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Seattle Genetics leading in Cancer and Cancer Drugs Research

Seattle Genetics is a fast growing cancer research center in the U.S. The company has developed numerous cancer drugs such as Adcetrics. The company is planning to launch other medicinal products that will help ease the management of cancer. Adcetrics drugs are currently being tested to establish its efficacy in the management of different types of lymphomas.

The trials are part of the third phase of clinical testing which comprises trials of treating new cases of lymphoma. The experiments have already shown that Adcetrics has a positive effect in the management of lymphomas.

In 2015, the sales of Adcetrics amounted to $226 million in Canada and U.S. The sales are projected to increase to about $275 million. The company has already contracted Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a company that distributes drugs globally.

Seattle Genetics is also working on twelve other medicinal products related to the management of cancer. It is planning to release a drug branded 33A into phase three clinical trials later this year. The drug will be used to treat myeloid leukemia. Other drugs being developed are targeted at management of breast cancer and bladder cancer.

To increase their marketing strategy, Seattle Genetics is planning to recruit 100 employees in US and 20 in Switzerland. The employees will help to expand the company’s market.

Seattle Genetics boasts of a visionary leadership of Clay Siegall, its CEO and President. Clay Siegall is a renowned researcher on cancer therapies, who has been actively involved in the company’s research and drug development processes. Additionally, he has negotiated for the firm’s affiliations with leading pharmaceutical industries such as Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, and AbbVie Inc.

Dr. Siegall graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics. He has received numerous accolades for his participation in different medical research projects. In 2013, he was honored as the Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences at University of Maryland.

In 2012, he was honored as the Entrepreneur of the year by Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young. For this reason, he is strategically positioned to make Seattle Genetics a top player in the pharmaceutical industry.

White Shark Media Helps Companies to Build a Better Online Presence

Most companies sell their products and services online in this modern era. These online companies have been downed by the need of advertising their products better to attract customers. Many companies present the same kinds of products to their clients. It has been necessary for companies to adopt better marketing strategies to remain viable in the ever dynamic e-commerce markets. Most of these businesses have turned to White Shark Media for digital marketing assistance to build a stable online presence. White Shark Media was developed in Denmark. It is a leading Digital Marketing Firm in the whole of Latin America.


The White Shark Media Supplies Key Online Marketing Strategies to an extensive Client base

White Shark Media is the unparalleled American Company. It has facilitated many companies to achieve e-commerce market advantage. The firm has taken over the promising American SMB markets. White Shark Media is led by an expert team of web designers, SEO specialists, and other skilled website and online content managers. This qualified team serves a broad SMB client base all over the world.


White Shark Media presents superior online marketing strategies through content management and customized blogs or webs. The firm performs a market study and groups the type of customers to determine the most appropriate technique of drawing more customers during client transactions. The professional team at White Shark Media then creates personalized websites with a custom-made business emblem. This team understands all the aspects involved in Adwords-SEO research to identify the best internet marketing plans.


The White Shark Media was awarded the Google Premier SMB AdWords™ and recently hosted the Google Premier Connect Event.

The Google Premier SMB AdWords™ Award acknowledges the most expanding digital marketing firms. Google handpicks the few digital advertise enterprises that meet the Google eligibility and training requirements. This award was presented to the White Shark Media digital marketing agency in 2014. A Google support team was also allocated to the firm to help its rapid International expansion. White Shark Media recently carried out a Google Premier Connect event that congregated global companies to empower the community on better business strategies.


The White Shark digital marketing agency intends to supply the most exceptional online customer service to its extensive global customer base. White Shark Media looks forward to redefining industry standards of excellence by employing its reputable online and offline experience. The company intends to create a setting where companies benefit from it’s tested and proven marketing tactics.



Exploring The World Of Wine In The United Kingdom

Wine is one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages. People love to drink this fruity beverage. Many people consume at least one glass of wine each day. This is true in many places including the United Kingdom. Vintners based in the UK always look for ways to help their clients learn to enjoy wine even more. This is why they have brought over many kinds of wines for the needs of their clients. Many people love learning about wines. They know that a given client may want to learn closely which particular wines are right for a formal dinner while other wines may be more appropriate for a last minute picnic or just an evening at home with some dark chocolate. Many UK vintners offer specific ways that people can learn which wines work for which occasions.

