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Adam Milstein: the Israeli-American who defends his Jewish roots

Early life and education

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American, was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. After his service, which was mandatory, in the Israeli Army, Adam enrolled in Israeli Institute of Technology to undertake a Bachelor of Science degree. He majored in business in economics and graduated Cum Laude in 1978. While pursuing his higher education, Adam helped his father to develop their business in real estate development and construction. He moved his family to the United States in 1981 and 1983, Milstein graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA. He then began working as a sales agent in commercial real estate

Adam as an author on JNS

Adam Milstein is an author on Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). In his recent article, Adam writes about how radical Muslims are posing risks and becoming threats to the society. In his opinion, the radical Muslims are destroying and delegitimising the homeland of the Jews, Israel. According to Adam, anti-Semitism is a pertinent issue affecting global politics, and the fact that it is growing is already causing a threat. Radical Muslims in Adam’s view cling to fundamental Muslim beliefs that promote anti-Semitism which lacks the support of American values. They are destroying the Western value culture. Adam is of the idea that North America is portraying signs of collaborating with Europe to address the increase in anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein adds that mainstreaming anti-Semitic leftism, particularly in college campuses, will threaten life in America and the future of Jews around the world.

Adam Milstein, the philanthropist

Adam is not only a real estate developer, but he is also a philanthropist. Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The foundation sponsors the education of young professionals and students to enable them to identify with their Jewish heritage and give them facts to advocate for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Adam co-founded Israeli-American Council where he became its Chairman in 2015. In 2016, the Jerusalem Post listed Adam among the 50 most influential Jews worldwide.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s Exceptional Leadership In The Ismaili Community

Shafik Sachedina serves at the Jamati Institutions that was founded by Aga Khan. Sachedina, who is a trained as a doctor was born in 1950 in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. He went to Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School from where he graduated in 1975 as a Dental Surgeon.

After his education, Dr. Shafik Sachedina practiced his dental career for many years in England besides showing business interest in other medical fields. He currently heads the Department of Jamati Institutions which is based at Aiglemont, France. Further, Dr. Sachedina also volunteered in many other occupations that include serving in the United Kingdom for two terms as president of Ismaili Council.

Dr. Sachedina’s primary role at the institution is linking the institutions of Ismaili Communities based in Central Asia with the Aga Khan Development Network Programme. His other significant role is where he heads all the activities and programs of the Institute of Ismaili in 16 key locations of the institution’s branches. Again, Dr. Sachedina’s work at Jamati Institutions is based on voluntary service which is his community’s tradition. Dr. Sachedina holds other senior positions in the Ismaili Community where he serves at the institute’s board of governors as one of its members. He also serves as a member of Aga Khan Development Network AKDN Committee in Aiglemont besides chairing FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee among others.

About the Institute of Ismaili Studies

The Institute of Ismaili Studies which is based in London, specializes in the promotion of the study of the Muslim cultures. The Institute acts as a research center where individuals can learn and understand the history and customs of the Muslim Communities. Again, its chief goal is to improve and help in the understanding of the relationships that exist between the Muslims and other faiths. Moreover, Dr. Sachedina other roles as the leader of the institution entail making periodic trips to some of the countries as he fulfills the organization’s objectives. He has visited many countries where one of the recent trips was when he went to Russia and met their deputy foreign minister with whom they discussed extensively about promoting peace in the Middle East countries.

Mr. Sachedina’s other Business Engagement

Dr. Shafik Sachedina also heads one of the award-winning homes in England that is known as the Sussex Healthcare. Dr. Shafik Sachedina together with other of his medic friends formed as healthcare facility in 1985. He is the current joint chairman and a co-founder of the organization which is located it the Sussex County. The healthcare has grown to have over 20 other branches which are in different areas of London. Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare Facility’s core function is to provide care to patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities, Dementia, and many more. It is also responsible for giving attention to the elderly where its staff are very professional, warm, and provide excellent services.

