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Florida Correctional Officer and Securus Technologies Underscore Need to Rid Prisons if Illegal Cellphones

Securus Technologies leads the industry when it comes to products and technologies designed to enhance the security and efficient operations of correctional institutions. One of the newer, cutting edge technologies from Securus Technologies is the Wireless Containment System.


The Wireless Containment System, or WCS, is designed to eradicate illegal cellphones from correctional institutions. The solution is being put into place in an increasing number of correctional institutions in the United States and Canada.


As part of the process of implementing WCS at correctional facilities in North America, Securus Technologies undertook an analysis of the frequency of illegal communications coming from correctional institutions. Securus Technologies recorded an alarming 1.7 million illegal inmate communications in eight correctional institutions. These represented illegal communications the technology from Securus Technologies was able to prevent from being successfully made.


Keep in mind that there are thousands of different correctional facilities in the United States. These include facilities on the local, state, and federal levels. Thus, the number of illegal communications being made by inmates in this day and age is astronomical.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company currently is serving over 3,400 correctional and law enforcement agencies located in North America. About 1.2 million inmates are covered in one way or another by different types of Securus Technologies products, services, and solutions.


The life story of Robert Johnson underscores the vital importance of reigning in the use of illegal cellphones by offenders in correctional institutions. Johnson was a Florida corrections officer. The proudly served in that capacity for over a dozen years.


One day, while at work, Johnson discovered a box containing contraband that an inmate was attempting to get into the correctional facility where Johnson worked. Johnson’s efforts prevented about $50,000 worth of contraband from being introduced into the institution. But, that was not the end of the story.


The inmate who orchestrated the attempt to get the contraband into the facility had in his position an illegal, working cellphone. Armed with the cellphone, the inmate was able to contact an associate outside of the institution, apparently a fellow gang member.


Through the use of the illegal cellphone, and calling from prison, the inmate as able to order a hit on Johnson. Indeed, after ordering the hit, the inmate’s associate broke into Johnson’s home. The hitman opened fire on Johnson, shooting the correctional officer multiple times. Johnson nearly died and many attributed his survival to nothing less than a miracle.


Once recovering from the assault on his life, the former correctional officer has made it his mission to encourage correctional agencies to take the necessity to eliminate illegal cellphones from correctional institutions very seriously. He advocates for the use of technology, like the WCS created by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies: The Leader In Prison Communications Services In America

Securus Technologies is a company that has managed to stand out in the field of prison communications owing to the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company is currently one of the most sought-after prison communications providers in America, and is used by several prisons across the country and also a few in Canada. The company has undergone several changes and developments to reach the position that they are currently in. One of the most significant developments that the company went through was when they decided to merge with a company known as T-Netix, which at the time was also on the same competitive level as Securus Technologies. The entire merger was brought together by Rick Smith, who now leads the company as their CEO.


Securus Technologies takes pride in the kind of services that they provide and continually tries to upgrade them by implementing better technology. The company offers a wide range of voice and video calling options to those who want to contact their friends and family on the outside. All of the communications that go on between the inmates and the outside world is recorded and kept in the case where it needs to be used as court evidence. This has been a brilliant move which helps monitor the inmates, and also reduces the number of crimes that happen as a result of the misuse of these services. The company has also assisted judiciaries and has provided these records as evidence on multiple occasions.


Securus Technologies has set the standard for communications services and has been of a big help to maintain the public safety of people in America. Their dedicated effort to ensure the safekeeping of the people and enforcement of the justice system are some of the main factors that have contributed to Securus Technologies is the company that it is today.



Securus Technologies Helps Society In Many Ways

Securus Technologies is in the business of providing products to the community that promote profit for people rather than profit for the business owner. A good way of displaying this would be the fact that Securus Technologies charges very low fees for all of their services. In fact, their fees are lower than the fees traditional jails charge to make phone calls and put money into an inmates commissary.


