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LAPD Conducting Investigation Of USC Doctor Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Police officials in Los Angeles report that the department is investigating a criminal complaint against a long-time gynecologist working at the University of Southern California. The accusations are that the physician has used his position to engage in inappropriate sexual misconduct for over 25 years.


Officials say that the investigation will reach international proportions as more than 10,000 women that were examined by George Tyndall may be interviewed.


Police are presently following up with 52 women who say that Tyndall, now 71 years of age, acted inappropriately while examining them. Justin Eisenberg, Deputy Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department says that the alleged acts took place between the years 1990 to 2016.


The police department will work in conjunction with the California Medical Board and any documented wrongdoing on the part of Tyndall will be referred to prosecutors.


Tyndall has not made himself available for comment but has denied any wrongdoings and has said the allegations against him are incorrect. While speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Tyndall said that each exam he conducted was done so by following standard procedure and done with total professionalism.


The university has admitted that it did not respond in accordance with school policy in eight allegations made against Tyndall between the years 2000 to 2014. A handful of former patients of Tyndall at the university have filed lawsuits and one sworn statement detailed an event that was said to have occurred in 1991.


C.L Max Nikias has faced the brunt of the blame for the incident and a week ago 200 faculty members called for his ousting. An additional 2,200 students, alumni, and other supporters of the university signed a petition for Nikias’ dismissal online. The pressure resulted in Nikias relinquishing his post over the past weekend.


The problems began for Tyndall at the university when reports surfaced that he had performed examinations that were not considered to be up to par in regards to accepted medical standards. It was also said that Tyndall had harassed former patients. Tyndall resigned shortly afterward and the university established a hotline to field calls from the community and allow others with accusations to step forward. Media has reported that 400 complaints have been voiced via the hotline.


LAPD says that it is not yet clear if criminal charges will be filed against Tyndall.

California Files New Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

California and the Trump administration are finding themselves at odds once again. The left leaning state wasted no time filing a lawsuit against the current President’s administration over a question that is set to appear on the 2020 United States census.


The United States issues a census every few years. A census gives a fairly accurate count of how many citizens are in the nation, where they live, and gives the government an idea of what needs to be done for each community. The 2020 census questions were recently released, one of which the state of California was quick to jump on, weather or not the person taking the census questions was a citizen of the United States. This question did once appear on the United States census, but was removed around 1950 and has not been back in place until this most recent census questionnaire was released.


California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, recently stated that she found the question to not just be alarming but an unconstitutional attempt to gain an accurate census count. The state listed in their lawsuit that they believe that this question will likely make people more wary and less likely to fill out the survey which will lead to undercounts. It is believed that in some areas where there are large undocumented immigrant populations, this could cause huge undercounts which provides very skewed data. Likewise, a serious undercount could even go so far as to cost the state seats in Congress, electoral college votes in presidential elections and federal funding, all of which are based off the population of the state.


California believes, weather citizen or undocumented immigrant, every person must be accurately counted to fulfill the actual Enumeration mandate in the United States Constitution, and their lawsuit states as much. Eric Holder, who previously served as a United States Attorney General, now heads the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and stated that his group also plans to file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. He also noted that he firmly believes that it is a direct attack on democracy. For more information on this topic, click here.

President Trump Versus The State Of California

It is no secret that the state of California and President Donald Trump are not the best of friends, in fact, some would go so far as to describe the duo as being at war. The liberal left and the president have not found any common ground since President won the 2016 election, and California has been one of the biggest fighters of President Trump and any policy he puts forth. For his part, the president has kept his distance from the state, until recently when he made his first trip to the left wing state to attend a Republican fun raiser that was held in Beverly Hills as well as tour prototypes for his famous border wall.

California’s governor, Jerry Brown (D), recently announced that California was at war with President Trump’s government and went on to point out that California is strongly against President Trumps plans and ideas for marijuana policies, immigration, climate change, and offshore drilling. For his part, President Trump’s administration filed a lawsuit against the state of California over their sanctuary “laws” which the state uses as a method to protect immigrants who come into the United States illegally without proper documentation. Gov. Brown did not take the lawsuit lightly and called it Trumps declaration of war with his state, while the President’s administration stated the sanctuary laws violate the federal law as well as the Constitution.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently spoke out about California’s refusal to follow the nations immigration laws and stated that both President Trump’s administration as well as the Department of Justice would fight the unconstitutional polices that have been placed on law enforcement officials in California. He went on to note that he believes the administration is fighting to make the jobs of law enforcement officials in California safer as well as to reduce crime not only in the state of California, but across the nation. Sessions also spoke out against states with lax marijuana policies as well as recalled three separate memos that former President Obama had issued that discouraged federal prosecution of marijuana growers and sellers who resided in states with relaxed laws as long as they followed the particular states guidelines. This goes against the federal laws of the United States, but as more states begin to pass their own laws governing the use of marijuana, former President Obama saw no issue and decide against prosecution, something the current administration feels differently about.

Since stepping into office, President Trump has battled the state of California at what seems like every turn. While many things are still pending in courts, President Trump can claim one victory. In February, a judged ruled in favor of President Trump in a lawsuit that was filed by the state of California to stop the construction of the border wall. The state went on to note that they believe it violated environmental laws. For now, the plans for the border wall seem to be progressing though it is important to note that Congress has not yet authorized any funding for the project and the Senate has recently rejected a few immigration bills that earmarked money for the wall. For more information, head to the Huffington Post.