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Roger Federer Dazzles Fans In First Bay Area Performance (And Bill Gates Tags Along Too!)

In his first appearance in the Bay Area of the United States, Roger Federer did not disappoint. The world’s greatest tennis player has been dazzling fans for many years now, compiling a record of 105 wins along with a record 6 year-end championships. Even if he appeared on the stage himself it would be a treat, but he brought along a visitor who is every bit as unique in his own way.

Federer is committed to helping as many African children as possible through his foundation, and he played a rather unique doubles match in San Jose with an extremely unique partner – none other than Microsoft Founder and Chairman Bill Gates. Even though the match didn’t count, Federer was quick to praise his newfound partner and proud to be appearing for the first time in San Jose. After adroitly pointing out that Bill Gates “knows numbers very well”, he exclaimed that this doubles match was one of the perfect unions of teamwork he has ever seen. Indeed, each person had their own unique role to help with Federer’s foundation – Gates would do the calculations regarding the numbers and Federer would be quite content just to do all of the running.

At the end of the day, Federer was not only pleased with his partner, but he was also pleased with the amount of money that his “Match For Africa” was able to raise to help the plight of the children on that continent.

The match sold 15,000 tickets and raised $2.5 million in order to benefit African schoolchildren and help equip them and their teachers to have a better start. He and Gates made a great team, with Bill Gates noting that he feels he is good at “picking partners” with that same boyish smile and enthusiasm that he normally feels for the latest electronic gadget his company has come out with. Giving back to the community – it’s something that we can all get behind because whether you are an ordinary person or Roger Federer and Bill Gates, it is simply the right thing to do.