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End Citizens United; Putting a Stop to the Era of Dark Funds

Dark era funds have often been used to facilitate the existence of nonprofit organizations that in turn have a direct influence on elections. Moreover, these not-for-profit organizations are in a position to receive hefty amounts of donations. On the contrary, they are not allowed to disclose the source of the funds as the opacity of the source allows these organizations to influence the entire election process behind the scenes. With that said, it is evident that the dark fund’s era is almost over as a group of citizens called the End Citizens United recently came forward with a proposal to end the period of dark funds that has often been utilized to facilitate unfair elections.

What is End Citizens United?

End Citizens United came up with the name from the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision made to implement Citizens United, a group that opened doors for high profile corporate funds for supporting elections. Over the years, End Citizens has come up with viable policies to combat the dark funds used for political gains. Moreover, the organization has majorly worked with like-minded individuals to elect leaders who are comfortable with rejecting dark funds from the unknown sources. Besides being funded by grassroots donors, Citizens United has made it a national priority to ensure that only proactive reformists are elected.

The Annual Midterm Elections

As a result, with roughly six months only left to the 2018 midterm elections, the organization has continued to elect candidates who have ceremoniously demonstrated their robust support of campaigning for essential finance reforms. Perhaps this is a significant solidarity movement to support the campaign finance reform through a range of activities like rejecting track records of the dark era money.

The Establishment of End Citizens United

Besides, End Citizens has established major restrictive platforms to bar the circulation of dark money in America’s political landscape. With the assistance of their leaders and grassroots donors, the group confirmed that politicians, rather than representing their people, represented their need for satisfying their selfishness through stealing from the people. Regarding these midterm elections, the following is set to occur;

The Endorsed Candidates

Randy Bryce- Randy Bryce was hoping to replace Paul Ryan, who just announced his intentions to resign from the post of Senate speaker. As such, he would not be seeking any reelection in office.

Jacky Rosen – Jacky Rosen was initially elected as a representative at Nevada District. As of now, he hopes to be chosen as a U.S. Senate.

Brendan Kelly- Brendan Kelly has always fought against corruption even before the onset of the midterm elections. Therefore, as he vies for this particular seat, he has a clean track record that might land him to the post.

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Governor Brown Claps Back At President’s Twitter Attack

Governor Jerry Brown (D) of California and President Donald Trump have never really seen eye to eye on, well, anything. The two have had a few squabbles and it seems like that is just how their unique relationship works. Most recently, Brown was all too please to take the opportunity to use Trump’s own words against him.

Just one day after President Trump declared that April would be “second chance month”, he returned to his favorite social media platform to take Brown to task for pardoning immigrants in an effort to give them just that, a second chance. Brown wasted no time in pointing out that Trump’s own words, which were available on the White House web site, stated that April was a month to celebrate those who have left the prison system and successfully been able to rejoin society, a month of expanding opportunities for people who have served their time and worked to overcome their past bad choices.

During the time of Good Friday and Passover, Brown reduced 14 sentences and granted 56 pardons. All of those who were pardoned had finished serving their sentences years prior and seemingly had earned their pardons. Five of those pardons were granted to immigrants, which was the point President Trump had an issue with. In a tweet he mentioned that Brown had pardoned criminal illegal aliens who committed crimes like robbery, kidnapping, abuse and drug related crimes, then asked if this is what the people of that state really want. Brown was quick to take to social media to reply that in a month that the President himself noted was a time to celebrate those who had successfully completed their sentences and have successfully rejoined society, and he and his state are happy to celebrate those second chances for all people who have worked to turn around their lives.

While it is no surprise that President Trump and Brown are not seeing eye to eye, it is certainly a feud that people everywhere are keeping an eye on. Aside from these small spats, the state and the President’s administration have been involved in a series of lawsuits that go back and forth over rules and regulations each side is proposing. For more information on this topic, click here.

End Citizen United Uniting the People Against Corruption

The political and social landscape of the United States hadn’t looked more confusing and puzzled before than it is today. The election campaigns in the country have become more about money and less about the integrity of the election procedures because corporations fuel elections with money to manipulate with the outcome. It is a universally known fact and it is the Supreme Court of the country that has passed the judgment to allow big companies and wealthy individuals to spend as much money as they want in the nation’s elections.

