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The Benefits of Being a Unicorn


As far as internet personalities go, Doe Deere is a memorable one. With her original makeup tips and a clear appreciation for individuality, she has perfectly enhanced the world of beauty. She has come a long way since her YouTube origins, and now with the help of her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics, she is making more of an impact than ever before. Doe Deere and her fans, who she refers to as her unicorns, seem to be making a stand against traditional fashion rules, assuring others that beauty is what they make of it. This woman is truly making a difference in the world for the better.
Doe Deere has always had a unique outlook on life. She used clothing and makeup as tools of self expression rather than conforming to the ideals of fashion magazines. While she admits that some of her creations were far from perfect, she was always happy for the experience. Every time she was criticized for her out of the box thinking, she took it as a learning experience about how not to make other people feel. After feeding into her love for letting inner beauty show through, she was able to create Lime Crime cosmetics. With this company Doe Deere has been able to spread her message of individuality and positive thinking.


Lime Crime was founded in 2008 and has been growing ever since. With a combination of subtle hues and bright colors, this line of cosmetics gives customers something new to use every morning. While many may only use makeup to cover flaws and accent features, Lime Crime shows that their products can be so much more. Self expression through cosmetics is an excellent way to let people see the person as well as the makeup. With everything from Unicorn Lipstick to Superfoil eye shadow, Lime Crime is the perfect place to stock up on everything people need to feel like themselves.
With television commercials and magazine ads constantly telling the public how they should look, Doe Deere and Lime Crime cosmetics came as a breath of fresh air to so many people. For anyone looking to swim against the current, these cosmetics are an excellent way to make sure they are seen on their own terms and not as fashion week dictates. Doe Deere did not just start a company, she began a movement. With the statement that Lime Crime is making, people can begin to stand up and be noticed for who they are.

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Lime Crime Makeup: Pretty, Powerful And Edgy

Most of us are creatures of habit, doing things the same way, day in and day out. Even that gets boring, dull and expected. When it comes to putting on makeup, many of us stick to that mundane routine, applying colors and types of cosmetics that are safe and traditional. Lime Crime is a totally different and refreshing beauty philosophy.

The makeup company was established in 2008 by young businesswoman Doe Deere. Russian-born and New York raised, the enterprising and creative woman decided to make her own makeup, because the choices out there were minimal. Of course, Doe Deere was looking for much more than the basics. She wanted whimsical and crazy radical colors, sparkles, edge, street style and self-expression. Doe expected young women and men to feel free and put on the makeup they wanted and not a uniform of society’s norms.

Lime Crime makeup is modern; it’s taken a slow, steady rise to the top, but Doe doesn’t mind. Her line has become the inspiration for all the new beauty companies out there looking to add some bold, bright color to the palettes they are selling.

The most talked about Lime Crime item these days is her lipstick, namely the Velvetines. The name says it all, smooth lipstick that glides across the mouth and dries to a sleek, soft, velvet finish. It stays put for hours, and the colors will blow your mind, Deep Plum, Squash, Pinkest Pink, Brick Red, Cool Grey, etc.

Lime Crime ain’t your mama’s makeup; the Instagram shows it’s modern and playful and a bit naughty. There’s nothing safe about it, and maybe that’s why famous faces like rockin’ Doe Deere’s cosmetics. Katy Perry, FKA Twigs and Garcelle Beauvais are just a few celebs who enjoying putting on Lime Crime for a unique, edgy look.

Doe hopes that people not only get the pretty when they purchase her makeup, but also develop their own idea of what’s attractive. Doe believes that makeup can be quite empowering, a self-esteem booster and great way to announce who you are. Being comfortable in your own skin is what truly matters.  Find the full offering of Lime Crime products on UrbanOutfitters, but be sure to follow their social media, like Facebook, for limited time offers and products.