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Two New Red Pandas Born at Denver Zoo

Red pandas are loved and are an endangered species. Now, Denver Zoo just added a couple of cubs. These baby pandas, both female, were named Lali and Masu, Denver Post reports.

Born on June 6th, the cubs initially suffered from pneumonia but were given world-class veterinarian care. Daily tube feedings and antibiotics were used to assist in recovery. Now, Lali and Masu are getting better and are gaining weight.

The baby pandas will be kept with their mother behind the scenes for another two months, and then will join their father, Hamlet, in the exhibit open to visitors. Hamlet was born in 2013 and came to Denver from Toronto Zoo. Around this time, Faith, cubs’ mother, was brought to Denver from Trevor Park Zoo in New York. The aim was for the couple to reproduce, based on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan.

Red pandas, just like more well-known giant pandas, come from Asia. Both panda species are endangered as they have specialized diet requirements. They can eat only certain types of bamboo, which comes from habitats that are disappearing, largely due to human intervention and climate change.

Red pandas look quite different from giant pandas. Many visitors wouldn’t even know these are pandas without being given information. Red pandas are read, have white spots, pointed ears, and puffy tails. And they’re as cute and in need of protection as the other panda bears.