End Citizens United is one of the only political action committees in the country that has been actively raising their voice against the way the elections in the country are funded. The big companies in the country have a free hand as to how they fund the elections, and it has made a mockery out of the elections, which are supposed to represent the democratic principles followed in the country.

As more and more money is pumped into the elections, the political candidates are getting swayed towards the fancy affair that the elections are turning out to be for the money and lifestyle and less for the interest of the people and the country. Moreover, when the big companies indebt the political candidates due to their funding in the elections, it is natural for them to pay back the favor when they are elected in power. It has in a way rigged the entire election system and made it more vulnerable as well. The everyday people of the country vote for a new political candidate or a party in the hope that he or she would bring positive change to the country and its people, but instead, life continues in the same way as it has always done without an iota of difference.

In a way, the campaign finance rules that are currently in practice in the United States is a blow to democracy as it is taking away from the politics, the voice of the people. Democracy is for the people, but due to the unlimited amount of money they put into the elections to influence the public and manipulate the outcome, it has become more for the big companies. End Citizens United wants that the people are made aware of the worsening situation in the country when it comes to campaign finance rules so that the protest they aim to start is widespread and more impactful. End Citizens United is a political action committee that seeks to help the political candidates with the same view as the organization and who are entirely funded by the everyday donors.

End Citizens United has a long-term goal of overturning the Supreme Court decision of 2010 and makes the campaign finance rules more transparent and accountable. It would ensure that the people’s vote doesn’t go to waste and the politicians are compelled to make the interest of the people their priority.

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Betsy DeVos is Ready to Change Washington D.C.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House has proven two fundamental things that will never, ever change: 1) people are willing to listen to outsiders and 2) people are tired of listening to the so-called ‘old regime’. Donald Trump took his position and immediately began making appointments that went against hundreds of years of political expertise, fulfilling his promise to ‘Drain the Swamp‘ and give outsiders their chance to make their voice heard. Among his appointments, many of which ended up being quite controversial was Betsy DeVos for the position of Secretary of Education. DeVos came into her position with experience but lacking a national profile. As a result, many people did not know how to react to Betsy DeVos’ placement atop the government ladder. Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about Betsy DeVos so as to understand the future of America’s educational system.


Our formative years tend to inspire our future progression and that is obviously the case for Betsy DeVos. Born in a small Dutch community in Michigan, DeVos spent her childhood by becoming close to both her Christian and conservative values. DeVos was raised by a family that had no lack of success with her brother Erik Prince founding Blackwater but Betsy DeVos wouldn’t be content playing second fiddle. She’d end up going to Calvin College where she would begin to study the work of Milton Friedman in earnest, thus putting her on the track that would lead to a revolution for school choice activists.


Of course, DeVos didn’t go from school straight into politics. Instead, she focused on working with charity groups that focused on school choice — such as the 501(C)(3) groups named Children First America and American Education Reform Council. Betsy would then work alongside her husband, Dick DeVos, in order to pass the very first charter-school bill in Michigan’s history, back in 1993. In 2000, Betsy DeVos would try to ratify Michigan’s State Constitution in order to add a tax-credit/voucher system for scholarships. The bill didn’t pass, but it put Betsy DeVos on the path that would lead her to Washington D.C.


After becoming intimate with philanthropic work, Betsy DeVos was on the radar for a post in Washington D.C. When Donald Trump came calling, Mrs. DeVos was quick to accept his offer and transition into our nation’s capital. Now, Betsy DeVos is becoming a bulldog in the fight for school choice advocates.

Soros Focused on Stopping Trump’s Policy Changes

George Soros was one of the biggest donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign and by all accounts, fully expected that she would win the presidency. Most people that watched the election were absolutely shocked that Donald Trump won the presidency, as the vast majority of polls showed that Trump would lose the race. This has sent people such as George Soros, who put up a huge amount of money to help ensure that Hillary Clinton would get into the white house scrambling to create a plan to stop the effects that he is going to have on the country. Soros anticipates detrimental things happening to the United States with a trump presidency, based on the fact that Trump has strong opposing views to that of George Soros, as well as Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. A few of the things that Trump has promised to change are things that Soros is also heavily invested in, only on the other side of the fence.

