedding list and corporate services. They also have their wine club. The most common wines that they have in stock include white wine, red wine, rose wine and fine sparkling.

The UK Vintners is also a UK vintner with repute owing to its wide selection of wines from all over the world. This vintner is flexible and responds quickly to any order placed. It is a well-known vintner especially when it comes to its wine making workshops and the quality of wine that it distributes. It offers many services to its large clientele chief among those being the offering of gift vouchers and free deliveries on orders. It is also known to offer dessert and fortified wines and this makes it unique.