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Premium Dog Food Takes 45% share of the Market as Owners Show the Love

High-quality eats are starting to take over the dog market. It’s the old “Let your pet eat what you eat” passion of yesteryear. But today’s dog owners are also more educated so these new type of premium dog foods really do let the owner feed his pet dog food that actually does contain many of the things that you would normally eat as a person. I an article recently about premium dog food the Daily Herald spoke about the “eat like the owner strategy” and explains how premium dog food sales have surged to 45% of the $10.5 billion US market. So the smaller gourmet type of dog food companies are now finding themselves in competition with big companies who are fighting back through the use of innovations and acquisitions. Companies like Purina, for example, have purchased Merrick Pet Care. Purina has entered the premium dog food market with the Beneful brand of dog food. The idea here is a high quality tasty dog food with extremely beneficial qualities for your pet. Beneful playful life is for puppies, with a protein rich nutrition and ingredients like real beef, eggs, blueberries and spinach, this super high quality and protein rich dry dog food comes back of 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 15. lb and 31.1 lb. bags. Beneful comes in three forms, dry dog food,wet food and dog treats. With 39 products in total the Beneful line of premium products has every type of food for your pet dog. Whether you own a puppy or an adolescent or an older dog you pet will benefit greatly from the high-protein dog food offered here.Beneful dry dog food “Originals” comes in three flavors, there is the”Originals”with real beef, “Originals”with Real chicken and “Originals”with real salmon. Benefuls “Healthy Weight” is designed for your adult dog and is engineered to help your adult dog maintain its full healthy way yet still be excited at no time. This blend gives him 100% of the nutrients you need while still being calorie smart so that he can maintain his proper healthy weight. Beneful uses some awesome ingredients including