Trump has vowed to build a wall and to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into the United States and to specifically start to deport illegals that have committed violent crimes. Soros is in heavy opposition to this idea and has stated that this would be a terrible thing, not only for the people of the United States, but also for the world in general. However, this is just one of the many things that Soros is afraid of, in terms of a Donald Trump presidency, which has led him to start to make plans on what he is going to do to halt Trump’s progress. As a result of the election, George Soros has started to band together with other donors, who also put major money up to stop Donald Trump from getting into the white house, as well as to increase the chances of Hillary Clinton. While hardly any of them expected that they would be in this position in mid-November, the reality for them is that Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States and there is little that they can do about it.

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Instead, the group of donors along with George Soros, are devising ways that they can try to stop the advances of Donald Trump. One of the biggest things that they are focusing on is keeping Obamacare in place, which is something that Trump is planning on repealing. Trump has stated that Obamacare is an absolute disaster and it has to go, which is something that these donors, as well as President Barack Obama does not want to happen. The very legacy of Barack Obama is on the line and the future structure of our immigration policy, as well as other major issues are going to be determined by our next president, Donald J. Trump. Not too many people that were in opposition to Trump saw this coming, but they are starting to accept it as a reality and are moving to play defense in the upcoming years.


Billionaire George Soros Makes More Contributions in Florida

Billionaire investor George Soros has recently vowed to make a considerable amount of political donations to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As well as providing funds for Clinton’s campaign, Soros is also looking to spend money to help entice Puerto Ricans to vote for Clinton. This tactic is being done in order to help get this demographic geared towards voting for Clinton in one of the biggest battleground states.

Recently, Soros has decided to provide funds of up to $200,000 through United For Progress. With the help and influence of this organization, Soros will be in position to influence a number of voters among the Puerto Rican population. By getting these votes, Soros will likely help Hillary Clinton win the state of Florida in this year’s upcoming election.

Since a considerable amount of Puerto Ricans vote Democrat, Soros and the United for Progress organization will have the ability to get more votes which will help contribute to a favorable outcome in the upcoming election on Along with assisting the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Soros’ contributions will also help get local Florida legislators elected. There are a number of Hispanic political leaders who are currently running for office. With the contributions by George Soros, these candidates will likely have the upper hand in the upcoming elections.

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In recent years, George Soros has donated $1.3 million in an effort to help get State Attorney Jeff Ashton removed from office. He has also made contributions to help oust another state attorney Mark Ober as well. With these contribution efforts, George Soros is looking to help reform the criminal justice system. By making a considerable amount of donations, Soros will likely help a number of Democrat candidates make up the majority in the state of Florida.

George Soros is well known for being one of the wealthiest men in the world. As a billionaire investor, Soros has looked to help make a considerable contribution to society with his wealth. His main approach to making a difference in society is by making lots of political donations to Democratic candidates. This year has been no different as he is now looking to spread his influence to the swing state of Florida. With a vast Hispanic population that is Democrat bent, Soros is looking to help ensure that voters elect more Democrats in a traditionally Republican legislature.

With his massive donations, Soros is in position to give Democrats the resources necessary to put together effective campaigns. Having more successful campaigns will then allow Democrat candidates to more easily spread their influence and get more votes. Whether it is for state legislature, House of Representatives or president of the United State, the contributions made by George Soros will likely help Democrat candidates increase their chances of getting elected. They will be in better position to defeat their Republican rivals in elections for years to come. With the combination of Soros’ large contributions and the demographics leaning towards the Democrat party, liberal political candidates will likely have what they need to reach their goal of being elected into office.

The West Coast Is Changing From Red To Blue This Election Year

California has been a blue state for several years. Democrats win elections in California because of the liberal attitudes that keep getting more liberal with each generation. Even though West Coast Millennials are not feeling Hillary Clinton and her message for the next four years, California will still be Smurf-blue in November. But California’s neighbors haven’t completely warmed up to the liberalism that dominates SoCal and Northern California. States like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado have always been red to the bone when election time rolls around.

But this year may be different, according to the recent polls that have been conducted by several organizations. The fact that Donald Trump has alienated Latinos, Blacks and Asians is making the Republican Party have nightmares as well as daymares. Trump’s insensitive style of campaigning is reshaping the political composition of the red states that make up the West Coast voting group, according to the New York Times.

