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The Incredible Success of a PR Firm

Melissa Click is the perfect example of what happens when someone makes a bad mistake and it is caught on camera. Click is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, and has recently become the subject of quite a bit of ridicule. She recently was caught on camera trying to break up a protest on campus. This is something that has outraged many individuals all over the state. She has since then been suspended from her job, and over 100 lawmakers are demanding that she be fired from her position at the University. It is hard when an individual makes one mistake like this that can ruin the rest of their whole career. There are very few individuals who have been able to come out of a media frenzy like this, but times are now changing. There are now companies that will help individuals turn the tides of misfortune when it comes to their negative media coverage.

Status Labs is a company that has been able to help individuals in times of need just like these. Founder Darius Fisher believes that you should not be condemned because of one single incident in your life. This has been the basis of all of Fisher’s operations since the inception of his company. Fisher used to work as a content creator before he saw the need for online reputation management. This gave him the knowledge he needed to really address the complex issues that are facing the world of individuals who are dealing with poor online reputations.

This worldwide reputation management firm has been growing quickly as the need in the market also grows. With offices in New York, Austin, and Sao Palo, Status Labs has a global perspective that keeps them aware of any and all kinds of reputation management internationally. With over 1,500 clients in more than 35 different countries, it is easy to see why Status Labs is growing so quickly. The future looks very bright for this global marketing firm as they forge new pathways in the field of marketing that have not yet been explored by many marketing firms.