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Planning a Trip to the West Coast

Traveling is a great way to get the family out and about, but it can sometimes be difficult to make the arrangements so that you’re able to make the most out of this. You will find that planning well in advance is why it is so beneficial for you and your loved ones. It is often recommended by travel experts that you plan for a larger trip a few weeks to a few months in advance to when you’re actually going to be leaving. This ensures that all of the plans are going to be ideal for your needs and that you won’t run into any problems along the way.

In order for you to travel to the west coast, you’re going to need a plane ticket and hotel arrangements. This ensures that you are able to travel with ease and without having to make a long and winded car trip with your loved ones. If you would rather do a bit of sightseeing, you can choose to go by car, but this might cost more money than simply getting a plane ticket that gets you to where you want to go. Also, when you begin to do all of the booking online, you’re going to find it to be easy and quick to read reviews and see exactly what other people are saying when it concerns airlines as well as hotels.

Next, you’re going to want to make plans for what you’ll be doing while you’re there. This is the time to look at what the local area has for you to do, which is essential for when you’re going to get your family there and know that you’ll have a great time. The west coast has a wide range of different amenities and attractions to keep you and your family happy during the annual vacation. For instance, you’ll be able to easily go to amusement parks, beaches and resorts that are totally ideal for each of your every need. This is why it pays to do a bit of research and see exactly what it is that you need in order for you to make the most out of this trip and know that you are also sticking to the budget that you’ve created.

The West Coast Will Get An Incredible View Of The Super Blue Blood Moon

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Earth covers up the moon in the middle of the night so the light from the sun can’t reach it. While lunar eclipses are quite common across the globe they are not as common specifically in the United States so when one occurs it tends to bring out amateur astronomers left and right. But, what makes this total lunar eclipse even more special is the fact that it is also a super blue blood moon. It is considered a super moon because it is at it’s closest point to the Earth in its total rotation. This is also known as the perigee of its orbit around the Earth. The name blood moon comes from the reddish orange color that appears on the moon from refracted sunlight while it is being eclipsed by the shadow of the planet. The best viewing of the super blue blood moon will be in the middle of the night as some news outlets have posted. Between 3 and 6 am pacific time will be the ideal viewing hours. During the super moon it will appear almost 14% brighter than normal giving it an extremely luminous glow in the night sky if it is unhindered by clouds. The fact that all of these phenomena happen to fall on exactly the same night means that this is an extremely rare astrological event. Astrologers from NASA will be studying this event particularly closely as they may not be able to view another such lunar event throughout the rest of their lives. The west coast is unique in that it gets the best view of the event while the east coast meaning it will not have a view of the trifecta of events. Ancient civilizations used to claim that events such as this were omens and could tell of future events. Luckily, modern technology allows us to explain these events and to understand why it is happening. Scientists are working hard every day to better understand the word around us. If you and your family are hoping to catch a glimpse of the super blue blood moon and total lunar eclipse be sure to set your alarms extra early for Wednesday morning! You won’t regret that you did.

Military Ordered to Allow Transgender Recruits Starting January

After an earlier injunction had been issued by a federal judge in DC against Donald Trump’s memorandum, which disallowed transgender military service, another ruling in Maryland has affirmed that the military has a mandate to allow transgender recruits. Chris Geidner’s article on BuzzFeed succinctly highlights the decision.

The DoJ has already put out notice that it will appeal the DC injunction issued by District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. This comes after the DoJ’s request for clarification that the injunction she issued did not bar discretionary powers that rest with the Secretary of Defense to defer the effective date for accession, being January 1st, 2018. This date marks the commencement of Obama’s administration policies allowing military service on the part of transgender individuals.

As Geidner reports, the incumbent Secretary of Defense pushed back the date of accession that had been set by Ashton Carter. The then secretary had set the date of accession as 1st July, 2017. Mattis delayed it to 1st January, 2018. Did the injunction then mean that the accession would be put to action immediately, would it take effect on January 1st or would the discretionary powers exercised by the Secretary of Defense stand? Well, according to Geidner, the court did not give the DoJ what it wanted, which was to allow for the exercise of discretion and effectively push the accession further. Instead, the judge ruled that the injunction meant the 2018 date is to stay.

The judge explained that the effect of the order meant the status quo before President Trump’s memorandum blocking the Obama decision came to effect would stand. That is, the policies allowing for the accession of transgender persons into service beginning on January 1st would be upheld. Eyes are now on the DoJ as it proceeds with its appeal, whether it will succeed or not.

Vince Carter and the Warriors

Not too long ago Vince Carter was a rising star in the NBA, on par to become one of the greats. That was then, and this is now. Father time has never lost when it comes to aging sports stars. Vince Carter is and was a casualty of time. His skills diminished, along with his legacy. Unless you are an avid fan of the NBA, chances are you may have even thought that Vince Carter had already retired.

Carter has bounced around the NBA for a few years now, after a strong start with the Toronto Raptors. He has spent time in New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, and this year in Sacramento. With each of these teams, his role has diminished to where he comes in off the bench and provides a little scoring.

