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Governor Jerry Brown Delivers State Of The State Address

California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State address this week, and it was clear that his focus is solely on President Donald Trump. The full State of the State Address from the Assembly Chambers can be viewed here.

In the last State of the State Address, Brown took the opportunity to reflect on the all progress his state of California has made. This week, he decided to take a broader view point on what he intended to discuss. He discussed how it was hard to focus on just his state when the new election and inauguration of the new president has shown the massive division across the US.

Brown pushed that we must all live in the truth. When science and facts are set before our eyes, we must believe that and not build false ideas simply because we find them more pleasing, a direct attack against Kellyanne Conway’s suggestion that the president’s administration will use “alternative facts”.

He went on to discuss how we cannot see the future and know exactly what the new leadership will do, he feels what he has seen so far is disturbing. He outlined how the Trump administration has issued attacks on science, bold claims on alternative facts, and have simply obscured basic foundations of our democracy like working together, truth, and civility.

Brown took the time to outline ways he believes his state has been a leader in recent years for their strong pro-immigrant attitude. Currently, immigrants make up about one third of the states population, and Brown thanked them for helping to create the diversity and wealth of the state.

Though most of his thoughts towards President Trump and what he has done are negative, Brown did find a place to praise something the president has done. He took a minute to recognize and praise President Trump’s infrastructure spending. He praised the stance President Trump took in his inaugural speech to discuss the need for new roads and bridges, and he was pleased to see the president had a productive and positive meeting with labor union officials this past Monday.

He ended his speech by declaring that California will not every turn back, they will continue to move forward. This is a sentiment that he and other leaders in California have taken. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Senator Kamala Harris, Lt. Governor Gavin Newson, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and Governor Jerry Brown have all vowed to resist President Trump’s agenda.