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US West Coast: Ripe for a Strong Earthquake

The US West Coast is one of the most seismically active places in the United States. The San Andreas fault that traverses the state poses a major risk in the region, once it moves. It is believed that a strong magnitude earthquake could strike the area once the fault moved, putting the lives of millions in danger. Here are some of the scenarios that could take place if the San Andreas fault in the US West Coast moved:



Los Angeles – the city of Los Angeles, is the second largest city in the United States. If the San Andreas fault moves, the whole city would be devastated, and thousands could die from the catastrophe. The freeways found within the city would collapse, triggering accidents all across the city’s downtown area. Its skyscrapers would also dance through the earthquake, and if its foundation is not good enough, the skyscrapers could collapse. The damage in Los Angeles alone would cost billions of dollars, and it would take the United States Government years before they could rebuild the city.



San Francisco – another major city on the West Coast of the United States that can be devastated if the San Andreas fault moves. The city was devastated by an earthquake more than a hundred years ago, but the damage before would be very different from the damage that it will acquire from the San Andreas fault. The movement of the fault would trigger massive skyscraper collapse, and after the earthquake, the San Francisco Bay Area could suffer apocalyptic damages due to the tsunami that would batter its coast.



Las Vegas – the city of Las Vegas, will not be spared if the San Andreas fault moves. The desert city could develop sinkholes if the earthquake registered a strong magnitude. It could also result in the destruction of the Hoover Dam, which would send Las Vegas into a dry spell and pitch black nights as electricity and water would probably be cut.



Other areas on the West Coast of the United States are under threat of being submerged when a tsunami hit or being completely devastated by the fissures produced by the earthquake.



What It Is Like Living on the West Coast

Ten months is all you need to get a thrill of the West Coast. The West Coast, as you will get to learn, is a place like no other. It is the only location in the world that allows you to have the time of your life, playing and partying. Recall, we all have one life to live and that is why the West Coast is a thrill.



Everything about the West Coast is fun, well, apart from paying taxes. A trip to the West Coast enriches your mind, body, and soul with the rich diversity in the area. So spectacular is the environment that hills, mountains, palms, beaches, and sunsets end up making a remarkable highlight reel. Therefore, you can always take a deep breath and enjoy everything that life has to offer.



The people on the West Coast are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Speak to some and you soon discover how enriched these people truly are. Individuals living on the West Coast, if you did not know, are the most interesting in the U.S.



Go to the West Coast if you want to rub shoulders with celebrities. Many people mistake celebrities for gods. Little do they know that celebrities too are just like you and me, people you can wine and dine with whenever it is convenient. Fortunately, all these you learn while on the West Coast.



Did you know that the West Coast enjoys a rich diversity of local and foreign cuisines? The West Coast is the only place on earth where you will have your mind blown all thanks to the juicy Mexican dishes on offer. To say the least, missing out on a Mexican dish while on the West Coast might turn out to be the worst breakups you have ever had in your life.



Where are the night owls that love to party hard? The West Coast is full of life, especially, at night. That said, you can go to any nightclub you so desire provided you have big bucks. Therefore, the West Coast is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people, a location worth visiting.


The Recent Earthquake in the West Coast USA

There are several places that a person can visit while in the USA, one of them being the West Coast region. The place is filled with several beautiful towns and national parks that will expose you to nature. In the recent past, however, the peace in this area has been disrupted by an earthquake. Earlier this year, an earthquake of 5.3 magnitudes shook the West Coast area. It was relatively strong and was felt in the areas of Southern California.


Many Californians were traumatized by the event. Even though none of them was injured or buildings were destroyed, the tremors were powerful and most of the feared for their safety. As is expected, most of them took to social media to express their concern about the earthquake and their well-being.


This is one of the strongest earthquakes that hit this region. The earthquake was felt over 100 miles away from the epicentre which was the Island of Santa Cruz. The tremors and shaking did not last for long; they lasted for around 10 minutes.



This earthquake was not strong enough to cause damages to the West Coast region. However, it could be an indication that another major one will hit the place soon. Such natural events instil a lot of fear on people, mainly because sometimes they cannot be prevented. This 5.5 magnitude earthquake did not cause a tsunami wave which is why residents were informed that they should not expect a tsunami.



The susceptibility of the West Coast region, notably Southern California experiencing an earthquake is very high. In the past, there have been small tremors. This is the case because there is a fault that runs through the region.



Earthquakes usually cause severe damages to people and property. People can perish or get injured while buildings and infrastructure can be destroyed. Such activities usually drag development behind. For such reasons, it is essential that the appropriate precautions are taken to mitigate such events. The best strategy is to prevent earthquakes. However, they are natural calamities which can occur at any given time. For such reasons, investigation on the recurring earthquakes around this place should be conducted. Such disasters also prevent tourists from visit the region and this is not good for the economy. The West Coast region is rich in tourist attractions, but such events can avert economic gain.


West Coast Dominance for Beyonce at Coachella

If there is one thing that people can learn from a music festival is that they can typically expect to see a reunion if a solo artist has been part of a group before. This is exactly the case for Beyonce and her mind-blowing Coachella performance on the west coast. It was a rare reunion with Destiny’s Child for certain songs, and her fans were grateful to see the group back together again.

A large number of people that have seen Beyonce in concert are just as impressed by her solo act as they are by the reunion that sometimes happens with Destiny’s Child. For the Coachella Festival it was a great surprise, but this was not the only surprise that people had a chance to witness. There was also a marching band in the background. There was also an appearance from her husband. Many people may say that Coachella is something of an abstract Festival. It kicks off what is considered the start of the summer, but it is definitely more mainstream thanks to Beyonce. People that may have had no desire to go to the west coast for this type of festival are now considering booking tickets in 2019. That is the type of impact that she has had on this.

One of the best things about an artist like Beyonce is that she knows how to entertain regardless of where she is. It does not matter where she goes when she is on tour. She always seems to have a crowd of fans that are willing to go the distance for her. It is not surprising for some people that have seen her in Atlanta to show up all the way on the other end of the United States and Los Angeles.

The Queen Bee has become the celebrated artist that is welcomed just about everywhere even though Texas is her native land. This just shows that she has the ability to transcend music genres. She is not someone that is stuck in an category R&B even though this is the feel of most of her music.

Will California Support Sports Wagering after Supreme Court Decision?

There are ongoing debates as to how the western states, mainly California, will act now that the sports wagering decision has been released by the Supreme Court. This decision is significant because of the potential revenue that could be generated from regulation to an industry and has been hiding in the black market shadows.

California lawmakers are very familiar to the fact that California citizens are playing on offshore websites that are unregulated, non-taxable, and unprotected. The sports betting industry is expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars in New Jersey, the state that managed to bring victory to their sports gambling case in the Supreme Court. It is hard to imagine that California won’t take action because of the massive potential to increasing taxable revenue.

Lawmakers will be squeezed for time if they attempt to get it on the voter ballot in 2018. It is widely expected that if sports betting gets onto the California ballot that it would likely pass with ease. Citizens have no reason to vote against this particular subject.

In the months ahead, daily-fantasy sports sites will be expressing their beliefs that states should pass legislation to allow and regulate online sports betting. The daily-fantasy sports websites are perfectly lined up to sweep in and take full advantage of this Supreme Court decision. The leader of DraftKings has already announced his plans to take over the sports wagering industry in the United States by hiring a professional sports book manager.

The only thing that is holding California back from allowing sports betting today is the fact that voters have to authorize a minor change to the state constitution. Only time will tell whether sports betting will follow the similar prospects of online poker and completely stall out in legislation, or whether sports wagering will speed into existence and start bringing in massive amounts of cash flow.

Food As Medicine Theory Tested In California

California has become the first state to implement a pilot program that uses food as medicine. The meal service, designed by doctors, treats high-risk, low-income patients that are chronically ill.

A Special Diet

A 2013 study showed that those who received this diet had several benefits; it reduced their medical expenses by up to 55%, they stayed in the hospital for less time and they were discharged faster than those who did not utilize the diet.

Diet is a central factor in the management of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or cancer. But for many patients it is difficult to take care of it, since with limited incomes, and high medical costs, they only access the foods that generally harm them: processed foods, high salt content, and refined carbohydrates.

The new California-based program has granted $ 6 million to six non-profit organizations that already performed the meal service program. The program will last three years and will be the basis of a study at The University of California, San Francisco and Stanford.

In addition to the breakfast and two additional meals delivered, the service will include a home visit by a nutritionist.

The service is also being partially covered by a thousand state health insurance beneficiaries, and the research will include patients living in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and San Francisco.

Medicinal Value Of Food

There’s a history that defends the medicinal value of food, and organizations like Project Open Hand in San Francisco, and God’s Love We Deliver, in New York City began this movement more than a decade ago to help with the HIV outbreak. Many other groups sprouted to help, and expanded their mission to include nutrition to help people with chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Studies say that the average reduction in medical costs for an individual with good nutrition can range from 16 to 55 percent. However, in many cases, food sacrifices are made to pay the rent, or people neglect their medications because they can not afford to pay for everything. Experts say this is when people unwittingly end up in the emergency room.

The program was officially launched in California last Friday.

Can the Supreme Court Ruling Bring Sports Wagering to the West Coast?

The Supreme Court has overturned a ban that prevented dozens of states from hosting and regulating a sports wagering platform within their jurisdiction. A recent Supreme Court ruling has reversed this decision, and there is now an opportunity for either congress or each individual state to establish legislation to either regulate or continue banning sports wagering.

This news is controversial within the sports industry as the positives and negatives are weighed and perceived in different ways. Sports leagues had supported the ban up until this ruling because they feel that their integrity is at stake. This claim is somewhat questionable considering that within Canada, sports wagering is legal and many Canadians bet on the NHL or other American sports leagues and there seems to be no issue.

The major positives lay with the sports fans that want to wager on their favorite sports team. This decision moves that possibility significantly forward. Daily-fantasy sports websites like DraftKings are already preparing to launch a sportsbook platform within their interface as soon as possible. This could take some time as states decide whether or not they would want to regulate this type of platform. With millions of people already playing illegally on offshore websites, it seems imperative for states to take advantage of the potential cash flow and to actually tax sports wagering to increase their respective revenues. With all things however, it takes time to legalize through legislation, and with similar legal issues such as online poker, there is always the possibility that any potential bill could stall out and eventually die.

The decision that the Supreme Court announced is a positive step towards the national legalization of sportsbook wagering, but there are still some roadblocks before citizens will be able to bet on sports game from anywhere in the country. It is likely that sports wagering will fade into regulation over the course of the next several months, and it seems that states will be forced to act to pick up a piece of the potential revenue to come from this industry.

More Tourists in Oregon Than Ever Before

Statistics show that there are more tourists in Oregon than ever before. Experts say that this trend is not going to go away.

A research firm called Tourism Economics collected data showing that the amount of foreign visitors in 2017 was 1.1 million. This amount was 11% higher than the the amount of foreign visitors in 2012. In 2017, it was found that $1.8 million in revenue was generated from the spending of international tourists—up 18% from 2012. Experts predict that through 2022, there will be a 23% increase in growth in the amount of visitors from foreign countries.

There are a number of reasons for why foreign tourism is increasing in Oregon. Oregon is very much known for its natural beauty, regional culture and work regarding breweries.

Oregon has seen a shift in demographics when it comes to foreign visitors. Historically, a large portion of foreign visitors have been from Canada. Canadians have been responsible for making up about half of international tourists, as well as providing a quarter of the revenue in Oregon that comes from foreign visitors.

In 2017, it was found that people from Asian countries such as South Korea, China and Japan had a noticeable presence when it came to tourism spending. They made up about a quarter of all foreign tourists and contributed to 43% of the revenue that came from foreign tourists.

One of the reasons for why there has been an uptick in the amount of people coming from Asia is the fact that there have been changes in policies regarding what kind of visas people can get. Prior to 2014, Chinese tourists could only receive travel visas that would allow them to stay for one year. After 2014, a 10-year visa was available.

Oregon isn’t usually people’s first choice when it comes to where to go. Places like California and Florida are more enthusiastically visited. However, Oregon is usually the second and/or third place that people decide to go to.

Experts are thinking about ways that they can further accommodate foreign tourists from Asia. Some are saying that signs in Chinese should be put up for tourists.

Seahawks Pick RB In Huge Shocker

It is safe to say when the Commissioner stepped to the podium to announce the 27th pick (belonging to the Seattle Seahawks) very few, if any, people outside of the Seattle Front Office expected it to be a running back — but part of what makes Pete Carroll such a wild card is his willingness to go and get his guy, and he went and did just that with his selection of Rashaad Penny.

Listen, from a numbers standpoint it is impossible to knock Penny. Granted, he played for San Diego State University in the traditionally weaker Mountain West Conference, but still the fact he went over 2,000 yards last season is borderline insane. He’s got a rare combination of size and speed, which is demonstrated by his kick return abilities. While the experts are panning this decision as reaching for a prospect, it goes without saying that it is far too early to truly evaluate the pick. I, for one, applaud Carroll for being willing to take a risk on a player that could play a Marshawn Lynch-esque role for the Seahawks offense in years to come.

The other main complaint is that the Seahawks needed offensive line help more urgently than they did at running back, and that is a fair enough criticism. However, with the position of running back slowly emerging back into one of the more integral roles on a football team perhaps Carroll and the Seattle front office are trying to hop in front of a league wide trend before its too late. Additionally, with no second round pick to utilize or trade with it was truly now or never for the Seahawks to make it work with Penny.

Ultimately, Penny will be compared with the running backs who went after him: Derrius Guice (Redskins) and Kerryon Johnson (Lions) but if Carroll gets this one right again I hope the experts rectify their snap judgments on the pick. While it may sound cliche, the sky is truly the limit for Rashaad Penny. Now he has to go to work and prove all of the haters wrong, and win over the faithful fans of Seattle.

Wellspace Community in San Francisco Takes Issues that Millennial Groups Deal With

Wellspace is a San Franciso based company that is
tackling a plethora of issues that the young millennial generation is dealing with. This is a group of licensed therapists and certified coaches that hear a ton of relationship problems from young adults today.

One of the best things about therapy for millennials is that they get a chance to express their deepest emotions. They are definitely a lot different from their parents in the baby boomer generation that may have come before them.

Millennials of today think much differently according to this community of certified coaches and therapists. They are not thinking about marriage as much because they really do not see the point of doing it. They also have questions about their partner, and they want to discover if there is anything better out there for them. This is what a lot of millennials struggle with. They may feel that they are in dead-end relationships, and they want to know how they can get out.

They want to get a better understanding of where their life is going, and they do not want to be tied down to a partner at all times.

There are also quite a few millennials that have questioned whether they really need to be financially tied to their partner. There is a great discrepancy in salaries for many millennials. There are some people that I’m making a ton of money, but there are others that may be making less and accumulating a lot of debt.

The millennials are in a place where they do not necessarily feel like they have to take care of a partner that has a lot of bad debt. They do not want to get into a relationship where they are stuck and fighting about money like your parents.

There’s definitely a big change in pace when it comes to the way that the young generation of today is thinking. They are not in a place where they want to make the same mistakes that their parents made. They are not seeking a marriage if they cannot see any benefits to come from it. The millennial generation appears to be much different, and this San francisco-based company called Wellspace is highlighting all of these things