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Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Is A Top San Diego Restaurant

Brian Bonar is a person who works very hard at his many endeavors. One of his recent success stories is Bellamy’s, a restaurant in the southern California city of Escondido. San Diego Magazine recently did a feature on Bellamy’s. The article not only highlighted the restaurant, but the impact the eatery has on the local community. Bellamy’s fits right in with the style and culture of the city. This is one of many reasons why the venture draws in so many customers.
Bellamy’s was once a different restaurant under different ownership until Bonar took it over and oversaw the transformation to Bellamy’s. The trendy nature of the restaurant was not lost on the people in the San Diego county region. San Diego Magazine definitely noticed, which is why such a flattering portrait appeared.

Per the article, Bonar is building a restaurant empire of sorts. Bellamy’s remains a very significant part of this developing empire. The quality of the food combined with the ambiance adds to its success potential.

The description of the food truly makes anyone reading the review want to rush to Bellamy’s and get a table. Beet salad and mushroom-filled ravioli are truly special items. At Bellamy’s, they are a perfect example of the many unique and special foods sold on the premises.

Since the restaurant is a project of Brian Bonar, the establishment benefits from the guidance of a successful entrepreneur. Bonar has a great deal of experience running Trucept, Inc. Bonar brings a lot of enthusiasm to his endeavors. The enthusiasm should help Bellamy’s continue to make a splash in the San Diego region.

The review basically sums all that one needs to know about Bellamy’s by pointing out the food is great and the service is awesome. Bellamy’s does deliver what people want the most in a fine establishment. For many, the venue exceeds expectations.