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How Dr. Mark Mofid Became A Top Plastic Surgeon And Researcher

Dr. Mark Mofid is a practitioner of plastic surgery in the greater San Diego region. He also performs reconstructive surgery at a number of local area hospitals. He has his own practice in La Jolla and he is board certified. He is married and his wife also works at this clinic as a dermatologist. His practice contains a surgery center which is accredited AAAASF/Medicare. He also offers laser services using a Cutera laser. Other services he offers are dermabrasion and chemical peels.

He also performs a lot of research in addition to doing surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid says that when he started in the industry he saw things that he knew could be improved upon. His foremost concern is making these types of surgeries safer and more effective for patients, not just his but others plastic surgeons patients as well. He is one of America’s foremost authorities on gluteal augmentation. After several years of research, he came up with a new implant that replaced the older ones which would notoriously slip out of place and cause sagging. Other doctors who perform this type of surgery now use his patented implant.

As for the business side of running his practice, Dr. Mark Mofid says that he hired a fantastic office manager who has worked for him the past seven years. He credits her with putting together a good staff which includes four front office staff. He says he doesn’t advertise because he lets his results speak for his work. He gets a lot of referrals from past satisfied patients. He says he does have a website for his business but they don’t optimize it for search engines, as of yet anyway.

At Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude. His education next took him to The John Hopkins School of Medicine. He earned his MD with the specialties of plastic surgery and general surgery. His fellowship was in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to performing reconstructive and plastic surgeries he also teaches these subjects at the University of California, San Diego.

Gaining Inspiration from the Life of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most accomplished beauty surgeons in the USA. She was born and raised in Austin but studied in New York with some of the best beauty surgeons in the world. She was raised among four other siblings. Her mother was keen to teach them on the value of education and achieving set milestones.


Walden attended the University of Texas where she took her bachelors. She was later to be admitted to medical school, although, on a waiting list. That did not demotivate her. In fact, she was determined to work even harder and prove to everyone that she was good than those directly admitted, maybe even better. Therefore, she read her way through and graduated salutatorian.


When in medical school, she majored in plastic surgery. This decision was fostered by her love for art. Also, she had an interest in seeing women reach perfection and boost their self-confidence. Thereafter she attended UT Galveston for a plastic surgery program. Her determination led her to being accepted to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for a post-residency aesthetics surgery fellowship.


Dr. Jennifer Walden stayed in Manhattan for eight more years and in collaboration with her mentor Sherrell Aston, they started a practice. When she got pregnant with her twins, she had to move back to Austin where she would get the support of her family. Walden says that raising a family is not an easy task. However, with the help of her parents, other family members and nannies, she is able to give her two boys a good life.


While working in Manhattan, she acquired loyal clients, some even international and she retains them to date. Jennifer  collaborates with the Hospital at Westlake Medical Center. They admit any emergency patients who need nursing.


Walden is an inspiration for women with careers in male-dominated industries. Particularly, the single mothers. She shows that with confidence and hard work, everything is possible. Through her life, one can learn how to run and manage their businesses. She shows that one doesn’t have to be harsh in order to lead effectively. Rather, staying humble and working with people will take you everywhere.

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