Recently Carter opened up open his free agency over the summer and his attempt to join the champion Golden State Warriors. Carter may be over-the-hill by NBA standards at 40 years of age, but he still wants to contribute. Going to a loaded team like the Warriors, Carter’s status as a bench warmer would almost have been certain. Even though his role has diminished with age, he still wants to come off the bench a provide a spark.

With the ideal in mind that Carter can still produce, he found a better offer with the Sacramento Kings, a $8 million deal for one year. He gets to come off the bench, provide some help, and still have a career in the NBA. Had he gone to the Warriors, he would have sat on the bench, made less money, and disappeared without a trace. There is still some spirit in the old-timer. In a recent game he had a break-a-way dunk that he even thought about turning into a reverse or windmill.

UCLA Helps 49ers

Every business is out to do one thing, make money. So when the rare occasion comes around for a company to save money, most companies will jump at the opportunity to save a nickel. Often times short-sided companies will step over dollars to pick up dimes. In the case of former Oregon Duck coach and NFL Eagles and 49ers coach Chip Kelly, he and his new employer, the UCLA Bruins will be helping the 49ers save a little bit of cash.

That little bit of cash we are talking about is only a mere $7.5 million. Chip Kelley had become a bit of a wunderkind when his mighty Oregon Ducks rose to fame based on analytics used to run the tables in the Pac 12 and even fought for a national championship. Kelly rode that fame into the NFL where he became a virtual bust after a quick and sensational start with the Philadelphia Eagles. After his demise in Philly, the San Francisco 49ers signed him to a multi-year million dollar contract. After only one season in the Bay Area, Kelly was dismissed.

The UCLA Bruins just announced the signing of Kelly as their head football coach for yet another multi-year $23 million dollar contract. Because he signed that contract with the Bruins, this helps the 49ers escape money owed to Kelly. As already mentioned, the amount owned is a small chunk of change to the tune of $7.5 million.

In the dog-eat-dog competitive business world that we live in, it is a rare breath of fresh air when a company like the 49ers finally are able to save money. Never mind the multitude of missteps the organization has made over the last decade which put them in this predicament in the first place. After several poor general manager hiring’s and firing’s, and several poor contract signing’s, it’s nice to finally see some good happen for the 49ers.

Women Dozes And Gets Woken Up With A Bang During California Concert

Attending an orchestra performance sounds like an event where you would want to be awake right? After all, if you are dozing off, you would be missing the sound of the orchestra that you paid quite a bit of dough to listen to. One woman attending a concert by the North State Symphony Orchestra in California apparently fell asleep while the group was performing a song called “The Firebird” composed by Igor Stravinsky.

The song features serenading and peaceful music that may have lulled her to sleep. However, it also features some loud crash cymbals and powerful crescendos throughout as well. It was during one of those loud crash cymbals that a woman suddenly screamed as she was awakened from her slumber. Her gasp was heard not only by all the audience members, but by the musicians and the conductor as well.

You can see the video and read briefly about this incident in California at the Huff Post. The great part about this incident is that the audience took it in good stride. Even the director chuckled and glanced over shoulder while he was conducting. It seemed “The Firebird” performance had put everyone in a good mood and that is a good thing. The director later tweeted out after the concert was over that Stravinsky’s music can still be quite the surprise even a century later!

This incident serves as a warning to concert goers. Don’t doze off or you might just suddenly by awakened by the sound of crashing cymbals and sudden crescendos. In case you are wondering what a crescendo is, it is when the music increases in volume over time. Another takeaway from this story is that a lot of classical music can lull you to sleep. In fact, many of them can sound like lullabies. However, it is important to stay awake and enjoy the music. Otherwise, you just might wake up to a surprise and be the subject of some good humor from fans, musicians and magazine readers alike.

Farm Workers in Northern Carolina are Recovering From the Fire

The Tubbs Fire that burnt more than 4,600 home in California is one the worst disasters to have ever happen in that area. Many people lost their belongings with some taking only their documents and others failing to rescue anything. The fire left nearly 38,500 people without any belonging, and they are now living without papers to prove their citizenship. The fire victims have made their temporary homes in Sonoma.

Sonoma County has several industries with many of the residents working in construction and processing industries. The food processing factories in Sonoma rely on immigrants for labor. The undocumented immigrants face a challenge of losing their jobs and also being left out of aid from the government because they may fear to apply. Many charitable organizations have contributed funds to help the victims who will be required to apply for them to get the funds. The little hope that undocumented immigrants are left with is with the UndocuFund officials. UndocuFund was launched by several concerned organizations before the fire to give aid to undocumented immigrants.

Sonoma County Farm Workers Health Survey said that most of the workers in the vineyard plantations are undocumented immigrants and Latino. According to them most of their workers will have to wait for up to three years to have a stable income. Most of the farm workers may face stiff competition when seeking employment due to lack of documents.

Days later and fire victims are getting aid to meet their needs and to start building their lives again. Omar Medina, a project coordinator at UndocuFund, made an effort to reach the affected families. Medina has also facilitated the training of Intake workers who offer medical services to fire victims in their homes. The partnership between UndocuFund and Operation Access will facilitate the provision of specialized medical care to undocumented immigrants.

