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Advocacy Through Writing- Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is written by Sean Penn is considered to be a captive trippy read. When writing the book, Sean did not want his readers to know him or even for the book to be famous. Instead, the book became famous yet before it was launched in 2016. Sean Penn did not get trouble making people read his book, some sections of the book were already a topic of discussion even before its release among them the part about President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement.

According to people who read the book, President Donald Trump and the #MeToo Movement topics were treated as fact and not fiction. However, according to the author of the book; Sean Penn people quoted him out of context, and he told Rolling Stone that the society does not understand between fiction ans fact and they interpret fiction as opinion. When you read the book, one will realize that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was not written out of provocation, but Sean has an ambition. When writing the book, Sean Penn made sure that Americans get the book with a sense of sarcasm and loose narration. The book is about an old woman who did jobs including rescuing Hasidic Jews from foreign prisons, was responsible for murdering senior people, selling septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses, and even arranging firewood for leaders who were dictators. Sean wrote the book at a sensitive time in the world.

Penn is not a writer he is also a renowned actor, performer, and a director who has written several other books including Mystic River and Milk which won an Oscar Award. Ever since he won the Oscars, he has been concentrating in building his legacy more than getting reviews for his books. If the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Staff will win any awards, it will be listed among the author’s books of unpredictable stories. This is not the first time Sean has written fiction he has also written it in the form of movies including The Indian Runner among others.

Sean Penn is determined to express his anger through his stories as he looks for solutions.