Tony Petrello A CEO With A Golden Heart

What image comes to mind when you think of an oil executive? Is it a greedy older man with slicked back hair hiding behind a black suit? Or perhaps an old-school Texan in a cowboy hat adjusting his vest and barking orders? Neither of these images fit Tony Petrello. This 62-year-old is a CEO with a golden heart. Tony has a proclivity for philanthropy, which continues to expand over the years. With over $5 million donated to the medical community alone, Tony’s streak of giving doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Tony Petrello grew up poor. His parents were constantly struggling with money; this inspired Tony to study hard in an effort to support him and his family. Tony always had a love for mathematics — later helping his Yale professor Serge Lang develop his work on number theory — and his dedication to studying landed him a scholarship at Yale University. He went on to graduate from Harvard Law and was hired by Nabors Industries not long after. He worked his way up through the company and years later successfully became CEO. Another important thing that Tony did post-law-school was marrying his wife Cynthia. Together they founded the Petrello Family Foundation, a foundation dedicated to education, arts, and medicine. Tony always remembered his years at Yale and working with Serge Lang and later went on to establish an endowment of $150,000 at Yale for those excelling in mathematics.

Tony Petrello’s life hasn’t been a steady ride. Petrello’s daughter Carena was born early; at 24 months old she weighed only 20 ounces. After her birth, doctors diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia, a disease affecting early born infants. Carena developed cerebral palsy as a result as well as numerous neurological disorders. This sparked a passion for medical philanthropy in Tony. He and his wife established the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, an institute dedicated to studying neurological effects in children. Tony and his wife Cynthia have donated over $5 million to the institute with a guarantee of another $2 million.

When hurricane Harvey hit Houston, the devastation was instantaneous and widespread. Nabors Industry has a strong sense of giving back that is integrated deep into the companies culture. This vision and culture is also shared with Tony, who, after Harvey, gave paid time off to his employees so that they could volunteer to work in the wreckage. Nabors also matched all employee donations — over $160,000 — to the Nabors Disaster relief fund. The fund was used to help rebuild areas of Houston effected by the hurricane.

Tony Petrello is a CEO that shows that hard work, intellect, and a kind heart can get you far in this world. His contact specifies that his salary is based on the production of the business. He makes sure that his employees know that he is right there beside them in trying to craft a better future, not only for his company but for his community. A true outlier in the world of oil CEOs, Tony Petrello is an example of an oil executive with not only wit and work ethic, but a love for community and science.

Adam Milstein Is Raising His Voice To The Israeli-American Council

The Israeli-American Council is an organization made up of Jewish-Americans, Jews, and Americans who want to keep a constant peace between Israel, America, and the rest of the world. One of the leading members of the Israeli-American Council is Adam Milstein. Adam is an advocate for the United States helping Israel to defend itself against radical Muslims.

In addition to serving on the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein is also a writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, which is an online news platform that goes out to millions of people on a weekly basis. In his recently published article, Adam described the terror Israelis are facing in Israel due to Muslims. This article authenticated testimony from both radical Muslims and non-radical Muslims, which claimed that their common goal is to annihilate the Jewish people from the planet. Adam Milstein believes this is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

Another eye-opener in Adam’s article was the fact that Jewish people are being targeted in America. Jewish people have written to Adam from all over America, claiming they are being oppressed because of keeping their history and religious beliefs alive. Adam believes the United States needs to do more to protect Jewish people. He is also calling on Jewish people to start organizations that exist solely to protect the rights of Jewish people in America. He is even forcing the Israeli-American Council to get involved in this.

Adam Milstein lived in Israel until he was married in the late 80s. Coming to the United States, he immediately went to college. He studied business at the University of South California. After graduating at the top of his class, he immediately opened a business that gained success even until today. Adam is currently one of the top entrepreneurs in America, and his goal is to see other Jewish college graduates become business owners in America, too.

Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dare salaam Tanzania in May 1950. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery at Dental school, at the University of London and Guy’s Medical. After graduating from the master’s level, Dr. Shafik Sachedina spent several years practicing dental surgery in England.

Currently, Dr. Shafik works with Jamati institution where he is in charge of the dental department. Dr. Shafik is in charge of organizing programs and activities of institutions that belong to Ismaili community. Moreover, Dr. Shafik acts as the connector between The Central Asia communities and Agan Khan Development. He holds several leadership positions, for example, he is the chairperson of Focus.

