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“I Was Hacked!” You’re not Alone

With devastating impacts on its victims as real and costly as any other threats to individuals and businesses, cyber-crime is one of the most serious threats of the 21st century. The increasing frequency of attacks by hacker networks and their virus applications affect everyone from non-technical internet users to government entities and the largest firms.


Recent coverage of the WannaCry ransomware revealed that more than 400,000 computers were infected in more than 150 countries. Affected domestic firms included Honda, Hitachi and FedEx with The National Health System in the UK and Spain’s Telefonica being high-profile overseas victims.


Projected costs as high as $2 trillion annually by 2019, reveal the financial threat of cyber-attacks to business, government and consumer infrastructures.


To address the issue, both the Obama and Trump administrations have directed resources and provided budget proposals to address cyber-crime, which has increased from $100 billion in damage costs in 2013 to estimates as high as $500 billion in 2016.

The unfortunate reality is that those who find themselves hacked are not alone and they may find themselves the victims of more personal crimes in the future such as financial fraud and identity theft.


About Rubica


Located in Newcastle, WA, Rubica specializes in digital-rights and security-based solutions. The firm’s full-service personal cyber security offerings provide protection for all their customers’ devices wherever and whenever they are used. Rubica will help you to never say I was hacked ever again.


Brazil’s Move To E-Government Offers Better Service To Citizens

In Brazil, e-governe is increasingly taking responsibility for municipal tax management, electronic health systems and municipal education departments, improving efficiency and keeping the departments running smoothly. Providing a suite of integrated solutions, e-govern offers more than 100 different modules and 18 systems, which can meet the all of the requirements of municipal entities.


E-governe accommodates multiple users, and it is scalable to adapt to high use environments. With cross-platform, Internet-based solutions, safety measures are essential. E-govern ensures data security, with hosting and storage handled in the company’s technology center.


The Brazilian city of Osasco offers an excellent example of how implementing the e-governe education solution is straightforward with the help of contractor ICI. With Osasco’s 138 schools, the Municipal Education Department headquarters and the city’s Continuing Education Center, the staff was duplicating work as there was no centralized system in place. E-governe is capable of handling big data in a centralized location with ease; managers can request reports in real time and other administrators can access the same reports so that no one is duplicating work that another staff member has done already.


E-governe tools for city services include:



  • e-governe Residues – for municipal garbage collection
  • E-governe Transportes – helps cities develop public transport strategies
  • e-governe Contracts – manages all stages of government contracts
  • e-governe Financeiro – offers budgeting and planning services
  • e-governe Tributos – a tax management system



Besides the tools listed above, there are numerous solutions available from e-governe to assist municipalities with planning, budgeting and allocating resources.


E-governe Saúde for municipal and state health departments is one of the company’s key solutions as public health administration is difficult. With -governe Saúde, all the data from a municipality’s healthcare units are integrated, making scheduling healthcare professional more orderly, which reduces wait times for patients. E-governe schedules hospital beds as well. For the public’s safety, e-governe also manages and records the application of vaccines.


We have been talking about e-governe solutions, however, e-governe includes three separate companies; Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult. Minauro develops systems for governments; Sisteplan’s specialty is public management and Consult focuses on systems updated with current legislation.


E-goverment is through e-governe is making information more accessible to citizens and providing a way to save money at the same time. When technology is used for processes that were done on paper before, information is retrieved easily, giving the public immediate answers to their questions.

E-governe and Widespread Applicability in Brazilian Administration

Considering the technological advancement in the recent years, most of the governments around the world started moving towards a new concept called e-governance. It means that governance is executed over the internet, and it has advantages like increasing the execution efficiency, scraps the unnecessary procedures, strengthening the transparency in governmental actions and approvals, significantly reducing the costs associated with governance. People around the world got improved access to the internet considering the expansion mobile internet technology and increased use of smartphones in the recent years. The Brazilian government is also harnessing the benefits of e-governance by the help of a new initiative called, “e-governe.”



The initiative commenced almost a decade back, and currently, it has a wider network across the various Brazilian administration wings. It has various e-governance packages for different departments of administration. The initiative is servicing from local governance to the Brazilian federal government departments. Most of the municipalities are benefitted from the services of the governance technology, and it includes all the major cities such as Greater São Paulo, Teresina, Osasco, and more. Some of these are going for department wise implementation, while others are going for a complete implementation. The end results are making the solutions superior and effective considering other forms of governance. For instance, the e-governance for Education of Osasco is covering 138 schools along with Municipal Education Department. The platform ensures uniqueness, integrity, and security of information, helping to pull out management reports instantly, access via the internet, limiting reworks, better control over the network, and more.



