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Sylvester Stallone Is Developing A New TV Show About A Pizza Restaurant

Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and I’m also a fan of Sylvester Stallone’s acting work. When I saw an article earlier today that was about Mr. Stallone developing a new TV show about a pizzeria in Beverly Hills, CA, I just had to read it.

According to the article, Sylvester Stallone is working with A.J. Benza, a former TV show host and gossip columnist on developing a pilot for the show, that is supposed to be a comedy program.

Evidently, the show that is being developed by Sly Stallone, centers around Richie Palmer, the owner of the famous Mulberry Street Pizzeria restaurants located in Beverly Hills.

Keeping things simple, the proposed TV show is named Pizza Guy. After Stallone realized that Palmer’s life story was not only very interesting, but also a potential gold mine, he approached Benza with the idea of creating a television series.

Although an abundance of reality shows are already on the air, it seems like a comedy program about a pizzeria in Beverly Hills might actually be pretty watchable. With Sly Stallone on board as one of the show’s developers, one might expect a high level of quality to be maintained.

The article goes on to mention how Mr. Palmer started his pizza business in 1992 with help from Oscar winner Cathy Moriarty, and how he was also married to actress Raquel Welch. The restaurant has been and still is a great place for celebrity-sightings, and they even bottle and sell their own sauces and dressings. There are now two Mulberry Street Pizzerias located in Beverly Hills, and another two in neighboring communities.

On a humorous note, this article makes note of a scene from the film Cobra, in which Sly Stallone actually eats a piece of frozen pizza while it is still frozen. It is suggested here that perhaps Mr. Stallone should not be shown eating pizza onscreen in this new TV program.