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Try These Natural Techniques For Lighter And Brighter Skin

Skin can begin to darken with time and exposure to the hazards in the environment, sun exposure, medical issues, overly dry skin, poor diet, stress, and certain chemicals in the things that we use on our faces.

Achieving flawless skin can be quite difficult. Many people will use the products that are on the market and end up doing more damage than there was before. If you want to lighten your skin to give is a youthful and healthy appearance then you can try some of these safe alternatives.

The lactic acid in yogurt works well to lighten the skin. It also is packed with nutrients that are good for your face. All you have to do is rub it on your face and leave it for a few minutes daily for a few weeks and you will see noticeable results.

The vitamin C in oranges will lighten and brighten your skin. Not only will oranges lighten your skin when applied topically but they will also help your skin when you eat them by giving your body a healthy dose of vitamin C. You can mix two tbsp of OJ with some turmeric and apply to the skin. Let the mixture sit for a half an hour. You can also make a powder from ground and dried orange peels. Mix the powder with yogurt and apply to your face. Let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Only try these treatments once or twice per week to avoid irritation.


You can dip a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and rub on your face and let sit for several minutes. You can also mix turmeric and lemon juice and apply to your face. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes. Lemon will brighten and lighten your complexion and can help prevent scarring.


Makari is a safe and effective skin lightening treatment.Makari is made up of all natural ingredients such as carrot and argan oil. Makari is meant to be used on darker skin tones that have previously not been addressed by the beauty industry. They have a complete line of skin lightening and skin tone evening products that will give you a perfect healthy glow.