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New HuffPost Offers Innovative Marketing Techniques to Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a privately held company helping businesses beat the throat-cut competition, increase profits and sales as well as promote customer repeat through innovative video marketing strategies. It provides dynamic ways to make video marketing unforgettable, influential and more engaging. Based in Florida, the company was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina.



Talk Fusion’s marketing strategy involves word of mouth by Independent Associates in over 140 nations. The company focuses on improving other people’s lives as well as empowering them to pursue their visions. In its philanthropic work, Talk Fusion funds several community and animal charities in Florida and across the globe. For those wishing to try Talk Fusion products before buying, a month Free Trials inclusive of Video Marketing Solution are available with no credit needed.



Just before the rebranding of Huffington Post, Bob Reina published two new articles, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” was the first article. He later released “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters”. As written in a letter by Lydia Polgreen who is the Editor in Chief, the change of Huffington Post to HuffPost as well as the adjustment of its mission targets to represent the stories of those left out of the conversation.



As explained by Bob Reina, his role as a leader and philanthropist always drives him to endorse people to success, regardless of their locality or past encounters. He trusts himself as a firm believer of innovation and considers that the growth of a brand can never be completed. Bob Reina’s platform highlights contributions to HuffPost since August 2016 includes marketing, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, video technology, self development and skillful selling.



While expressing his gratitude as the re-launch of the new brand, Bob Reina took the advantage of its trending platform to handle important issues such as culture and fulfillment. Bob added that he anticipates to sharing more insightful articles with both Talk Fusion associates, customers as well as with about 200 million HuffPost’s readers. Bob Reina’s mission rhymes with HuffPost’s initiatives as they both contribute to the growth of Talk Fusion. Learn more:


Bob Reina: Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

Bob Reina has proven time and time again, there is nothing the man cannot do when he sets his mind to something. The man wakes up every single day with lots of motivation and lots of inspiration. It is because he knows a lot of folks out there are struggling and in a bad way because of the economy. Everyone knows jobs are hard to come by so many people are forced to take whatever job comes their way regardless of how it makes them feel. It really tests their self worth. Self worth and self-esteem are two things that are very important to people out there. They don’t want to feel like they are settling and like they have no say in their life. Learn more:


It is why Bob Reina, the former police officer, opened the doors of Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007. He has put his name on it and he stands behind it, one hundred and ten percent. He is proud of the product and he is proud of the people that work for him. He is also proud of the fact that so many people have had their lives changed and transformed using this product, which has voice, data, and chat. He is also proud of their two awards from 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was a very special award.


Bob Reina believes in the power of communication and how it can really change the way people work with one another. There is no need to yell and there is no need to scream. People can get their point across without doing that, and Bob Reina is well aware of that. He knows it leads to solutions. The world has enough problems as it is. It needs more solutions and it needs more answers. When those occur and those happen, everything else just falls into place.


Bob Reina is also known for his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society along with the free 30-day trials of Talk Fusion for new customers out there.

Edisoft, driving supply chain performance

When visibility solutions became available, measuring the on-time performance was a typical Key Performance Indicator in the transportation departments. To this end, the carrier score card would be reviewed each quarter for both the air and ocean carriers. For the rail carriers, they would report and measure their on-time performance by examining the scheduled departures and if they adhered to. On the other hand, motor carriers would measure their on-time performance by reviewing the service types. However, today, there exists specific key performance indicators that cover the financial, physical, as well as the regulatory issues of the supply chains.

Currently, there is more data which is available to supply chain stakeholders including shippers which are obtained through GPS data sets, real-time tracking and the internet of things (About). Additionally, technology has enabled global trading partners to collaborate using technology platforms including mobile solutions. The best way to view the on-time performance of the supply chains is to look at the customs clearance as well as inland movements of cargo between the trading partners. It may also be viewed as the time needed during the final mile arrangements. The movements of good should be more efficient so that motor and parcel carriers report deliveries. Additionally, supply chains should satisfy all the customers while realizing revenues for businesses.

It is imperative that business firms optimize their supply chains by using technology and the gathered data so that they have insights to evaluate the developed key performance indicators. They must link the big data together to better their supply chain channels. Businesses should leverage on big data to ensure that finished goods are delivered to customers efficiently. Supply chain performance can also be evaluated by reviewing how information reaches all the stakeholders accurately despite the different time zones. This includes how time data is provided by a business partner to another for customs filings and document creation. Using these techniques, they can achieve, more predictable, agile, cost-efficient, as well as compliant supply chain.

