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The Trusted Financial Personality

James Dondero is at the forefront of leadership at Highland Capital Management, L.P. The organization specializes in providing loan collaterals in the United States by dollar amounts. Besides founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero works in HCM Acquisition Company as the firm’s CEO. Also, James chairs the board meetings held by Highland Capital. At the moment, James works at Cornerstone Healthcare Group as its Chairman. Mr. Dondero’s skills in management are attributed to his three decades of exposure to the credit markets. Dondero has been exposed to many other enterprises in the past.

James Dondero went to Virginia University where he earned his Commerce BS in Finance and Accounting. After that, James Dondero attended a financial training program located in JP Morgan. The Chartered Financial Analyst credited his financial knowledge and skills. James is an icon in the business sector since he is a managerial accountant that is fully certified and designated.

James Dondero commenced his profession in a subsidiary firm of Protective Life’s GIC where he worked as the chief investment officer. James’ achievements in the company were recognized for the year 1989 and 1993 when he expanded the venture from concept to more than $2 billion. Later, Mr. Dondero desired more portfolio management skills. James thus extended his knowledge in the collection of various adventures including investment-grade corporate, bank loans that are leveraged, high-outcome bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and common and preferred stocks. For four years, James took responsibility for American Express Income funds that added to almost $1 billion.

Recently, James was appointed to the Southern Methodist University’s board of executives. The new position of Dondero intensifies the existing commitment of Highland Capital to the institution. The commitment Highland has on SMU includes the endowment of the company’s scholarship program and supporting the library and museum architecture by George Bush.

Highland Management Scholar program encourages and appreciates academicians and professionals who pursue public policy. James Dondero chose SMU Cox School because of its vibrant business interests and pursuit. He longs to burn the entrepreneurship candle and make it brighter in the coming years through supporting students. Being among the 100 appointed board members, James Dondero provides strategic plans for the business school to see it through prosperity.

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Mexican Media Industry and Accomplishments of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     Over the last two decades, the media industry in Mexico has evolved rapidly. In fact, news papers in Mexico do not solely rely on revenue generated from government ads as it was in the past, but have expounded other means to generate more revenues. Today, there are several emerging media outlets in the country, explaining and analyzing the political activities and trends from all corners.

How Mexican’s Media Industry Transformed

In the last half of the 20th century, media companies in Mexico were not allowed to enjoy their freedom as they were spied by government directives and officials. PRI regularly spied journalists, and they were even threatened by the military, police and drug barons. The journalists lack professionalism because they did not access higher education. However, as the world welcomed the New Millennium in 2000, a new government was elected, which brought openness across all government agencies and their officials. Furthermore, the emerging private media outlets opened the way the evolution of the Mexican journalism in the 21st century.

Top Media Companies in Mexico

Televisa is one of the largest broadcasting firms in Mexico, although it has link the ruling party in the country, the PRI. However, the number of 24-hour cable news stations has increased drastically than it was a few years ago. Gatopardo is one of the top magazines in Mexico. It mainly covers stories in Latin America, the U.S. and Spain. El Universe is one of the most successful newspapers in Mexico. The newspaper has invested heavily in the online platform in order to cover majority of youths using mobile and tablet devices to access information.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is one of the most prominent executives in the Mexican media industry. He serves as the Executive VP of Grupo Televisa, the largest media firm among those broadcasting in the Spanish Language. He joined the board of Televisa in 1997.

Angoitia’s Career History

Before joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was based in New York City, working at White & Case LLP. Later, he formed a law firm after partnering with other attorneys. He is an instrumental financial personality at Televisa. He helped the firm secure a deal with Univision, which improved the firm’s access to the Hispanic market in the U.S. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega serves as the member of the American School Foundation and Kardias A.C., advancing his philanthropic initiatives.

Meet the Leaders of Avaaz


Emma Ruby-Sachs, Deputy Director
Emma Ruby-Sachs is a writer, lawyer and the Deputy Director of Avaaz, a global civic movement with 44 million members worldwide. She is the author of The Waterman’s Daughter, a literary novel set in South Africa, released in 2011 and her writing has been published in The Guardian, The Nation, Huffington Post and other international outlets. She previously practiced constitutional appellate law and administrative law and worked on issues of wrongful arrest and wrongful conviction in Canada. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and University of Toronto Faculty of Law and currently lives in Chicago, IL with her partner, Jane Saks and their daughter.