Wine Tasting Is Very Popular

Many UK vintners offer wine tasting, giving you the chance to try all kinds of different wines in a single setting. For example, The Wine Shop allows people to try varied kinds of wines at the wine tastings they offer in various times of the year. They want people to enjoy the wines they bring into the country. Highbury Vintners ( also makes it easy for people to find out which particular wines they might like to drink. They know that a wide variety of wine is one of the best ways to have a fun party and a beverage on hand that many people will truly enjoy drinking. Those who love wine can also discover even more types of wines with help from Capital Vintners, a london-based wine merchant and broker. They offer a wide variety of wines for the sampling all across East Anglia. With assistance from a wine company, anyone can develop a wine cellar in their own home that has a something for any guest and something for each day of the week as well. A well stocked wine cellar can be a truly fine thing to have in the house as it allows anyone to create fantastic meals with the right kind of wine to pair with them.

What To Look For

When attending a wine tasting from a UK merchant wine vintner, it is important to pay close attention to the kind of wines that are offered there. Each wine will typically have something specific that the drinker should be aware of when they are sipping it. One wine may be a white wine that works well with fish as it has a certain level of acidity. Another wine may have more hints of fruit and may work much better with roasted meats as it can help bring out other flavor notes in the meal.

Each person can discover during the tasting what it is about each particular wine that truly appeals to them as they drink it. They can use this time to think about what kind of wine will help work with the kind of meals they typically serve during any given week.

Alan Young (Wilbur) from “Mr. Ed” Dies at 96

Wilbur (Alan Young) from the “Mr. Ed” TV series, died Thursday, May 19, 2016 at the Motion Picture and Television Home in Woodland Hills, California. The actor was 96 years old. The series, which was broadcast from 1961-66 on CBS, featured Wilbur Post, an architect, married to Carol. He had a talking horse named Mr. Ed. The horse would only talk to Wilbur, which seemed to stir up all kinds of trouble for him. The series won a TV Land Award in 2005. It was one of the first shows to be syndicated.

Alan Young, did guest appearances on many other TV shows. He played a friend to Rod Taylor’s George in the 1961 film, “The Time Machine.” He reappeared in a small role in a 2002 remake of the “Time Machine” starring Guy Pearce. He recorded the narration for the animated version of the film, to be released in April 2015.

Young transitioned later in his career into doing voice work for several animated series. He finally became the new voice of Scrooge McDuck in 1983, working on several features. He did voice work for Disney in,” Disney’s A Christmas Carol.” His voice was heard on “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo,” “Spider Man and His Amazing Friends,” “The Incredible Hulk”, “The Smurfs”, ”Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “A Flintstone Family Christmas.” He did guest appearances on “The Love Boat,” “Down to Earth”,” Murder She Wrote,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, and “The Tony Danza Show.”

Alan was born Angus Young in Tyne-and-Wear, England. He grew up in Scotland and Canada. He was married to Mary Anne Grimes in the 1940s. They divorced. He married Virginia McCurdy from 1948 to 1995. He was married to Mary Chipman from 1996 to 1997. Alan is survived by four children.

Donkeys Found In Hawaiian Cities

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters. Although, the island is now known for feral donkeys. 500 of them to be exact. The herd started much smaller, but the animals were left unchecked because they were in rural areas and did not affect anyone.

Recently though the donkeys have had to migrate to populated areas to find food and water. Drought it the island hard and the result is that wildlife will move closer to populations to find the sustenance that they need. This has caused some major problems on road ways and drivers have been complaining about the hazard.

The USPCA has taken the initiative to gather up the donkeys and put them up for adoption. At the shelters they receive food, water, medical checks and shots. They have then been adopted out to homes that can care for them abnd love them.

The USPCA is proud of how the situation has been handled. They have also pointed out that not one Federal dollar was used in theis effort. Donations have entirely covered all the costs of the medical checks and adoptions. Of the 500 donkeys that were rounded up, only 50 remain that need homes.

The terms of adoption are that not one donkey will be alone. They must either go to a home that already has a donkey friend for them, or they must be adopted out in pairs.

