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Jason Halpern’s Contributions to the Real Estate Market

Jason Halpern is a business mogul with strong vested interest in the real estate industry. The 45 year old is the owner of the JMH Development, a leading full service real estate company reputed for its intrigue architectural displays across US. The company boasts of adopting a far-end innovative approach to creating outstanding luxurious rental apartments and commercial business space. With over $500 million invested in the New York State Projects alone, JMH has been the pioneer in the construction of one of the most outstanding and well-positioned properties in lucrative markets such as Queens, Williamsburg and Brooklyn.

Through Halpern’s diligent efforts, JMH has emerged as one of the major luxurious developers in the real estate industry. Some of the major projects he has undertaken include the recently completed renovation of 184 Kent Avenue. The renovation resulted in 340 luxury residential rentals in Brooklyn, with the project winning the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the Adaptive Reuse Category. The company is also hailed for some architectural masterpiece display in the construction of the townhouses of Cobble Hill. The condominium comprises of nine luxury townhouses in the coveted Coble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. JMH played a notable role in topping off the Aloft South Beach with the renovation and construction of world-class hotel facilities. Co-partnering with the Madden Real Estate Venture, JMH embarked on an adaptive reuse and restoration of the historic Motel Ankara, a 235-room hotel, and additional construction of a brand new eight-story tower. The hotels offer significantly large rooms and modern state-of-art facilities.

Mr. Halpern, who also serves as the Director of the Parametric Dining LLC, is widely acknowledged for his track record of restoring historic structures, turning the old abandoned buildings and other constructions into modern, fully furnished apartments and commercial business spaces.

In 2015, Jason Halpern announced a major deal that would see him acquire the waterside condominium in surfside. He mainly aimed at tearing down the surf house and constructing a luxurious 12-story tower. The 36 unit condominium dates back in 1960s, with the announcement highly welcomed as one directed to reshape the facet of the South Florida’s Prime waterfront.

Bringing Ideas Into Fulfillment With Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has a sensible approach to bringing ideas to life. This is a very important factor to success in the field of real estate. After all, while many people do say that it is good to take every idea and jot it down, one must also understand that not every idea is going to be a good idea. Tammy Mozzocco knows this. Therefore, she has a procedure that helps her take on the ideas that are presented to her or that she comes up with. This is a good way for her to know whether or not her idea is worth pursuing.

When Tammy Mazzocco gets an idea, her first step is to brainstorm the idea in order to see what can come of it. This could involve meeting with others to discuss the idea. She could gain input on what the idea could bring forth. During the brainstorming or even after, she does the research in order to see if it is worth pursuing. After all, research is one of the most important steps one could take in order to see not only if an idea could work, but how it could work. Afterwards, comes the testing process.

Among the things that Tammy Mozzocco could do to test the idea is come up with a business plan. If the business plan turns out to be successful, then she could use her ideas in order to bring forth the results that she is working for. Of course, there is also a lot of adjustments that could be made to her ideas, especially when it comes to the industry of real estate. Given that she is in the career she is passionate about, Tammy could handle a lot of challenges that come her way throughout her career in the real estate industry.