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The Ancient Wisdom Taught in Kabbalah Centres Now Reaches Around the World

The Kabbalah Centre has only recently become the center of the ancient wisdom known as Kabbalah. For thousands of years, the principles of this wisdom have only been taught to the married man in the Jewish nation. Kabbalah is not a religion; its concepts date back to before the days of Noah when the earth was formed and has been transferred from generation to generation by word of mouth.

It wasn’t until 1922 that the first Kabbalah Centre was established in the heart of Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. He was the first master Kabbalist to bring the study of the ancient principles and the spirituality into the general public. By opening the Centre, anyone was invited to participate and learn about this closely guarded wisdom, so Rav Ashlag took the first steps in making Kabbalah accessible.

The mantle of leadership and the transmitting of the enlightenment were passed to his student when he died, who passed the torch to Rav Berg who studied for over a decade under Rav Ashlag and then brought it to America. Rav Berg has now passed it on to his son, and there are five Kabbalah Centers in the U.S. with 40 worldwide. The study of Kabbalah is centuries old, but Kabbalah Centers are only 100 years old.

Accessing the People

Before the 20th century, Kabbalah followed Judaism, including the feasts, worship, Torah study and other Jewish traditions. They were all the same practices of Kabbalah producing a consciousness for the sole purpose of connecting them to God. They then incorporated unique practices including meditations, and midnight study sessions, which are practiced today.

Rav Berg and his wife, Karen, established the first Kabbalah Centre in the U.S., in NYC. Several years later, the Bergs established a Centre in San Francisco, and several years after that, a Centre was opened in Los Angeles. It was this Centre that now streams Kabbalah University online for people around the globe. Students no longer have to be in the vicinity of a physical Centre to study this ancient wisdom that was once so secretive,; everyone has access to this online Kabbalah Centre.

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Donation to LACC Allows Music Majors to Study For Free

Herb Alpert, co-founder of A&M Records and Latin-jazz trumpeter, has made a major impact on education in Los Angeles, according to an article posted on The LA Times online.

The Herb Alpert Foundation, which Alpert co-founded along with his fellow musician and wife Lani Hall, has just made a major donation of $10.1-million that will allow all music majors to study tuition-free at the Los Angeles City College. The director of the Los Angeles City College (LACC) foundation, Robert Schwartz, said that the donation from the Foundation will transform the two-year public college.

Alpert said that his motivation for donating the money to the music program at LACC is to help the kids that do not have the financial means to attend a major college. Alpert’s brother, as well as his ex-partner in the record business Lou Adler, both attended school at LACC. When Alpert went to visit the school he found that it was thriving and that inspired him to help the program with his generous donation. Alpert said that another part of what interested him in helping the students of LACC is that they all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and may not have gotten a chance to get a good secondary education because of that. These are students that may not have gotten a chance to go to UCLA because of their financial situation.

This donation is the second-largest ever given in the history of the state of California. It is the largest donation ever given to a community college in the southern California area. Free tuition for LACC’s music program will begin for the school’s fall 2017 registration. Not only will the Foundation’s donation help give student’s free tuition, it will also allow the school to increase their intake of music majors from 175 to 250. It will also help supply students with music instruction.

This is not the first donation that the Herb Alpert Foundation has given to the school. Starting around 15 years ago, the Foundation donated $10,000 to the school. More recently the foundation donated $300,000 three-year grant towards scholarships for students which just ended.