His passion for his profession and interest in venturing into private practice led him to start a clinic called Sussex. The company was legally certified by the government in 2002 and thus began to fully operate as a medical facility. For years, Dr. Shafik has been offering voluntary services at Sussex Health Care where he is also the chairperson. The doctor works with other people in treating patients who have dementia and the aged people in the community for free. The other colleagues share similar interest beliefs and integrity in the health sector as they work tirelessly to ensure that they reach out all the patients in the community. For more than three decades, this health center has been offering shelter, care, and treatment to patients suffering from both terminal chronic diseases. Sussex provides therapy, education and recreation facilities to the patients as a way of making them feel comfortable and cared for. It is always operational at all times even on weekends.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a member of the Ismaili community which is based in London. He has previously been chosen as the president of this institution’s council twice. Ismaili community institute was set up in Aga Khan is the 1970s. The founders of the institution made rules which are strictly followed by all the members. The institution was set up to support and encourage research and education on Muslims and the Islam cultures. The community offers degrees in Islamic studies and also owns a library that has information on Islamic history.

Dr. Shafik was sent as the representative of Aga Khan and Ismaili institutions on the discussions on peace between Afghanistan and Syria with the presidential representative and the assistant foreign minister in Russia.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has always been selfless in his field of work and has offered another excellent chance of life to many patients all over the world.

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Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a firm believer in working hard and smart so as to achieve good results. He is a performer and dedicated professional who has spent not less than quarter a decade as a top professional in the financial services niche. He was so good at what he does such that at one point he was appointed president of one the largest financial institutions that were state-chartered at the time.


Matthew went to school and graduated in the year 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance degree from the Michigan State University. Before he started his professional career, he was also lucky to graduate from the University of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program that was only accepting invitations from highly qualified students.


When it comes to his professional career, Matthew Autterson made a debut by working at First Trust Corporation that was by then, a subsidiary of Fiserv. Just after two years, he left the company and joined other likeminded professionals who were about to start a state-chartered financial company in Colorado. After a few months deliberating and laying strategies, the company finally opened and started operating under the name Resources Trust Company.


After four years in operation, he was made the company president and as expected, he steered the company to greater heights. Since becoming president, the company started making very good progress and many bigger companies were throwing deals with the intention of buying it out. In the year 1989, it was bought out by Broad Inc. together with all other assets owned by its subsidiary company, Integrated Resources Inc.


Before the sale was made, Resources Trust Inc. was ahead of the pack in terms of the manner through which it had managed to become a solid and reputable company. For instance, it had over seven hundred employees and with fifteen thousand independent advisers that had been able to bring it not less than two hundred thousand clients.


It is under Matthew’s able leadership that Resources Trust Company was able to become a state-charted financial company of repute. Over the years, he has exhibited true dedication and commitment to the different things he has set his mind to achieve. Currently, he is a board member of different companies and organizations serving in different capacities. He remains committed, down to earth and dedicated. He also commits his time to philanthropic activities in the community in the quest of improving the lives of those who are not privileged in society.


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Mark McKenna, Entrepreneurial Doctor

Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the medical expertizes who is licensed to practice medicine in the United States including states like Georgia and Florida. The love for medicine also is the reason behind the successful journey career for Dr. McKenna. He also takes part in community service through enabling them to get free medication to those who cannot afford. He went to Tulane University Medical School and attained a degree in medicine. When completed his undergraduate studies he works with his father on a different project and he was able to learn a lot from his father because he was well experienced. Together with his father McKenna Venture Investment is one of the project that they developed and deals with the real estate development. Furthermore Universal Mortgage Lensing and Uptown Title, Inc are some of the organization that McKenna developed. Due to him starting different companies a lot of people were able to be employed therefore made the organization access more solution in the real estate and the financial services industry.

In the city of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina swept a lot of McKenna’s institutions but that did not stop him from being successful because he bounced back through being in control of rebuilding the city of New Orleans by building cheap housing units. The projects become successful and he was able to help other people who were affected too.

Therefore McKenna decided to move to Atlanta GA in the year 2007 whereby he developed ShapeMed. ShapeMed, whereby it is an aesthetic based clinic, provides various solutions to people who need to improve their physical appearance. Later on, ShapeMed was acquired by Life Time Fitness Inc these enable McKenna to be the National Director of the organization.

He is a loving man who has two daughters named Milana and Pomeranian. He as well is engaged to a beautiful wife named Gianine McKenna and he is currently working as the member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Dr. McKenna has accomplished many things through ensuring that he always set his objective first before taking action. Also through the hard work and devotion that he always put in whatever activity he does is another reason why he has accomplished a lot.