One of the companies that provide smart supply chain solutions is Edisoft. The company was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Toronto Canada. However, the company has other satellite offices including in Miami Florida. The company is privately held and has about 50 employees.

The company provides supply chain platforms thus helping distributors and manufacturers to improve their supply chain performance. As such, the company specializes in Order Management, Supply Management Platform, Data Integration, Agnostic, and ERP Compatible

Edisoft leverages on data as the strategic asset which can help in delivering an optimized as well as automated, Warehouse, Compliance and Vendor Management in one single integrated system. The Company serves clients from across the world.

The company aims to deliver innovative technology which will offer practical workflows changes to suppliers and retailers this enabling them to view logistics as a source of competitive advantage in the modern business world. The company works in different industries including healthcare.


Rail Car Magnate Gregory Aziz Leads The Way For Innovation

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car leads the industry in new railroad freight car originality and modernization.


National Steel Car’s chairman, president and chief executive officer Gregory J Aziz purchased the company from Dofasco in 1994 with the purpose of making a thorough change to turn out a stronger company.


To achieve his objective, Greg Aziz heightened National Steel Car’s solid engineering resources, team collaborative tasks as well as human and capital investment.


Specifically, over the first five years of taking control of National Steel Car, from 1994 to 1999, Aziz increased the company’s employment population from 600 to almost 3,000. And during the same time, he expanded its manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars.


For more than 20 years National Steel Car continues to challenge itself to build superior railcars and to carry out high on-time delivery execution.


The Hamilton, Ontario-based company, which takes pride in being one of the leading railroad car manufacturing and engineering companies in North America, is the only North American railcar company certified ISO 90001:2008. And it has received the annual TTX SECO award time and again for more than ten years.


Aziz is a well experienced and recognized business leader who trusts that through hard work anyone can reach their objectives. By way of his guidance, National Steel Car has been at the top of its competitors for several years. He credits this to the company’s people who together have built an astonishing company.


Greg Aziz was born in April 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he focused on economics.


Following graduation, Aziz worked together with his family in the wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. The company underwent major growth over 16 years to become a leading worldwide importer of fresh foods and a merchant to the entire top fresh food wholesale markets throughout the United States and Eastern Canada.


After working in several investment positions with a variety of banking opportunities in New York, he was able to coordinate the purchase of National Steel Car. See This Page to learn more.


The company is committed to giving back to the community through sponsorship to the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way and the Theatre Aquarius, among other charities.


Greg and his wife Irene are sponsors of Canada’s agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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OneLogin – Leading Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Management Merchant

Envoy, tech-company based in San Francisco has developed a software that allows users of Microsoft office sign in using an IPad. As a result, the use of log books has now become uninspiring, insecure, and outdated. Additionally, the company automates steps during the visitor registration process such as digital nondisclosure agreement, visitor sign-in, visitor photos and badges, and host notifications. Envoy’s client includes some of the leading and developing companies’ technology wise, implementing technologies that encourage security and productivity.

Recently, Envoy partnered with OneLogin to enact the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) to provide IT admins with secure systems, and a smooth end-user experience. Additionally, the feature aims at simplifying user management and provisioning. SCIM protocol is also referred to as automated user on/offboarding. The SCIM protocol is currently available to Premium and Enterprise clients of Envoy. The feature can be easily set up by attaching the Envoy user provisioning connector in the application catalog of the OneLogin software.

Applications which are SCIM enabled allow users to speed up the application rollout and adoption by synchronization the attributes of the user into the aspired application. In the case of Envoy company, an automated user on/offboarding enables IT admins to automatically provision fields like employee’s last names, first names, office location, emails, and more into Envoy directly from their OneLogin application catalog. The continuous synchronization of user attributes has led to the advancement of ongoing user management by updating the profiles of users automatically as changes arise, and thus maximizing the productivity of systems.

According to Envoy, visitor experience reduced by stale data. Envoy’s customers get the most of the application’s visitor registration process when employee accounts are up-to-date, correct, and managed straightforward. This ensures each staff can generate invites to visitors, and receive host alerts that notify them of their visitor’s arrival. For visitors, the sign-in process is very simple, and they do not have to misuse their time to search for employees who are fictional.

OneLogin is the leading providers of identity solutions. The company brings up security and speed to the latest enterprise as a leading single sign-on and identity management vendor. OneLogin application is being used by companies of all sizes to keep their data safe while increasing end-user efficiency and IT administration.

