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Women Dozes And Gets Woken Up With A Bang During California Concert

Attending an orchestra performance sounds like an event where you would want to be awake right? After all, if you are dozing off, you would be missing the sound of the orchestra that you paid quite a bit of dough to listen to. One woman attending a concert by the North State Symphony Orchestra in California apparently fell asleep while the group was performing a song called “The Firebird” composed by Igor Stravinsky.

The song features serenading and peaceful music that may have lulled her to sleep. However, it also features some loud crash cymbals and powerful crescendos throughout as well. It was during one of those loud crash cymbals that a woman suddenly screamed as she was awakened from her slumber. Her gasp was heard not only by all the audience members, but by the musicians and the conductor as well.

You can see the video and read briefly about this incident in California at the Huff Post. The great part about this incident is that the audience took it in good stride. Even the director chuckled and glanced over shoulder while he was conducting. It seemed “The Firebird” performance had put everyone in a good mood and that is a good thing. The director later tweeted out after the concert was over that Stravinsky’s music can still be quite the surprise even a century later!

This incident serves as a warning to concert goers. Don’t doze off or you might just suddenly by awakened by the sound of crashing cymbals and sudden crescendos. In case you are wondering what a crescendo is, it is when the music increases in volume over time. Another takeaway from this story is that a lot of classical music can lull you to sleep. In fact, many of them can sound like lullabies. However, it is important to stay awake and enjoy the music. Otherwise, you just might wake up to a surprise and be the subject of some good humor from fans, musicians and magazine readers alike.