Skout Combines Friendship, Dating, and Fun

Many of us who work, go to school and have hobbies know just how hard it is to make friends, form relationships, and meet a significant other. There’s just not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of these things. That’s because time needs to be set aside for family, responsibilities, and many others.

That’s why it’s great that there are apps out there where strangers can connect with one another. There’s an overwhelming amount, however, and that can be scary especially for first timers. Not all of these apps are safe and that’s why it’s important to do some research before signing up for one.

One app that has been proven to be safe is Skout. According to Ad Week, Skout is a great app for making friends. That’s because it’s simple to use and there’s such a variety of users. All someone has to do is log on and they are instantly met with lots of people that they can chat with.

Skout is great because it also offers that community feel that a lot of other online dating apps don’t offer. Skout isn’t just a one track app where everyone is looking for love and serious relationships. With Skout, there are lots of options. Many people on there are just looking for people they can relax and forge friendships with. Skout is a place where people can get to know each other and it’s easy to see that. The app has a page where people can share statuses about what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, and their current thoughts. It’s all very relaxed where people can learn about one another with no pressure.

Ad Week points out how fun Skout is because it’s a bit of a competition. Users on Skout get points based off many profile views a person has. That’s why they should find ways to really share creative photos and fun hobbies. The more points a person has, the more fun things they can do on Skout. Skout also has many other great features such as “Buzz” and “Look at Me.” For more information on Skout and to see how it ranks in the list of popular apps, click here.

Dan Newlin: One of the Most Prestigious Lawyers in Florida

Dan Newlin has been in the law industry since the young age of 20. He began his career by working for the Police and Fire Department in New Chicago, Indiana. After working a few years with that department, he landed a job in Orlando, Florida working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. There, he served the community for more than a decade and earned the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working for the Sheriff’s Office, Newlin worked on hundreds of cases that ranged from small petty thieves to dangerous drug dealers. Working with the Sheriff’s Office, Attorney Newlin helped to catch dozens of dangerous criminals. While working for the Sheriff’s Office, Newlin received numerous awards for his dedication to his work.

Newlin attended Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. He is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Florida. He proudly serves the residents in both of these states. Since opening his own law practice, Newlin and his associates have won over $150 million for their clients. Newlin’s law practice has grown from a small practice with only a secretary on his payroll to a large law office with over a dozen other attorneys with years of experience. They specialize in personal injury law, vehicle and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, medical negligence, and all other forms of injury cases. Most recently the law firm of Dan Newlin has started representing people who have been wrongfully charged with criminal charges. His law firm is one of only 5% of law firms in Florida to receive the recognition of Super Lawyer Law Firm.

From humble beginnings working for a Police Department in northwestern Indiana to running a law firm that spans two states and has helped hundreds of clients. From helping sheriffs catch crooks to helping innocent people win money that is rightfully theirs, Attorney Dan Newlin has had a long, productive, and consistent record of helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Art of the Collector

Who wouldn’t want an original Degas or Michelangelo gracing a wall in his or her home? Now, think about how cool it would be to be able to purchase both and then another fantastic art piece, and another, and another. What if you could both access and own tons of fabulous artistic renderings, masterpieces that you procure? Then you might be an art collector.

Adam Sender obtained the money for his many art purchases from earnings from his success with hedge funds began his collecting of contemporary pieces in the 1990s. Over the course of the past year, a portion of his collection has been unveiled at Sothebys. His original purchases have greatly increased in value. He has stated that he likes to collect “emerging artists” because he is confident that he can spot great pieces which will yield both aesthetic enjoyment and monetary value as time goes on.

He and his wife, Lenore, have enjoyed the collecting, and it has been said that they would love to keep putting collections of art together to have “pop-up” exhibits. The joy appears to be in both the sensing what will become valuable but is already artistically pleasing, plus what will increase in value, and what will make a good collection for the enjoyment of not only Sender but those who can then view what he has compiled and exhibits. Sender has said that he finds the whole thing to be “fun.”

The Sotheby sales of Sender’s collection which is in their hands for liquidation have been estimated to glean $70 million. This collection of works involves 400 pieces by 139 artists, and the variety yet cohesive nature of the works is astounding.

The liquidation helps Sender, and the art gets to be disseminated to other collectors and appreciators of the works. Plus, Sender has already more than made up for what he paid for the works originally, and the $70 is artistic gravy so to speak.