Making National Steel Car Relevant Again with Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is the largest company that manufactures rolling stock in Canada. Located in Hamilton, Ontario the company was started by Sir John Morison Gibson and other investors in 1912. The first few years of existence are especially good, and the investors were pleasantly surprised by the quality of work as well as the growth and the revenue.


In 1913 the demand reached an all-time high and allowed National Steel Car to start new partnerships and begin new business relationships with Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway. In the nineties, the company changed hands several times until Greg Aziz, the owner of National Industries Inc., showed some interest and bought the company.


Gregory James Aziz was able to get the company back on its feet. He was able to apply his knowledge and expertise in the field and increase the profits. James Aziz managed to increase the number of jobs this company provides from 500 to 3000 and raise the production to 12 500 rail cars per year. The company was previously able to make only 3500.


Gregory James Aziz comes from London, Ontario. He graduated from Ridley College and later received a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. His career took Greg James Aziz to his family’s business of Affiliated Foods. He was able to help the company grow before he moved to investment banking.


He was able to invest in National Steel Car after several different investment jobs in New York. The experience in various fields allowed Aziz to make the decision and purchase the company, taking a calculated risk that paid off. He is exactly the kind of leader the company needed to be able to bounce back and return to the market. It was also able to grow in ways it couldn’t without someone like Greg at the wheel. See Related Information.


Aziz is a leader who is not afraid of taking risks in the world of business. His experience in economics and different business fields combined with his leadership qualities will allow the company to continue the growth. He also sets high standards for his employees. This kind of business doesn’t just create rail cars, but also improve the infrastructure and help communities around it. It is the kind of company people can look up to and note its history but also its modern-day achievements. Aziz is proud of it but knows that work doesn’t stop there.



CEO Rick Smith Securus

Contribution of Rick Smith to the Securus Technologies’ Success

Securus technologies made a move of signing an agreement deal with the purpose of acquiring the JPay Inc. The agreement that is defined by Stock Purchase Agreement indicates the completion of the deal that will be sealed. The company is among the leading enterprises in the matter of the electronic business. The primary is of the electronic equipment of the JPay are the entertainment apps and educational apps. The company has pushed its boundaries regarding services provided to over 30 prison system. The acquisition of the company by Rick Smith has made the efficiency on issues of service delivery. The services that are furnished by the firm are made in a manner that allows the inmates to experience the good life transformation of becoming a real citizen. Rick Smith acts as the CEO of the JPay, and he manages it as one of the branches of Securus. The operation of the JPay that is run under the leadership of Rick is the same as the earlier. The boost that has been laid in the JPay is the innovative scene that is marked by professional individuals.

JPay is located in Miramar, and it serves all the information that is linked to the inmates including the emails. Many prisoners have benefited from the services of the technology employed by the JPay. This has also made a huge impact on matters of curbing the crime rate across the city of Florida. Securus technology has emerged to be the best firm in that manner of presenting the solution to the technical matters that are facing the inmates. Headquarter of the company is in Dallas, and it has expanded their services to many prisons within the city up to 1 million prisoners that are in the service of Securus. The primary services that Securus dedicates its efforts are emergency services and the analysis of the factors that relate to biometric.

Rick Smith Securus has a pragmatic leader with a lot of skills in the field of management has initiated a lot of favorable changes to the firm of Securus Technologies. He serves at the position of the CEO and has the network in many parts of America through the services that are provided by the company. His effort in the transformation of the reform that is related to the prisoner marked the enormous contribution of the Rick in the services provided by Securus. He has also pushed the company to the provision of the safety by making it a crime free through the employment of technology.The growth that has been experienced in Securus is much attributed to the efforts of Rick Smith leadership. He attended the studies at the State University of New York where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. His passion for mathematics shoved him to consider master’s degree in mathematics. He has demonstrated abilities in the field of leadership that has made Securus one of the successful firms.

Gregory Aziz Brings Attention to Rail Industry

For years, National Steel Car has been the leader in the industry for the things that the company does with rail cars and steel freight cars. They have been able to help other people out with the things that they are able to do and all of that is what has given the business a chance to experience the growth that they have in the past. This has been something that was easy for the company but also has been something that they have worked to make a possibility. The leaders of the company know what they can do to ensure that it is going to continue to be successful.


Even during the times that Gregory James Aziz made changes to the company that would affect the things that they were able to do, he knew that it would continue to be a good company. Since he was committed to the cause and to the industry, he knew that he would be the one who could make these changes. He also knew that his commitment would be the reason that they would succeed so he tried his best to help other people out with the businesses that they had in the rail industry. Find him on Facebook.