Ricken Patel, CEO
Ricken is the founding President and CEO of Avaaz, a global civic movement for social change which has rapidly grown since 2007 into the largest online activist community in the world, with over 44 million members in all 194 countries. Ricken was voted “Ultimate Gamechanger in Politics” by the Huffington Post, and named a Young Global Leader by the Davos World Economic Forum. He was also among Foreign Policy’s 100 Top Global Thinkers in 2012. He has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sudan, working on conflict resolution for various organizations including the International Crisis Group and the International Center for Transitional Justice. Ricken holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Balliol College, Oxford University.

Find these online activism leaders on LinkedIn.

Avaaz Works to Make the World a Better Place

Avaaz has origins in the Persian language meaning “song” or “voice”, and the translation is indicative of the goals of this United States civic organization. Since its foundation in 2007, Avaaz has worked to promote messages of global activism focusing on climate change, human rights, animal rights,corruption, poverty, and conflict. Its goal is to form a collective force to promote the rights of individual causes.

Avaaz is co- founded by Res Rubric,, and Service Employees International Union, and has quite a significant amount of followers boasting 44 members in 194 countries. One need not question why. Avaaz is an organization that focuses on democracy. Avaaz tries to promote the goals that best benefit the interest of its members. This is accomplished by listening to what members have to say. Avaaz is solely funded by individual funding eliminating any need for concern over issues of a hidden agenda often resulting from involvements with high wealth corporations. Avaaz does not accept donations from the government or corporations. Instead Avaaz dedicates time and effort to the needs of members.

Avaaz determines priorities by taking a collective poll from members. Ideas are polled weekly by a random sample from 10,000 member responses. The campaign ideas with the strongest ratings become an area of focus. Often members can become involved in a promotes cause in a matter of minutes.

Avaaz acknowledges that all members of the organization will not share the same beliefs. Thus, each member is allowed to be as involved or as indifferent to each campaign as he/she desires. However, Avaaz has discovered that individuals joining the organization for one cause often become interested and involved in other activist campaigns. A member’s level of involvement in individual Avaaz campaigns is contingent upon personal passions and beliefs.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Great Strategies How to Be A Great Affiliate Marketer

Many people are interested in starting affiliate marketing. When talking about affiliate

marketing, the most attractive topic is how to make money. Affiliate marketing can be a great

business if you could manage the strategy. Do you want to start affiliate marketing? There are

several things that should be considered. At this time, I want to share several important things

that need your consideration. These things will help you to find the appropriate formula how

to be a great affiliate marketing. How to become a super affiliate? Can any person do it?

Actually, everyone can be a super affiliate. But, success could not come without sweat and

commitment. Commonly, the super affiliate has persistence, patience, and thirst for

knowledge. The combination of those 3 traits and proper strategies will be a great formula for

making super affiliate. If you want to success with your affiliate marketing, you should plan

the best strategies to do and make a list of several mistakes that should be avoided. Do not

run every direction and try everything without real idea since it could affect your chance of

long term success.

Before talking about the mistakes that should be avoided, I want to share the strategies how

to be a great affiliate marketing. These are several strategies that you can consider.

a. Making content that your competitor is not able to compete

This is a great strategy for most affiliate marketing sites. One of the biggest opportunities

to add value is the capability to be responsive and work quickly with content marketing.

b. Choose a unique Niche.

It is great for you to focus on specific niche market than trying to offer everything. Do not

spread out your effort. You need to focus on your niche, promote and sell it.

c. You need to know your product and your audience.

You need to learn the products or services that you are offering so you can create

information that could build your credibility. Good credibility will build trust. If the

visitors do not have trust in you, they won’t buy from your storehouse. A good website

will increase your cash flow.

d. Search for knowledge and decide change

You must stay on the top of the trends. Search for knowledge and start learning something

new about affiliate marketing. It is great for to stay up-to- date. You must spend your time

on reading, learning, and deciding the changes in Internet marketing. You may need to

change several things in order to follow the trends.

e. Grow a brand that could add value to the consumer.

Sooner or later, affiliate marketers will find succeed more and more difficult with no brand

that is trusted by the user. You should also consider what you are doing to grow the brand

of the affiliate website. Agoda, Moneysupermarket, Houzz,, and are successful affiliate sites as a result of the strength of their brands, the

value they propose consumers and their editorial integrity.

f. Keep spirit and don’t give up

This is hard to do, but you need to keep the spirit. You should always monitor the statistic

and notice what is working and what is not. You can make changes when necessary. You

should do something every day to promote your storehouse. You should be patient.