The e-governe has four areas of services that are addressing the comprehensive needs of the administrative sections. It includes Technology, Data Center, Safety, and Support. In terms of technology, the platform uses the best combination of technology design that ensures simplified, agile and intuitive navigation through the platform. It is enabled to use from both traditional internet browsers and various mobile devices. The support is made sure by the qualified technical team who gives operational and technical assistance in all the areas of public management. Regarding security, it has modules that carry total control per the user level which can track algorithms of access encryption to the history of operations. The data center of the system ensures processing, storage, hosting, and monitoring services in the technological environment of governance platform.



The e-governe has comprehensive systems and solutions to address various governing bodies and government departments. It has solutions to address health, education, indicators, documents, protocols, tributes, ISS/NFS-e, materials, finance, vehicles, constructions, contracts, patrimony, trading floor, attendance, human resources, and more. All the solutions are designed to address the end-to-end needs of the particular departments or sections. Interestingly, these services can be used by private firms as well, and many of them are implementing the systems in their network to improve the efficiency and drive the innovation. The technology platform is popular especially in the financial suburbs of Metropolitan Region of São Paulo and other key localities with technology corporations’ presence. The e-governe systems are working as an important channel to communicate with various departments and working as a tool for centralized governance.



Adoption of E-governe in Brazil

E-governe refers to the Brazilian government’s effort to turn to technology to serve its people. The companies that help the government to run the e-government systems are Minauro, Consult, and Sisteplan. They have systems that use advanced technology that is critical in providing data security. The systems also come in easy to use designs.

Many state and municipal governments and departments are using e-governe. Here are some of them and the benefits they are enjoying.

Municipality of Teresina

Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI) is the company that is implementing e-governe system in the municipality of Teresina. To enhance its implementation, servers from different organs in the municipality will take part in the training.

According to Miguel Oliveira, the president of the Teresinense Data Processing Company – Prodater, says that various meetings with agents from various municipal departments such as finance, health, and education.

The tool will first be used to enhance human resource management. The City Hall is planning to use this system to improve the delivery of public service.

Mayor Sílvio Mendes says that by adopting e-governe the municipality has benefited a lot. The system has enhanced the government’s response to people’s demands, collecting and analyzing feedbacks, noting challenges, and supervising the delivery of different municipal services on

Osasco Municipality

The municipality of Osasco has also adopted ICI e-governe. The agreement between the company and the municipality will see the installation of a school management system. The Municipal Education Department will be supplied with computer equipment and inputs. Another thing that will be put in place is a logical and electrical network.

The project will cover all the schools in the city, the main offices of the education department of the municipality, and the continuing education center.

The main advantages of this program are; safeguarding the reliability and the security of data, getting real time management details and access to various services over the internet among others.

The health department

The main goal of using e-governe is to enhance effective management of the Health Secretariat at state and municipal level. When e-governe is used in the health department, the whole process becomes easier, practical, and economical.

The system integrates the different health care units and sectors, clinical and dental chart. The program enhances the planning and organizing appointments, thereby eliminating queues and raising the quality of services.

E-Governe Saúde deals with all the processes and services in the public health. The company uses advanced technology to allow the integration of the various departments of organizations at municipal or state level with all the health units.

The system is made of two main groups. The first group deals with processes linked to primary care, basic unit, and family health program among others. The second group deals with specialized care like ambulatory.

E-governe Saúde is in charge of the distribution and storage of medicines, vaccination, consultation, and examination. The system will also control the ambulatory, hospital, and bed services in different hospitals.

Other benefits associated with adoption of e-Governe Saúde are;
– Enhanced regionalized hospital attendance
– Enhanced movement of patients to and from other municipalities
– Efficient and effective management of finances
– Enhanced movement of patients between the different health units
– Eased the structuring of the different programs that need continuous attention.

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A Small Look at the Wessex Institute of Technology and their eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology is well known for their expertise at publishing the best information when it comes to scientific and engineering research. WIT has published dozens upon dozens of works in major journals and have contributed to many major books. Wessex Institute of Technology also has a way of storing and saving the contributions that they have given. Those articles can be found in their eLibrary.