Arizona has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once in the last 68 years, but this year Hillary Clinton is tied with Trump, according to recent polls. Flipping Arizona to a blue state has been a Democratic dream for years, and this could be the year that dream becomes reality, according to Democratic leaders in Arizona. The reason is simple. Nonwhite voters are popping up on the West Coast faster than any other area of the country. In 2012, nonwhite voters accounted for 30 percent of the vote in Arizona, Alaska, and Nevada, and that percentage will be higher in 2016. Clinton is so sure she will carry the state of Colorado that she is not spending advertising money in the state before the election.

Montana, Idaho, and Alaska will still vote Republican in 2016, but the handwriting is on the wall for the Republican Party on the West Coast. The West Coast is adding new nonwhite voters in record numbers every year in all the states in the West, and that’s not good news going forward for Republicans. But there some people that say Trump voters will come out in record numbers in November in all of these West Coast states. Those voters are the people that are sick of the political debacle that has weakened the credibility of the U.S. around the world. Those people are not counted in election polls, but they will count on election day.

A Better Democracy for Los Angeles

You may have heard the recent news that some votes in California are being accused of manipulation by government officials based on party registration status of certain voters. This is scary, and this is something people of all backgrounds and political persuasions can agree is a terrible threat to the health of our democracy and the viability of our Constitution’s guarantee to each state a republican form of government.

That sounds dire, but let me explain. If we can’t trust the process by which voters choose their leaders, how can we trust the leaders who are elected therein? If we can’t trust them, how can we have faith in policies they advocate for and how can we possibly buy into the notion of nationalism?

Democracy is being threatened in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change. First, we need to come together to decide we are going to publicly fund elections in this country at all levels of government, thereby creating an equal playing field for parties who can reach a high but reasonable bar. We need to make voter registration automatic so that voters can vote at any time, even if they choose to do so on Election Day. This also prevents voters from being abused by repressive voter ID laws. We need to consider limiting our political campaign season to six months by statute, as other countries have done with much popular support.

We can take steps to create a better democracy for cities like Los Angeles. We just have to have the courage to.

Staying Involved In The Election

Earlier last month, Huffington Post released an article on advice for people on the West Coast who want to stay involved, and for people who want to keep their communities involved and engaged too after the 2016 primary campaign.

This is an important issue because of what is at stake for the West Coast in this election. Many of us come from communities that are getting hotter and hotter every year, with less rain to quench the earth’s thirst. We live in water insecure areas, and many of the crops whose yields support our economy can’t be guaranteed to receive enough water years into the future, which makes it difficult for farmers to plan what to plant and what not to in order to make a certain amount of money in an insecure market.

Many of us live in communities that have been progressive in protecting the right to unionize, the right to have access to reproductive health care services, the right to have fair and comfortable employment, and the right to go to college regardless of financial need. These are all issues that presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle are talking about, and they’re issues that affect all of us.

We should all vote, but almost as important, we should all post on social media, knock on doors in our community, call voters, donate to campaigns, and otherwise give of ourselves to the causes we agree with. That’s the only way we are going to protect West Coast interests.

More Anti-Trump Protests

Now, the left-wing demonstrators have come to California. When the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, campaigned in San Diego, violence erupted outside the convention center. This isn’t the first time it happened at Trump’s rally.

Although the gathering started peacefully, soon the problems began. The protesters attempted to climb the fence and also threw items at the police. As CCBS News report, about three dozen people were arrested. The fights also broke out between the demonstrators and Trump supporters.

Last month, the anti-Trump camp burned an effigy of the candidate as well as an American flag. Why they burned the flag isn’t known.

“Honestly, folks, we have leadership right now in this country, especially at the top, that is grossly incompetent. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” Trump claimed during the rally.

While there, Donald Trump repeated his pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border. He also wants to deport millions of illegal immigrants. Among them are Mexicans, many of whom compose a large minority in California.

He also wants a ban on Muslims coming to America until things are “figured out.” In that comment, Trump referred to risks Muslim migrants could pose. Many find it xenophobic, but many Americans still remember 9/11 as well as other terrorist attacks on the American soil, or those involving Americans abroad.

It is expected that Trump’s rallies will continue to draw crowds, including the troublemakers.