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Cuddles For Change: Today’s Interesting Must Read

A Portland, Oregon businessperson is making news for doing what she does for a living: professional cuddling. Samantha Hess’s a professional cuddler who looks to engage and connect with clients looking for relief, support, and connection with others.

I know. When I first heard this, it sounded weird. Then, it sounded ridiculous. Then, I started to think two things. First, it’s really cool that this businessperson has found a way to make money with no inventory, no product, and a relatively low-impact deliverable to the consumer. I certainly appreciate this person for having the creativity to make money however she could and wonder how much one of your hugs would go far.

Then, the second thing I thought was how meaningful this must be to the niche community in Portland who benefit from this. Sometimes, we don’t feel a connection with people in our lives, and some folks don’t have people in their lives at all. So, very basic desires like human touch and connection become unattainable for them and life can sometimes start to feel more and more isolating. Having someone like Samantha Hess provides one outlet for these people to connect with another person in a safe, emotional environment, but not for free.

What can I say? This is Portland, and crazier things have happened in Portland. What do you think about the professional cuddler, and would you give her business a try?