The hardware Securus Technologies offers is also at a low price. Inmates and prisons as a whole can pay a low monthly fee for both hardware and software. This monthly payment is less expensive than one meal that can be purchased inside of a jail.


People can visit the Securus main website to retrieve a list of all the jails that support Securus hardware and software. People can then visit the websites of those jails to observe the great comments they have all written regarding Securus.


Many of these reviews attest to the fact that Securus has great customer service. If a problem is every reported, with either the hardware of software, a specialist will be on the scene in less than an hour. This is a promise provided by Securus Technologies to all of their customers.


Securus Technologies Launches an Inmate Form Automation Tool (ConnectUs)

Securus Technologies, a well-known provider of technology solutions for investigation, monitoring, corrections, and public safety, officially announced the implementation of Inmate Forms as well as Grievance request on ConnectUs. The new application will improve the quality of service and save clients a significant amount of real money and time. The introduction of this automation tool is part of Securus’ goal of modernizing correctional agencies. Watch this video on Youtube.


Transitions from manual to digital processes


For a long time, correctional facilities have relied on paper forms for diverse inmate request including medical, registration forms, and handbook acceptance forms. Therefore, correctional administrators spend a significant amount of time distributing, collecting, logging, filing, and storing forms. The new application makes it possible for the creation of custom forms for a wide range of requests. Changing the form only takes a few minutes, and it does not require any printing.


The application is creating a positive impact for clients. Inmates can have personal access to forms, check out the status of grievance, and choose to consent or appeal them. ConnectUs is an advanced and feature-rich detainee platform in the correctional market. It allows incarcerated person to have access to a limitless set of applications as chosen by the correctional facility. Correctional officers can ensure that inmates are accessing useful content and communicate with them via the digital bulletin board.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies offers cutting-edge criminal and civil justice technology solutions that enhance public safety and revolutionizes the incarceration experience. Over 3,450 correctional facilities depend on Securus for safe, simple, and reliable technology solutions, which are readily accessible and easier to use. The firm has hundreds of patents and team of experienced engineers, thinkers, technologist, and designers who are eager to come up with innovative solutions to problems that correctional agencies face. The Dallas-based company offers its exceptional services to more than 1.2 million incarcerated persons across North America.


Netflix’s Growth Stops

Netflix’s growth has slowed to a near stop, causing investors to flee.

According to Buzzfeed, the company’s stock prce dropped by 15% as it revealed its disappointing numbers to investors. Earlier, the company had predicted that it would add 2.5 million new customers to its rolls, yet it added only 1.7 million.

Part of the reason for Netflix’s disappointing performance is that the streaming giant, whose titanic rise to power contributed to the fall of brick and mortar stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, faces a growing number of alluring competitors. Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu offer original content on par with Netflix’s own shows, along with many hit blockbuster movies and hot shows that Netflix lacks. New competitors like Playstation Vue also offer customers live streams of their favorite TV channels including ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports and Disney Channel. While these services also offer on-demand content, Netflix lacks the kind of live content which makes these services more attractive.

While Netflix does often obtain the right to stream recently-aired shows, it is sometimes seasons behind other services like Playstation Vue. Furthermore, other services, like Amazon and Hulu have obtained exclusive rights for several of today’s most popular shows.
Videophiles are also able to obtain new releases more quickly using on-demand video services like Walmart’s Vudu and FandangoNow than they are on Netflix.

Despite the spite of the fact that competition is increasing while competitors are offering new features Netflix lack, the company has added few new features. Worse, it has hiked up its prices – even for long time users. At the same time, the company made it more difficult for users in other countries to watch the US version of Netflix and for US Netflix users to watch the content Netflix offered abroad. This meant that users who once enjoyed watching Netflix shows from abroad had a much smaller selection of movies and television shows to choose from.

With Netflix offering less content, placing more restrictions on its current users and and failing to keep up with the streaming breakthroughs of services like Hulu and Playstation Vue, many users have begun looking elsewhere for entertainment.