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Portland Has The Most Expensive Cans Of Tuna–And Other Interesting Statistics

The Council for Community and Economic Research, also known as C2ER, is an economic research group based in Arlington, Virginia. They have just published a cost-of-living index for 269 cities. IN their data, they compare the prices of more than sixty goods and services. These goods and services are put into six classifications: transportation, healthcare, housing, miscellaneous goods, utilities and grocery items.

Portland has been included in their results. The results for Portland are quite interesting. For example, it is enlightening to know that out of all 269 cities, Portland came in first place for having the highest priced cans of tuna. The average price for a bottle of wine is $13.75, which puts Portland in 5th place. Regarding transportation costs, Portland was ranked 62nd. The average price of a six pack of beer is $9.82, putting it in 31st place. When it comes to the cost healthcare services, Portland ranks in 55th place with an average of $107.61 per exam. The costs of veterinary services also ranks in 55th place with an average of $57.17 per exam. The city comes in 16th place for the highest cost of groceries.

Overall, the cost of living in Portland comes in 17th place. New York ranked as the most expensive, and San Francisco ranked as the second most expensive. Seattle ranked as the eighth most expensive. Out of all 269 cities, McAllen, Texas, was the least expensive.

When it comes to the most expensive utilities fees, Portland comes in 259th place. The average energy cost each month is $145.24, while the average costs of monthly phone bills is $19.33.

The places that Portland scores in these statistics appear rather disheartening. After all, being under 100th place, and especially under 50th place, on the lists of highest prices does not seem very promising to those who are living on lower incomes. However, there are some things to think about:

• The prices might seem higher, but they may not really be that much higher than a lot of other places.

• How much a product costs depends on the brand and type.

• The costs may seem higher, though there may also be more job opportunities and amenities to balance things out.

• People’s salaries might be higher.

Reasons Why Businesses are Moving to Portland

The northwest United States, which includes Portland and Seattle, have seen a lot of people move into the area in recent years. Many people have chosen the Pacific Northwest as home due to the temperate weather, liberal government and lifestyle, and a variety of other local amenities. While cities are attractive for residents looking to move into a new place, the area is also popular with businesses looking to move. Portland, in particular, has seen many small and large businesses move into the area in recent years. There are several reasons why this has occurred (


One reason why businesses have moved into Portland is that the State of Oregon has had a very favorable approach when it comes to taxes. Overall, Oregon was ranked as the tenth friendliest state in the country when it comes to promoting business. One of the main benefits is that Oregon does not have a sales tax. This is very beneficial for any retailer as it effectively makes their products cheaper than some surrounding states. Furthermore, if a business does have an operating loss one year, they are able to carry that loss forward on taxes for the next fifteen years.


Another reason why many businesses choose to move to Oregon is that there are a lot of government incentives to encourage hiring. The Oregon Investment Advantage provides a small business with a range of different tax and other advantages if the business is able to hire a certain amount of employees. In many situations, a business can avoid state income tax completely if they are able to hire five or more employees.


Businesses are also moving to Portland to attract more employees. The city is becoming a very popular option for people that are young and just starting their careers. Opening an office in Portland is making it much easier for a business to attract and retain young talent.