What makes a collection exciting? That, like most art interpretation, is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it is the thrill of the find; the rarer or more unique a piece the better. Sometimes it is the way that the composition or colors or subject matter speak to the collector. At other points, it is merely a business venture with an eye toward what will bring in financial gain in the long term. It can also be about a tone or feel that someone is trying to create through an artistic compilation of coordinating and in some way connected or associated pieces. Sender appears to have an eye for the art itself, the financial benefit, and how pieces will work together in a collection.

What Has Made Qnet Become A Leader In E-Commerce

Qnet was started in the 1990s, during a time of unstable financial situation in Asia. While other businesses both traditional and online ones were closing down in the whole of Asia, it was just a beginning for this ambitious and innovative e-commerce company. With determination to better the lives of people all over the world, they utilized the opportunity presented by Internet and e-commerce in network marketing model. Over a decade now, this company has become international reaching millions of customers in more than 100 countries. They deal in exclusively innovate products to conform to wellness and lifestyle needs of its customers.

Qnet operations are guided by a mission, core values and vision shared across everyone in the company. They also have an underlying culture of dedication and professionalism. Their vision is to become a leader in direct selling globally, observing the highest standards of the agreed business practices in the industry as well as in their distribution network worldwide. Their mission is embedded in the acronym (RYTHM) that stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Qnet’s mission is to help other people achieve their objectives by providing them with opportunities to start businesses, providing quality products, and at the same time contribute to the community.

Qnet’s core values are summed up by the Acronym of S.T.I.R.
They are devoted to serving others in the everyday business process.
They work as a united team with a similar objective so as to get the best possible result for the benefit of all. Despite their diversity, they work as a team.
In all their business operations, they conduct themselves with integrity as well as treating others with complete honesty and respect.
Result Oriented.
In all its activities, Qnet is committed to getting the highest possible outcomes, for all their stakeholders.

Of most important in Qnet’s business operations is the ability to adhere and promote a professional approach in their marketing strategy. As it is well stated in their core values and vision statements, they consider professionalism as a crucial tool in all their business operations. They also make it publicly available their code of conduct and multilingual business policies, and all IRs who join the business must make a legal commitment to ethical and professional marketing. Through a team of legal experts and professionals in direct selling, Qnet can offer proper guidelines to the Independent representatives.

E-commerce is an industry that has often been misunderstood due to lack of proper legal structures in some countries. As a result, Qnet has strived to ensure transparency and legal operations irrespective of where they do business.

An E-commerce Business Like No Other In the World

When it comes to that the direct sales market in Asia Qnet really reigns supreme. Qnet is a company that deals with direct sales, and they are know all around Asia. Qnet is a company of visions and goals, and that is the reason that they have been able to do so well over the last 15 years. The products that Qnet offers are very meaningful and they are diverse. They offer their customers a selection of products that are life enhancers, and they have also worked with different researchers, developers, scientists, and marketing experts to find out which products would be the most appealing and desirable to different clients. They want to be able to give people exactly what they are looking for, and in that way their products are truthfully beneficial.

Qnet sells products that deal with health and nutrition, wellness, luxury jewelry, worldwide travel, and telecommunications. Their client base is very diverse, and that is why they want to maintain a balanced viewpoint when it comes to their products as well.

Apart from the products that Qnet deals with, internally they are a company that is goal driven, and they always accomplish their goals. The mission at Qnet is to contribute to the global community. Their motto is raising yourself to help mankind and the model speaks for itself. Qnet truly encourages its leadership, and its employees to be proactive in the contributions that they make to others and to society. They are a company that believes that by helping others they will grow as a company, and they will help their individual clients and employees to enhance their own lives. Qnet has the vision to be the world leader when it comes to e-commerce and direct selling, and they are definitely on the way to doing just that. Qnet works with the core values of results, integrity, teamwork, and service. Using all of these values in combination, they have been able to create an e-commerce business that has truly fulfilled and successful individuals that love what they do.

Qnet is truly a direct sales company that is unique and diverse. They have customers in more than 100 different countries, and their employees are drawn from different countries all around the world. Even though there are many different companies that claim to work in e-commerce, it is very apparent that Qnet is one of the only ones that focuses on their individual products and employees like no other e-commerce business around.