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Andy Wirth: One of A Kind

I recently came across an article about Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski and he piqued my interest enough I had to do a little bit of research. And let me tell you, this man is one of a kind.

According to KCWR, Andy Wirth’s working in the mountain resort industry for over 25 years and literally worked his way up the chain across various companies. For a good portion of his career he worked in marketing roles as well as leadership positions but in 2007 he received an incredible offer and was named CMO and Executive VP of Intrawest.

After 3 good years and some elbow grease, Andy Wirht left his position and began his new role as the acting CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. In a matter of only 6 years Andy had leapt from a decent position to the absolute top of the pyramid. With a beautiful wife and 3 loving children, He was living every man’s dream.

Until 2013 when he lost his right arm in a tragic skydiving accident. While most would’ve become bitter and cynical about the world, Andy took on a heart of compassion for those less fortunate. Andy Wirth jumped head first into his new philanthropic approach and just one year later in 2014 he was named Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA. Later that same year he was asked to give the commencement speech for Colorado State University’s graduating class of 2014.

As good deeds and hard work establish good will, just this year in January, Andrew was named Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

If you are ever looking for a source of inspiration, you’d be hard pressed to find a better man. With pulling himself up by his bootstraps, and a tragic accident. His story reads like a movie script and provides plenty of motivation to keep your nose to the grindstone.

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