After reading the strategies how to be a great affiliate marketing, you need to consider the

mistakes that could ruin your achievement. Some mistake can cause a lack of profits and

productivity. Once you are conscious of the mistakes, you will be able to grow your business

and get long-term profit. These are the mistakes that should be avoided if you want to be a

great affiliate marketer.

a. You think to sell than helping

The word marketing is a part of phrase affiliate marketing. But, it doesn’t mean that

marketing is the main part of this business. Actually, the job as an affiliate is not mainly

for selling. In affiliate marketing, we need to help the reader. Do not fill your pages only

with words “buy this product now.” You should pay attention to the visitor’s need. Most

people like to take advice before making a choice to buy a product or not. It is better for

you to be a neutral reviewer than a high-pressure salesperson. You will be able to make

more sale, and people will come back to ask for other advice in the future.

b. Joining too many affiliate programs. This is one of the big mistakes. You may think that

you would be able to cultivate many sources of income by joining many programs. But,

each program will need your attention. There is a big possibility that you cannot manage

all of them well. It is better for you to choose the program that can be handled well. You

will be more successful when you can focus on your program.

c. Do not do tracking

Tracking is quite important. This could allow you to know which pages are adjusting well,

so you are able to grow and range that campaign. You can make unique tracking ID for

Amazon link easily. You just need to log in to Amazon affiliate dashboard and manage

your tracking ID. Knowing where you made the commission will make you a better


d. Write false claim to trick many people

If you want to promote your product in “Make Money Online” field, you should not create

false claims. False claims could ruin your credibility. You won’t be believed again by

many people. You should not trick people if you want to get long-term success. Tricking

will only provide you short term achievement. This is not a good idea how to be a great

affiliate marketing. check out : Aaron And Shara: Work From Home And Make Money Online

Cassio Audi: Brings Financial Leadership to Brazilian Investments

Cassio Audi is a distinguished financial leader. He holds experience in many fields of interest, including financial projects, business planning, and project management. He is known for his extensive experience in national and multinational firms. He began his education at Pontifical Catholic University with his Bachelor’s degree in Financial services. He also has a MBA from Sao Paulo University. Cassio Audi holds many titles in the areas of financial management and leadership strategies, which has helped him proceed with the efforts of working with Brazilian investments.

Cassio Audi is one of the experienced officers that has been needed to help Brazil. Brazil has been experiencing a stagnant economy and weak markets. With the guidance of Cassio Audi, new investors are encouraged to find the best investments due to the economic environment in Brazil. In Brazil, there are different investment management firms, that can help investors in significant or insignificant ways. The financial markets from around the world are at the core of the financial industry, providing financial markets that are all unique and different. The Brazilian financial market is a specialized asset management of securities, including bonds and shares. These securities are provided to meet particular investment goals, for the investors and their profits. The investors might be institutions,(charities, corporations,educational establishments.) The investors may also be private investors, which hold investment contracts or collective investments. Due to his experience, his interpersonal relationships, and team leadership, Cassio Audi is the head of all these services. He is the main reason why he has been chosen the prominent figure in Brazilian investments and markets.

Addressing Global Concerns through Avaaz

Avaaz stands for voice according to some European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. On January 2007, Avaaz got founded as a civic organization group. The institution is a global activist network that champions on the need to put measures to curb environmental pollution. Emissions from industries have contributed to the degradation of the ozone layer and consequently, caused climate change and global warming. The group also addresses issues on human rights, animal rights, conflict, and corruption. During it formation, the group main intentions were to organize and educate citizens on ways to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the ideal world.

Through the internet, the foundation has developed a model that allows it members to contribute towards change on all issues affecting the globe. The platform allows individual efforts, no matter how small they are, to get combined into one powerful action voice. Avaaz employs the use of 15 languages enabling it to reach the larger global audience. It gets served by several core teams in six continents. Additionally, it uses the services of thousands of volunteers in collecting and dissemination of information. Through funding media campaigns, direct actions, emails, offline protests and lobbying government, the organization ensures the peoples’ values and views influence decisions that affect them.