Making National Steel Car Relevant Again with Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is the largest company that manufactures rolling stock in Canada. Located in Hamilton, Ontario the company was started by Sir John Morison Gibson and other investors in 1912. The first few years of existence are especially good, and the investors were pleasantly surprised by the quality of work as well as the growth and the revenue.


In 1913 the demand reached an all-time high and allowed National Steel Car to start new partnerships and begin new business relationships with Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway. In the nineties, the company changed hands several times until Greg Aziz, the owner of National Industries Inc., showed some interest and bought the company.


Gregory James Aziz was able to get the company back on its feet. He was able to apply his knowledge and expertise in the field and increase the profits. James Aziz managed to increase the number of jobs this company provides from 500 to 3000 and raise the production to 12 500 rail cars per year. The company was previously able to make only 3500.


Gregory James Aziz comes from London, Ontario. He graduated from Ridley College and later received a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. His career took Greg James Aziz to his family’s business of Affiliated Foods. He was able to help the company grow before he moved to investment banking.


He was able to invest in National Steel Car after several different investment jobs in New York. The experience in various fields allowed Aziz to make the decision and purchase the company, taking a calculated risk that paid off. He is exactly the kind of leader the company needed to be able to bounce back and return to the market. It was also able to grow in ways it couldn’t without someone like Greg at the wheel. See Related Information.


Aziz is a leader who is not afraid of taking risks in the world of business. His experience in economics and different business fields combined with his leadership qualities will allow the company to continue the growth. He also sets high standards for his employees. This kind of business doesn’t just create rail cars, but also improve the infrastructure and help communities around it. It is the kind of company people can look up to and note its history but also its modern-day achievements. Aziz is proud of it but knows that work doesn’t stop there.



Gregory Aziz Brings Attention to Rail Industry

For years, National Steel Car has been the leader in the industry for the things that the company does with rail cars and steel freight cars. They have been able to help other people out with the things that they are able to do and all of that is what has given the business a chance to experience the growth that they have in the past. This has been something that was easy for the company but also has been something that they have worked to make a possibility. The leaders of the company know what they can do to ensure that it is going to continue to be successful.


Even during the times that Gregory James Aziz made changes to the company that would affect the things that they were able to do, he knew that it would continue to be a good company. Since he was committed to the cause and to the industry, he knew that he would be the one who could make these changes. He also knew that his commitment would be the reason that they would succeed so he tried his best to help other people out with the businesses that they had in the rail industry. Find him on Facebook.


For Greg Aziz, engineering can be a huge part of the business. If the engineers do not do things the right way, then National Steel Car may not be able to get the help that they need. They may also suffer from the issues that have happened to other companies in the time that they have been running the business. Gregory Aziz committed his career to making things work and that is what has given him the ability to continue to make National Steel Car a positive influence on the company and on the things that are happening in the rail industry.  See more on this page.

G James Aziz hopes that people will be able to try different things and he consistently hires those who are working hard for him. He believes that these people will be the biggest asset to the company and that they will be able to make a huge difference in the things that the company is doing. By only hiring assets, Gregory Aziz has set National Steel Car up for success. Good employees make an even better business and that is something that Gregory Aziz knows will always happen with the business that he is a part of.


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Scottsdale, Arizona Resident Jason Hope Is A Businessman With A Philanthropic Worldview

To say that Jason Hope wears many hats may be the understatement of the year. The Scottsdale, Arizona resident is an entrepreneur, futurist, investor and philanthropist who is as passionate about technology as he is about giving back to the community.

The Arizona native grew up in Tempe and earned his undergraduate degree in finance from Arizona State University. Hope then went on to earn his Master’s of Business Administration from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Leveraging knowledge gained in the classroom to the real world, Hope has been instrumental in the development of technology that supports mobile apps, desktop software and gaming. But for Jason Hope, there is more to life than having a job that makes money.

He has chosen to support several philanthropic initiatives, including research currently being done at the SENS Foundation at Cambridge University. SENS is centered on helping people live longer, better lives by focusing on finding cures for such diseases like Alzheimer’s as well as lung and heart ailments.

Hope and the SENS Foundation strongly believe that too much money and time has been spent on treating disease. Instead, they argue that not enough attention and money have been spent on preventing disease in the first place.

Hope is also an angel investor who provides grants ranging anywhere from $500 to $5,000 to high school and college students who provide details of their research or start-up plans to