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Bottling Water In A Desert

Nestle recently discovered water in an Arizona desert. The company has plans to build a bottling plant in Phoenix. This is after the area has been stricken for months with a drought. However, there is a water supply there, and Nestle is taking advantage of the golden liquid, bottling as much as possible.

There has been an increase in the demand of bottled water over the past year. If Nestle can find enough water in a desert, then it might prove to be a lucrative endeavor. Some people don’t agree with the company using water from a desert as this is a resource that is hard to find in the area. As long as the company follows rules and regulations according to the state and doesn’t use all of the water supply, then it’s really not anyone’s business what the company does with the liquid.

One of the downfalls could be that there is too much water used by the plant. If this happens, then the company might have to relocate or go out of business in the area altogether. Nestle understands what it takes to succeed, and if the company didn’t think that this is a good idea, then it wouldn’t have made the plans to build a plant in the middle of an area that sees more dust and cacti than ponds of water.