Through technology, Avaaz online community acts as a megaphone by calling attention to issues affecting the people. On an annual basis, they set overall priorities by participating in member polls. Ideas get reviewed on a weekly basis, and those receiving a strong response are taken into consideration. The Avaaz staff, on different occasions, write emails to their community as a way to pass vital information and grow their leadership abilities. Finally, the institution is member funded. Therefore, they retain their independence and consequently, government or corporate members cannot shift their priorities. Over the years, the organization has registered growth due to their values and incorporation.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

The Tried and True Method for Atomic Design Rochester in Step by Step Detail

Getting the Best Atomic Design Rochester

Picking the right advertising firm to do SEO for you is critical to having the very best possible outcome. There are not any easy choices for Germany. This beautiful quality makes it increasingly helpful for human help. Each item was designed alongside a particular color palette that isn’t tied to fashion but instead meant to stay relevant for a long time to come. Our vendors adore the system as it provides them immediate accessibility to our information at little if any price.

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Hearsay, Deception and Atomic Design | Rochester, NY 14607 | Angie’s List

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Search engine marketing services are an essential element to effective online search advertising. Search engine optimization packages provide businesses affordable search engine marketing services to enhance your search ranking. Thus, it is quite vital to find a company that delivers quality flyers at economical rates.

If a company makes the decision to bid, it’s creating a chance to generate income, enhance its reputation, gain experience and cement a relationship with a significant new customer. There are lots of Atomic Design Rochester SEO companies, Atomic Design Rochester Search Engine advertising consultants, social networking mavens, and internet advertising firms on the planet. If you are searching for the most suitable company to help you with internet marketing for small business owners, you have to be sure that you locate a business that knows all the freshest techniques out there. Detecting an advertising company that specializes in internet advertising for smaller businesses is the best option for you to make really.

Expertise various companies have expertise in different fields. As they have various necessities, it is always necessary to find quality flyer printing services. Though selecting the ideal flyer printing company isn’t a simple job, some factors have to be considered in this process.

Yanni Hufnagel Passion and Hard Work Meets Success

According to the online article written in 2013 from by Ben Z. Cohen, Yanni Hufnagel was one of the hottest coaches in the country that year. And the nice “Jewish boy” who was cut from his varsity high school basketball team, may finally find success where his passion lies, basketball. But as you will see it didn’t come without sacrifices.

In college he played at Penn State for a year on the lacrosse team before quitting and transferring. In his first year at Cornell he was a basketball manager and then snagged a summer and fall internship with the New Jersey Nets. It offered him the experience he wanted and needed, but as with most internships, no pay. After graduation, his Nets colleague Ryan Krueger, connected him to Oklahoma basketball Coach Jeff Capel who was looking for a graduate assistant.

Then in 2009 Coach Capel recommended Hufnagel to Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker. As a volunteer assistant coach, his salary was the same as his unpaid internship. Passion moved him forward. In the last four seasons on the bench as the assistant basketball coach for the Harvard Crimson’s, Hufnagel and Harvard, has found success on the courts. Moreover, the Crimson team won the Ivy League for the first time ever. As to Hufnagel’s success, he was able to recruit Jeremy Lin, considered by many as basketball phenomena.

And currently, Yanni Hufnagel will be able to call the shots as to what job, be it a head coach or an assistant coach, he wants to take because all of his hard work has finally paid off.

Hufnagal’s coaching career includes the following:

  • Assistant Coach at Harvard-2009
  • Assistant Coach at Vanderbilt-2013
  • Basketball Recruiter at University of California, Berkeley-2014
  • Assistant Coach University of Nevada – 2016

Famous California Tunnel Tree Falls in Storm

An ancient California sequoia tree, famous for the large tunnel that was carved into it 137 years ago, was knocked down in the intense winter storm on January 8. The tree, which was known as the Pioneer Cabin sequoia, was located in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, about 100 miles southeast of Sacramento.


California is home to several beloved tunneled-through sequoia trees, and the Pioneer Cabin was likely more than 1,000 years old. The tunnels were originally created in the 19th century so travelers with horses and automobiles could easily pass through them. Cars haven’t been allowed to pass through the trees for a long time, but many hikers passed through the Pioneer Cabin every day.


Jim Allday, a volunteer at the Big Trees State Park, broke the news that the tree hit the ground and shattered as a result of the storm. He reported that the tree fell at about 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon after the surrounding trail had flooded. According to, the tree had a very shallow root system, with its roots stretching only about four feet into the ground. As the trail flooded, the tree was uprooted. This is a very common cause of death for sequoia trees. The Pioneer Cabin had been weakening for the last several years, and before it fell, it had started to lean to one side, which is a sign that its life was coming to an end.


The Calaveras Big Tree Association mourned the loss of the tree on their Facebook page. Many commenters shared their memories of visiting the tree and expressed their sorrow that it has fallen.