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Hillary Clinton Thinks The California Debate With Bernie Sanders Is A Waste Of Time

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to controversy. Clinton has been able to dodge and deflect most of the issues that show her making poor decisions and creating more issues than she has been credited with solving. Clinton told the country that she would participate in a California debate with Bernie Sanders before the June 7th primary, but in true Clinton fashion, she is reneging on that promise. Hillary thinks she is the Democratic nominee, and at this point, another debate with Sanders is a waste of time as far as she is concerned. <br><br>
Political analysts say Clinton has a right to back out of the debate. If she agrees to debate Sanders again, it could damage her already damaged persona. <a href=””>According to an article published by, Clinton declared the contest over on May 18th on CNN, and she is setting her sights on Donald Trump.</a> Sanders is a non-issue now. <br><br>
But Bernie Sanders isn’t going away. Clinton is running a campaign, but Bernie Sanders is leading a movement. A political and social movement that is long overdue in the United States. His grass roots movement has grabbed the attention of voters around the country. More people are interested in the election this year, because this is the year that the hostage agenda that the two party system has promoted for years is beginning to crack, and it is finally being exposed for what it is. <br><br>

Bernie Sanders Still Campaigning to Aggravate Hillary Clinton

While the Republican Party has wrapped up the preliminaries with Donald Trump the clear Republican candidate for presidency, Hillary Clinton and <a href=”http://”>Bernie Sanders</a> are still pushing each other’s buttons and getting more digs in. Senator Bernie Sanders made an unexpected stop in Palm Springs surprising almost everyone.

Hillary has announced that the Democratic debate is over, and she is the Democratic candidate, and though she is far ahead in delegate votes, there are still locations on the schedule for both of the to attend and one to debate. Hillary blew off one of her appointments last week with Bernie, and it had been scheduled for almost a year. She says that she is now focused only on the Democratic Convention in July.

Sander’s supporters have grown angry with the Democratic Party because of the reports that the system was rigged in favor of Mrs. Clinton. They are not calming their enthusiasm much either for the self-admitted democratic socialist, Mr. Sanders. His paparazzi is still in force and making the news.

Kamber Fishbein is a perfect example of one of Sander’s enthusiastic supporter. The 19-year-old was with her mother and friends in Palm Beach when they heard that Bernie was downtown at a Festival on Thursday night.

The Desert Sun reported that they immediately found him where a guard took a picture of them together with Bernie. Bernie is still alive and needling Hillary!


Charles Koch on the Presidency

Charles Koch is a successful business person who has done well for himself and his family. Over the past couple of years, he has increased his involvement in a variety of different business areas. Although Charles Koch is generally regarded as conservative, he recently said that it is possible that Clinton would make a better president than any of the GOP field. This is partly due to the fact that there are so many people in the race at this point who do not act professional. Donald Trump gets most of the headlines in the GOP race, and this is not good news for the party as a whole.

There are a lot of people who look up to the success of Koch. Anyone who wants to succeed in the world of business would do well to follow his example. Over the past couple of years, he has greatly increased his investments in a variety of different fields. As he continues to gain influence, he is working directly with his team to support certain political figures. Donald Trump gets more air time than anyone in the GOP race. Although this may sound like a good thing, there are a lot of people who say that his act is growing tired. People who are voting want more out of a presidential candidate than just talking points. This is one of the biggest reasons that Koch has said that he does not want to support Donald Trump.

Charles recently said that Clinton would probably make a better president than Donald Trump or anyone else in the GOP race. Over the past couple of months, the entire GOP field has become more of a media circus than anything else. The GOP needs to realize that they are alienating people from their current party because of everything that is going on. Over the past couple of weeks, the GOP candidates continue to get even more nasty than before. There are a lot of people who are considering voting for another party like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Charles Koch simply is saying what everyone else has been thinking for a long time. It is hard to imagine this is the best that the GOP can come up with for the presidential election. One thing is for certain, this will be one of the most interesting races in a long time.

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