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Los Angeles Tow Companies Refusing to Haul Away Homeless RVs

As the homeless population in Los Angeles continues to rise, tow companies are starting to refuse to haul away many of the seized RVs. As the increase in unregistered RVs on the Los Angeles continues to rise, so do the calls from people in various neighborhood to have them hauled off. However, many tow companies will not haul off the RVs because doing so is a no-win situation that is often done at a financial loss.

In the past year, there has been a large increase in these RVs littering the L.A. streets, and that in turn has led to an increase in enforcement. However, while there are many towing yards in the city of Angels, there is now only one company who handles all of the enforcement. This is because most of the other towing yards have abruptly quit, citing the difficulties of hauling dilapidated, garbage-infested motor homes to the yards. They sought to recoup some of the costs, but after hitting continual dead ends with City Hall they all threw up their hands and quit.

All of them quit, that is, except for Pepe’s Towing located in Wilmington. Unfortunately, the only reason Pepe’s Towing did not drop their city contract as well was because they specialize in heavy-duty towing assignments. The manager of Pepe’s Towing has noted that their lot is now crammed with dozens of motorhomes that belonged to homeless people, many of whom cannot afford to pick them up.

The manager of the towing yard also mentioned that for some of her employees, the stench from the abandoned motor homes can be borderline unbearable. She has had to step up her attempts to keep a sanitary environment. The towing offices now have to be flea-bombed on a weekly basis simply because of the presence of the motor homes.

However, there is a bright spot looming. At least eight other companies are expected to enter modified contracts with the city. Hopefully that will decrease the burden on Pepe’s Towing.