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49ers Look to Future

2017 was a very interesting season for the San Francisco 49ers. Going into the season, the team seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. They were still struggling to find a quarterback and did not seem to have a lot of talent to build on. While they arguably had a very good draft, most people did not expect much out of the team in 2017.

At the start of the season, most people were proven right about their predictions for the 49ers. The team struggled out of the gate and quarterback Brian Hoyer was not able to move the ball at all. Hoyer was ultimately hurt and replaced by rooking quarterback CJ Beathard who also had struggles. While the season was not going well, most people agreed that the team would make a big splash during the offseason and go after a new quarterback that would give hope for the future.

While the 49ers clearly needed a quarterback, they ended up getting one much sooner than originally predicted. The team ended up trading with the New England Patriots for backup quarterback Jimmy Garropolo. After learning the playbook for a few weeks, Garropolo was ultimately named the starter the last five weeks of the season. The team miraculously ended up winning their last five games. While they missed the playoffs, the team has plenty of momentum heading into the new season.

While the 49ers have a lot of momentum already, the team has also been able to attract some key free agents. One of the top signings that came this offseason came when the team signed cornerback Richard Sherman ( Sherman previously spent his entire career with 49ers’ bitter rival, the Seattle Seahawks. During his time in Seattle, Sherman made several Pro Bowl teams and even won a Super Bowl.

Now that Sherman is in San Francisco, the defense could be set and the team could be poised to win a lot of games. As the NFL draft continues to approach, the team will look for more ways to add talent and depth to its roster. The 49ers will likely look to use their first round pick to add another piece to its already young and talented defense. However, there are some skill players they are considering as well.

49ers to Have Big Draft

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the most successful NFL franchises on record. The franchise has won a very impressive amount of Super Bowls and is the home team for some of the best players in NFL history. Heading into the 2017 NFL season, the 49ers were not considered by many to be a top tier team. They did not have a very successful year in 2016 and seemed to be in the process of rebuilding.

The 2017 season did not start off very well. The team lacked consistency from the quarterback position and struggled to find cohesion on defense. Through the first 11 games of the year, the team had just one win. However, all of that changed when the team traded for quarterback Jimmy Garropolo. Garropolo was a backup quarterback for the New England Patriots and was very successful when he was able to play. Due to his age, track record, and skill set he was expected to be a very highly sought after free agent this offseason. The 49ers ended up trading for him and got him for just a 2nd round draft pick.

Once Garropolo got in the starting lineup, things turned around immediately. He ended up leading the team to 5 straight wins and the team is now considered to be one of the favorites to make the playoffs next year. While they had a very strong finish to the year, the team is now looking forward to the next season. One way that they will do this will be by focusing on the draft (

Last year, the 49ers made one of the big moves of the year when they traded down just one pick and picked up several additional selections from the Chicago Bears. The team now has a lot of different picks to use over the next few years that could be used to acquire much needed depth. The team is reportedly focused on drafting a wide receiver in the first few rounds that could provide the team with speed and open up the field. One of the players that they are also looking into is Marcell Ateman. Ateman is a very big body that had a very productive year for his school last year and could excel in the NFL.

UCLA Helps 49ers

Every business is out to do one thing, make money. So when the rare occasion comes around for a company to save money, most companies will jump at the opportunity to save a nickel. Often times short-sided companies will step over dollars to pick up dimes. In the case of former Oregon Duck coach and NFL Eagles and 49ers coach Chip Kelly, he and his new employer, the UCLA Bruins will be helping the 49ers save a little bit of cash.

That little bit of cash we are talking about is only a mere $7.5 million. Chip Kelley had become a bit of a wunderkind when his mighty Oregon Ducks rose to fame based on analytics used to run the tables in the Pac 12 and even fought for a national championship. Kelly rode that fame into the NFL where he became a virtual bust after a quick and sensational start with the Philadelphia Eagles. After his demise in Philly, the San Francisco 49ers signed him to a multi-year million dollar contract. After only one season in the Bay Area, Kelly was dismissed.

The UCLA Bruins just announced the signing of Kelly as their head football coach for yet another multi-year $23 million dollar contract. Because he signed that contract with the Bruins, this helps the 49ers escape money owed to Kelly. As already mentioned, the amount owned is a small chunk of change to the tune of $7.5 million.

In the dog-eat-dog competitive business world that we live in, it is a rare breath of fresh air when a company like the 49ers finally are able to save money. Never mind the multitude of missteps the organization has made over the last decade which put them in this predicament in the first place. After several poor general manager hiring’s and firing’s, and several poor contract signing’s, it’s nice to finally see some good happen for the 49ers.