Many families are gradually recovering whereas some are still trying to get the funding from organizations like North Bay Fire Relief Fund which raised over $16 to distribute to fire victims.

Meghan McCain’s Big Engagement

Meghan McCain is known by people all around the world for being the daughter of famed American politician John McCain. She also has a big reputation in her own right. She’s a person who has never been afraid to share her views with the rest of the planet. This Arizona girl has big news to share with the public now, too. She has just gotten engaged to a man by the name of Ben Domenech. Domenech is a publisher and writer who is widely known in conservative circles.

There’s no doubt that McCain’s life has been hectic in recent times. She has made appearances on popular television programs such as The View. She’s been assisting her father with his cancer treatment as well. Those things are just the beginning. It looks like her daily schedule is on the verge of becoming more and more chaotic. Organizing a wedding isn’t exactly the simplest thing in the world.

McCain didn’t tell anyone her fiancé’s name. The publication Page Six, however, discovered it and unveiled it to all. Domenech seemed to confirm Page Six’s information, too. That’s because he sent a tender comment to McCain using Twitter. He retweeted the publication’s piece alongside the comment as well. He wrote simply “love you, bae.”

McCain hasn’t been too secretive about having a boyfriend. She discussed having a boyfriend in passing on some of her social media accounts. She’s been doing so since the beginning of 2016, too. She has never put up any images of her significant other, however. She has merely put up pictures of the dishes he has lovingly prepared for her.

A source has stated that the engaged pair are far along in their wedding arrangements. They’ve already taken care of a considerable amount of work. This engagement news may come as a shocker to people who are familiar with McCain’s interactions with the media. She spoke with the Los Angeles Times in the winter of 2015 and said then that she had some concerns about the whole marriage process. She said that wasn’t certain if she was ever going to tie the knot. She also said that she wasn’t certain that she was ever going to consider having children. There’s a good chance she changed her viewpoint.

How North Korea Says they have the U.S. West Coast on Sight

The modern cold war between the United States and North Korea has been extending itself for quite too long, with the latest two years showing the real danger of what one country is capable of doing against the other.

This October 2017, the United States’ population received a very unwelcome news when North Korea revealed that its newest missile has its range increased and has potential to hit the west coast of the U.S.

According to the developers of the missile themselves, this project had its core design focused on being long-ranged and as deadly as the other missiles under the North Korean arsenal, but one that could hit the west coast of North America if they wanted to.

Reception from the U.S. President Donald Trump incited more fear when he answered the indirect threat of the North Koreans by replying that he was not afraid to take the military option against Pyongyang, and then proceeding to conduct ballistic missile tests himself.

The information was given by the military forces and the researchers who are developing the missiles, and it was politician Anton Morozov confirmed the claim after visiting the country and being invited to look at their newest arsenal.

Reception from the American population has been generally negative both towards the counter-decision of their President and towards the aggressiveness of Pyongyang and the North Korean tests. Many Americans, when asked, also took into account that the United Nations (UN) should be interfering in the cold war between both countries as there is no sign that either of them is going to back off.

The military forces of North Korea intend to release another long-range missile in the near future to keep testing the reach of what their weapons are capable of achieving. Apart from the terrorizing news regarding missiles that can safely target the U.S. territory, it was also spread on the internet and a few news websites that North Korea have plans to create a miniature nuclear warhead that can fit inside one of those missiles. The explosion would be enough to destroy whole cities and states and leave a radiation that would leave the affected area impossible to live in.

When asked about negotiation with the North Korean leader, Trump responded that trying to come up with an agreement with Pyongyang was a waste of time.

California Basketball Teams off to Strong Start

Heading into the 2017-18 NBA season, a lot of eyes were on the teams in the state of California as several of them seemed to have very intriguing storylines entering the season. One of the teams that seemed to be the most interesting were the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors previously won the NBA title the previous season, which was their second championship in just three seasons.

Through the first couple of weeks of the NBA season, the Warriors seem to be getting off to a little bit of a slower start thing many teams would have expected. After the first eight games, the Warriors have a record of five wins and three losses. Wow that is still pretty good, it is well behind the pace that they were running at the last couple of years.

Another team of intrigue were the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have been a solid team for the past five years, which was due in part to the fact that the team had star point guard Chris Paul. However, the team was never able to get over the hump with Paul and the player ended up moving on to the Houston Rockets in the offseason. While the Clippers were thought to struggle without Paul, they seem to have found a groove and are playing well without him. Through the first seven games of the year, the Clippers have five wins and two losses. Much of this success was due to the fact that big men Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan are continuing to play well and put up some big numbers.

The other Los Angeles team that has been the focal point this year are the LA Lakers. The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in sports history, but have struggled to gain a footing ever since the retirement of Kobe Bryant. However, the team seems like they have finally found a star in second overall pick Lonzo Ball. Through his first few games as a NBA player, Ball seems like he could live up to the hype as he is averaging over 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. Overall, the Lakers have a record of 3 wins and 4 losses and look like they could compete for a playoff spot.