For Greg Aziz, engineering can be a huge part of the business. If the engineers do not do things the right way, then National Steel Car may not be able to get the help that they need. They may also suffer from the issues that have happened to other companies in the time that they have been running the business. Gregory Aziz committed his career to making things work and that is what has given him the ability to continue to make National Steel Car a positive influence on the company and on the things that are happening in the rail industry.  See more on this page.

G James Aziz hopes that people will be able to try different things and he consistently hires those who are working hard for him. He believes that these people will be the biggest asset to the company and that they will be able to make a huge difference in the things that the company is doing. By only hiring assets, Gregory Aziz has set National Steel Car up for success. Good employees make an even better business and that is something that Gregory Aziz knows will always happen with the business that he is a part of.


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Gregory Aziz is Causing Waves in the Railcars Manufacturing Sector


Gregory J. Aziz is an entrepreneur and head of National Industries. Gregory Aziz also serves as the president of National Steel Car Limited, Canada’s largest rolling stock manufacturer. This company has been operational since 1912. National Steel Car is a subsidiary of the National Industries Inc., which is the leading manufacturer of railcars.


Gregory Aziz’s role at National Steel Cars


National Steel Car Limited was famous for manufacturing of freight cars in the 60s. Among the cars manufactured by these firm include:


  • Coil car-transverse and longitudinal coil cars
  • Hopper car with open or covered top
  • Tank car
  • Gondola car that used coal
  • Flat car, such as the Centre beam cars


In its early years, National Steel Cars manufactured a variety of non-rail products, such as snowplow cars, baggage cars, log stake, and passenger cars. Gregory Aziz began working for this company in 1994, and for more than two decades, he has been instrumental in growing this company. He has a postgrad in economics from the Western University and has professional experience in engineering, leadership, and manufacturing. At the National Steel Cars, Greg Aziz supervises more than 2,000 people who work in various departments of the company. Additionally, he has been able to hire more 500 employees since he joined the company. Under his management, this company operates five different product lines, and it has spent more than $350 million to advance its manufacturing technologies. See This Link.Gregory Aziz’s achievements


Gregory Aziz is committed to leading the National Steel Cars to excellence while maintaining high levels of integrity and hard work. His efforts have led the company into acquiring numerous awards, such as the TTX SECO award 13. Among their top-rated customers is the Canadian Pacific Railway, a client with a vested interest in box cars. For years, Gregory Aziz has employed his great managerial skills to ensure that their customers pay and receive what they ordered on time. This company target customers are mainly commercial and railway operators. Aside from the Canadian market, Gregory Aziz ensures that the firm’s products compete in the international market. He has facilitated National Steel Cars’ major transactions, such as the sale of Dofasco, a company that was acquired in 1962. He has also enabled the company to increase its production capacity by 12,500 from the initial 3,500. Greg emphasizes on the use of latest technologies to manufacture quality products. He currently resides in North Hamilton, Ontario, where he oversees the company’s



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Bob Reina: His Mark Is Everlasting

Bob Reina has all of the skills and all of the abilities to be the very best CEO and founder for Talk Fusion. After all, this company is his baby and has been since he created it and founded it back in 2007. Now, ten years later, he has seen it blossom and grow to tremendous heights. He is very, very proud of it because he knows he is working for a company that is more than just about turning a profit. For many companies out there, that is their only motivation and that is their only goal. Nothing else really matters to them and nothing else really makes a difference. As long as their company account has money coming in it, they are happy. Learn more:


Now, make no mistake about it, Bob Reina wants to make money for the company. He has things he needs to take care of and bills to pay just like any other human being out there. However, he has bigger goals such as making his mark and impact on the world. He is also looking for the next big thing. A lot of people don’t know this about Bob Reina, but he is a former police officer. Because of this, he is able to understand the types of situations that certain people are stuck in throughout their lives. Because of this, he wants to make sure they never have to go without and they can be their own bosses.


Talk Fusion offers them that with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They are the ones in charge now, and they have nothing to fear in today’s world. Bob Reina knows they are going to work extra hard and they are going to put the pedal to the metal. They will not rest until their company succeeds just like Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion.


Motivation and inspiration are easy to come by when someone is running their own company. They feel like they are in the driver’s seat of their life for the first time maybe ever. That is one heck of a feeling. Learn more: