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The West Coast Is Changing From Red To Blue This Election Year

California has been a blue state for several years. Democrats win elections in California because of the liberal attitudes that keep getting more liberal with each generation. Even though West Coast Millennials are not feeling Hillary Clinton and her message for the next four years, California will still be Smurf-blue in November. But California’s neighbors haven’t completely warmed up to the liberalism that dominates SoCal and Northern California. States like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado have always been red to the bone when election time rolls around.

But this year may be different, according to the recent polls that have been conducted by several organizations. The fact that Donald Trump has alienated Latinos, Blacks and Asians is making the Republican Party have nightmares as well as daymares. Trump’s insensitive style of campaigning is reshaping the political composition of the red states that make up the West Coast voting group, according to the New York Times.

Arizona has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once in the last 68 years, but this year Hillary Clinton is tied with Trump, according to recent polls. Flipping Arizona to a blue state has been a Democratic dream for years, and this could be the year that dream becomes reality, according to Democratic leaders in Arizona. The reason is simple. Nonwhite voters are popping up on the West Coast faster than any other area of the country. In 2012, nonwhite voters accounted for 30 percent of the vote in Arizona, Alaska, and Nevada, and that percentage will be higher in 2016. Clinton is so sure she will carry the state of Colorado that she is not spending advertising money in the state before the election.

Montana, Idaho, and Alaska will still vote Republican in 2016, but the handwriting is on the wall for the Republican Party on the West Coast. The West Coast is adding new nonwhite voters in record numbers every year in all the states in the West, and that’s not good news going forward for Republicans. But there some people that say Trump voters will come out in record numbers in November in all of these West Coast states. Those voters are the people that are sick of the political debacle that has weakened the credibility of the U.S. around the world. Those people are not counted in election polls, but they will count on election day.