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Lake Mead Keeps on Draining

The largest water reservoir in the western United States, Lake Mead, is at the lowest level in its history. That’s due to ongoing drought. The climate change forecast will make it even worse, claims LA Times in its recent post.

This can lead to water shortages. Instead of an all-encompassing solution, individual Congress representatives are seeking to protect their own states first.

There are some solutions such as water conservation. For example, the state of Arizona now consumes less water than six decades ago despite sixfold increase in population from slightly over one million to 6.7 million today.

Draining of Lake Mead was noticed a decade ago and plans were made to stop it, but the levels of water kept on getting lower. Now, under the new plan, fresh limits will be imposed on how much water can be taken out of the reservoir.

Based on the new plan, Arizona and Nevada would take first cuts, and California would be expected to follow.

“I think the drought in California, the severe impacts on the state water supply, have made them feel what it’s like to be Arizona,” said Tom Buschatzke, director of the Arizona’s Department of Water.

Ongoing water shortages will possibly lead to conflict among the western states and the Feds may need to get involved.

There are other proposals to solve this water crisis. These include desalination, transforming sewage into water, and even reducing agriculture. Even water markets were proposed.