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Trump Protesters Erupting Across West Coast

Just days after Donald Trump was elected president, protests broke out across the country, especially in the West Coast. Portland law enforcement encountered 4,000 rioters in downtown Portland. Protesters took to the streets smashing store windows, starting fires, and also ending up getting hit with rubber bullets by local police.

Protesters collided with police in Portland, where they chanted “We reject the president-elect!” Officers fought back against the protesters who were throwing glass bottles, making 26 arrests. Protests erupted at colleges in California and spread across the country.


Students in Seattle, staged a walked out of classes to gather with protesters. Texas college students marched through Austin and along the Texas Capitol and then blocked a traffic bridge. The Los Angeles Police Department arrested more than 100 people for blocking streets. Berkeley students chanted “the people united will never be divided”

A separate group inside California are encouraging people vote for independence from the rest of the United States. Pro-Trump supporters gathered around Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, celebrating his election victory.


High school students staged a walkout and called out Trump as they protested holding signs calling for a Trump eviction. In Seattle, about 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Los Angeles Police reported nearly 500 people surrounded streets around the UCLA campus shouting expletives and “Not my president!” Protesters also lit a Trump piñata on fire, following the Trump victory.


Political leaders in California were promising to push back against immigration and environmental policies expected to come from the future Trump administration. Leaders in Seattle have called the city a fortress because of the police response to the protests. Rioters have said they will continue their protests until the new president’s inauguration in Washington D.C.


While anti-Trump protesters took to the streets, some Trump supporters who are college students remained quiet, because they were concerned for their safety. Some Democratic leaders on the West Coast, believe they won’t have to go to war with Trump and his administration.