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Bruno Fagali, Administrative and Regulatory Law Specialist

Bruno Jorge Fagali is known professionally as Bruno Fagali, he’s an Advocacy attorney based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He received his law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC) in 2009. After graduation, Fagali went on to pursue additional studies in Administrative Law. Later he completed his Master of Laws (ML degree) from the University of São Paulo.

Bruno Fagali advises clients as a Corporate Integrity Manager and he litigates cases as a specialist attorney. He’s a business entrepreneur with his own Brazilian law firm, but also works as a legal consultant for other firms. One such firm where he’s been enlisted to assist is with a high profile case for Meio and Mensagem. He deal with issues related to ethical and fair treatment of employees, as matters of contractual compliance. In Brazil, an employee cannot be fired for any reason within a period of 36 months. After three years, then the employer may terminate any employee, whether a layperson or a professional, without explanation.

These are the types of legal issues which Bruno Fagali has trained for nearly 19 years to litigate. He litigates cases involving public civil action, corporate integrity and compliance. Compliance is a specialty area of Administrative law.

Bruno Fagali also maintains professional alliance with the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics is the Congressional legislation of Brazil. Thereby, entitling him to claim legal status as a special Congressional advisor. With his ties to the Congressional legislation he attends seminars related to Brazilian health and civil laws. He’s not a Brazilian Congressman, but is an advisory board member. He’s often called upon to assist other attorneys in court because of his bilingual abilities. Bruno Fagali is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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