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Information On Mark Mofid

A doctor dealing with plastic surgery, Mark Mofid went to study his medical degree from the University of California. After he received his undergraduate degree of medical, he had specialized with general and plastic surgeries. He also advanced his education in Hopkins University. In his career, he has been working in different hospitals as a staff surgeon. He has been owning a clinic that is located in San Diego which has been offering plastic surgeries together with dermatological services. The wife is the one dealing with the patients who require dermatology patients while Mark Mofid deals with the plastic surgery patients. He has also been certified by surgeries boards.

Mark Mofid attended an interview and talked about his career and the services his clinic is offering. When he was asked whether he was looking for a nonsurgical optional method, Mark Mofid said that they can be treated at a cheap cost where there is a busy practice of surgery and have the hope of converting most of the patients to take surgical practices. These chemodenervation and nonsurgical fillers agents have been natural extensions that are in any of the cosmetic surgical practice. Many of the patients have become facial rejuvenation candidates and all they want is dig the big toe first in the swimming pool so that they can be able to know whether its a pleasant experience.

Being a physician, you make mistakes and poor decision. According to Mark Mofid, they made a mistake about the last six years where they hired a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. What the wise people say is that leopards never change their spots, so all they had to do was to deal with aftermath which leads to the same person having another criminal conviction. What he has been doing is a background check for all his employees as a way to make wise decisions.

As a physician, Mark Mofid received an advice where he was told not to ever put a wagon in front of the horse. By this way, you will not worry about the unsustainable overhead. He is a member of clinical Faculty at California University. He has made breast and facial surgeries publications and his journals have become recognized nationwide by surgeons.

The life and endeavors of Doctor David Samadi

Doctor David Samadi was born in the year 1964. He is a Hebrew who was living in the Persian Jewish Community of Iran. At the age of fifteen, they had to move, he and the brother to Belgium. Six months down the line they then moved to North London and after that, they immigrated to the United States of America.

He schooled in private schools where his parent had paid fees in advance but had to endure the loneliness of not seeing his parents and only speaking to them on few occasions. In the year 1990, he completed his first year at Stony Brook School of Medicine with honors.

David Samadi then majored in Biochemistry. He later enrolled at S.U.N.Y. However, the Stony Brook School of Medicine earned him an MD in the year 1994. He completed his post-graduate training at the Montefiore Medical Centre in the year 1996.

In the year 2001, David Samadi majored in proctology at the ‘Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre’. It was then that he started training in bladder, prostate as well as testicular cancer. It was also during this period that he joined the American Urologic Association of Urologic Oncology.

Doctor David Samadi came up with the smart technique. This is basically a custom procedure where advanced application of robotic technology is used for the removal of cancerous prostates. It ensures a number of things namely;

1. One has urinary control after prostate after surgery

2. Total removal of cancerous cells

3. One can engage in sex after prostate cancer

The brilliant doctor also put up Dr. Samadi television which airs every Sunday afternoon as from twelve thirty to one p.m. The main aim of this channel is to spend time with the viewers as well as patients and share important information.

Due to his impeccable work, Dr. David Samadi, has garnered himself a number of awards and recognition. He was named the best doctor by the New York Magazine. He has also taken home awards like, Most Compassionate Doctor, Americas Top Doctors of Cancer, Castle Connoly Top Doctors, Patient’s Choice Awards, New York Metro Area’s Top Doctor, America’s Top Doctor, Community Partner Award to mention a few.

Due to his renown expertise, former Republican president nominee, Mitt Romney, went to him to assess his progress. DR. David said that his cancer prognosis is good after a successful surgery.

Idea Mensch had scheduled an interview with the doctor where he was asked a couple of questions. How his day unfolded at work was one of the top questions. He started by stating that he wakes up at 4.30 a.m. and gets to work at 6.00 a.m. His most productive hours are between 6 to 7.30 a.m. He performs surgery two to three times in a week where he does multiple surgeries and before he goes home he checks up on patients to know how they are faring on.

He was also asked how he brings his ideas to life and answered by saying that he has a photographic memory. He sketches and draws his ideas which he rarely if never forgets. He also gave a good recommendation of Anything is possible by Elizabeth Strout.

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How Dr. Mark Mofid Became A Top Plastic Surgeon And Researcher

Dr. Mark Mofid is a practitioner of plastic surgery in the greater San Diego region. He also performs reconstructive surgery at a number of local area hospitals. He has his own practice in La Jolla and he is board certified. He is married and his wife also works at this clinic as a dermatologist. His practice contains a surgery center which is accredited AAAASF/Medicare. He also offers laser services using a Cutera laser. Other services he offers are dermabrasion and chemical peels.

He also performs a lot of research in addition to doing surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid says that when he started in the industry he saw things that he knew could be improved upon. His foremost concern is making these types of surgeries safer and more effective for patients, not just his but others plastic surgeons patients as well. He is one of America’s foremost authorities on gluteal augmentation. After several years of research, he came up with a new implant that replaced the older ones which would notoriously slip out of place and cause sagging. Other doctors who perform this type of surgery now use his patented implant.

As for the business side of running his practice, Dr. Mark Mofid says that he hired a fantastic office manager who has worked for him the past seven years. He credits her with putting together a good staff which includes four front office staff. He says he doesn’t advertise because he lets his results speak for his work. He gets a lot of referrals from past satisfied patients. He says he does have a website for his business but they don’t optimize it for search engines, as of yet anyway.

At Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude. His education next took him to The John Hopkins School of Medicine. He earned his MD with the specialties of plastic surgery and general surgery. His fellowship was in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to performing reconstructive and plastic surgeries he also teaches these subjects at the University of California, San Diego.


Types of orthopedic surgeries


Orthopedic surgery is a type of a surgical operation that is done to correct conditions that affect both the muscles and skeletons of the body of a human being. Even though several conditions might affect the skeletal tissues and muscles, not all of these conditions require surgery to correct them. Discussed below are common types of orthopedic surgeries.


Total joint replacement


There exist multiple conditions that can cause pain and discomfort in the human skeletal tissues. For example, the damage to the articular cartilage. Articular cartilage is a vital tissue in the human body as it facilitates movements between the knee joints. Damage to the articular cartilage, often due to fractures, impedes movements. To correct this, total joint replacement procedure has to be done. This method entails surgeons replacing the articular cartilage with a metallic or plastic surface to enable movement of the knee joints.


Spine Surgery


Various day to day activities may result in back pains. For instance, carrying heavy loads by people often results in pain and discomfort. Spine surgery is a procedure that is done to reduce back pains. The most common type of spine surgery is spine fusion. Spine fusion is the joining of the caudal vertebrae of the human body. This procedure limits both the movements of the bones of the spines and the nerves from stretching.


Gregg Finch


Gregg Finch is a well-known orthopedic surgeon. His experience in all aspects of spinal surgery has enabled him to work in various hospitals around the globe. Gregg Finch majored in the fields of medicine and surgery at the University of Auckland. After school, Gregg Finch worked as a spine surgeon in New Zealand. Since then, he has worked at; Shriners Hospital for Children, Royal Perth Hospital and the Sir Gardner Hospital.


Besides being a spinal surgery, Gregg Finch has skills in spinal stenosis, disc herniation, spinal decompression and even trauma surgery. These skills he acquired from working in the hospitals mentioned above.