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A West Coast Based Community of Therapists Are Getting to the Core of Relationship Problems for Young Adults

In California there are some fairly innovative companies that come to the spotlight, and the San-Francisco based Well Space SF is one such company. It is the organization of nutritionists who are coupled with a community of licensed therapists and certified coaches. Well Space is also spread out in other areas of California like Auburn, Sacramento, Jackson and Folsom.

One of the interesting things that these therapists have done is get
millennials to open up about their issues with relationships.

Millienials are opening up to therapists in ways that they have never done before. The generation before them may have gone recklessly into relationships, but millennials of today are expressing their thoughts on relationships. It is not uncommon for these therapists to get real open discussions going with this young generation about how they really feel about relationships. They are coming forth and spilling their feelings about the fact that they do not want to take on debt that a partner may have. Some people from this younger generation do not even see a real need to get married. They have a lot of questions, and they are not going with the tradition of the way things always have been in the past.

Well Space presents an innovative way for this younger generation to take control of what they are actually thinking about their lives with their partners. They do not have to go down the same path that their parents went down. They have witnessed the high divorce rates for generations, and they have seen the way that couples fight over things like money. They have seen the things that have ruined so many relationships, and they are really asking serious questions because they want answers to why they should engage in things that they know are self destructive.

When people are able to talk and get feedback from this younger crowd they get a better chance to help them explore the things that may help them find peace. In this new generation of technology geared relationships there are more chances to communicate. Millennials have a better chance of getting things right because they have constant access to their partners. It is possible that the therapy that they receive may help with building bridges.