The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary has access to over 28,000 peer reviewed papers published by WIT. Some of the subjects of these papers are Engineering Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Biomedicine and Health, and Ecology and the Environment. WIT’s eLibrary has an open access format with all of the papers and articles online being in PDF format.

The eLibrary at the Wessex Institute of Technology is certainly the perfect place to go for research and resource. When it comes to engineering and the sciences, the eLibrary at the Wessex Institute of Technology holds work and research that has been recognized all around the world.

Talk Fusion Takes Home More Awards!

Talk Fusion is the honor of 2016’s Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This award is the second big award for the cross marketing advertising giant and if what CEO Bob Reina says is true, that they are “just getting started”, then we figure 2016 will continue to find new and newer highs to reach. The award is doled out by Communications Solutions to companies that have a concise voice in the marketplace for their vision and a product that matches their quality efforts. Talk Fusion has come a long way since 2007 and it truly does seem like the company is on to something.

For CEO Bob Reina the continued success of Talk Fusion simply makes sense. The company was implemented back in 2007 as a response to a void in the marketplace for someone who did what they do: offer a way for business and entrepreneurs to market their product via embedded videos within emails. Reina himself had been looking for said product when he was turned down by email client after email client, saying that nobody could do it for him. This obviously gave his entrepreneur minded brain a kickstart and thus Talk Fusion was born.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, said that Talk Fusion was a “true leader within their industry” and that they offer the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” If you were to ask any of Talk Fusion’s happy customers then you likely would hear the same sort of sentiment. It is, perhaps, the primary reason that CEO Reina is opening back up a free trial period for people who are interested in the program but not ready to drop the cash needed to get started.

Talk Fusion as a platform is intuitive enough that anybody can get into the swing of things after a few sessions moving through the library of information. The primary program that customers will be attuned to is the professional video marketing email where you can drop in your video and then format a professional email around it, sending it off to a bank of emails that you wish to contact.

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Is Google Park About to be a Thing?

It seems the giant, creative brains of Google’s Silicon Valley Googleplex facility are innovating again, this time adding parking help to Google Maps. Although the newest version of Maps has yet to be released, a tear down of Google Maps for Android version 9.34 by Android Police has created a lot of buzz around the product. It appears the new version of Maps will tell you how easy or difficult it should be to find a parking space once you reach you destination.

It looks like parking will be rated as easy, medium or limited by the app, but it is anyone’s guess as to how this information will be collected. It is unclear whether Google will base it’s parking information on time of day and regular traffic patterns or offer real-time data based on current local conditions and nearby events.

This release of the app is also expected to allow users to keep north pointing up on their map rather than tilting during navigation. Accidental swipes will also be less likely to cause users to swipe away from the map accidentally mid-navigation. The north-up and better swiping capability are expected to make it much easier for drivers to zoom in on an upcoming turn and then return the map to a broader view quickly and easily.

While California’s Silicon Valley is currently buzzing with anticipation, no one will know for sure if the new traffic feature made the cut until the app’s official release date, which is as of yet unknown. The program is currently in beta, so keep your eyes peeled for it’s release soon.

Google’s New Trans-Pacific FASTER Cable Is Ready

A consortium of six companies, including Google, Global Transit, and Singtel, have successfully tested their new FASTER cable, a system that comprises a single huge cable running underneath the Pacific Ocean from Oregon to Japan. The cable is roughly 9,000 kilometers long, and it boasts speeds of up to 60 Terabits per second. This new addition to the data infrastructure available to Google will allow them to better support the needs of their customers. It is believed that this cable could increase the digital economy not only in the United States and Japan, but throughout the entire Internet.

The FASTER cable is the first of its kind to offer such prodigious speed and connectivity. It was first announced in August of 2014, and the service will go online starting June 30, 2016. Even though it is considered a single cable, it has multiple connection points along the United States west coast, which increases overall speed through the region via a direct connection. In Japan, the cable splits and lands in two main hubs located in Mie and Chiba. The goal of the project from the very beginning was to go as fast as possible, and this consortium of companies succeeded.

The companies contracted the construction of the cable to NEC Corporation, and it was the first cable of its kind built by them. They constructed the cable with the most advanced in data transfer technology, including 100Gbps optical transmission with digital coherence. They were met with many challenges, but they successfully completed one of the greatest technological achievements in recent years.