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This Site Works As a pound of Sorts For Pianos

When it comes to furniture, a piano is likely one of the heaviest pieces you can own. Often weighing in at more than even a sleeper sofa, pianos are so large and cumbersome that many people opt to ditch them when they move. Tring to figure out how to get it out of your old home and into your new one can just be too much, and then when it comes to living in San Francisco, you literally just might not have the space for the musical instrument (or new neighbors that won’t complain every time you decide to play it).

Seeing all the abandoned pianos, one San Francisco resident had an interesting idea: he would create a pound for them. Similar to the pound where you might pick up a new kitten or puppy, the Piano Pound is a website dedicated to pianos in search of a new home.

Pianos from around the city are listed on the site, some are even posted with back stories and pictures that make them look like something out of a pet adoption fair rather than a place for musical instruments looking for a new home. Much like the regular pound, all of the pianos on the site are available to new owners for free. To claim one, you just have to go get it.

While right now the idea is simply to offer potential piano owners a way to find the piano of their dreams, the site’s creator, Silas Moon, hopes to expand the project eventually to become a warehouse of sorts where some of the pianos can live permanently and residents can visit them and play them whenever they like. For those who have to give up their piano in a move, the move could be a welcome one, allowing them the opportunity to visit their love even though they can’t keep it personally.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. It will be fun to see if it takes off, and Moon is able to one day get his epic musical warehouse.