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This is the Reason Why David McDonald is Able to Secure the Food Production Market: How OSI Groups Paves the Path Towards Synergy

Usually, when a person takes a trip to the grocery store, they don’t even think about the origin of the food’s source. In much the same way if someone is eating at a diner, it’s uncommon for a customer to ask information about the ingredients. It’s this kind of food creation that’s an incredibly vital industry, but at the same time, it’s worth it to be aware of the businesses granting such a service. Various food production businesses compete in the market, but one of the more reputable choices is the OSI Group.

You probably don’t know that you’ve been enjoying services from the OSI Group for many years. The OSI Group has an international influence which contributes jobs across the globe. Included in its offers, OSI concentrates its creation on protein products, which are packed and marketed at grocery stores across the world. A lot of their other products are sold at leading establishments far and wide. As a private company managed by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin, OSI now runs in 17 countries and is watching for opportunities to extend its influence.

The speed of its growing service is as admirable as its seniority. Barely any corporation is able to keep its business in line with the industry for as many years, and this is particularly notable due to the financial challenges of the prior decades. OSI Group has been able to achieve this growth with strategic product placement and careful advertising.

David McDonald mentioned that the essential key to success is to interest the regional customer foundation. It’s expressly crucial for a food corporation with associates all over the globe. Trends are culturally specific, which implies that manufacturing needs to be aware of those particular tastes. With each new territory, OSI funds heavily in the research of the desires of the local markets to fulfill those needs sufficiently.

Some of the concerns for local food manufacturers involves the source of the ingredients which affects the price rates. Some stores, for instance, may want more organic foods while others may want a more affordable product. For the best results, David McDonald strives to find the right balance to create the selection the market needs.

While a business of this magnitude may appear a little disinterested, David McDonald always aims to provide personal experiences to the people they impact. OSI sustains a definite connection to the Ronald McDonald House and other notable foundations like Feeding America in Illinois. It just goes to show you that the company’s success is linked to other positive influences in the world, generating a synergistic relationship with the business and its clients. Going forward, everything is looking good for OSI Group and its consumers along with its employees as a whole.

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Sheldon Lavin’s History Going From Banking To Food Processing Celebrated At Global Vision Academy Event

Sheldon Lavin understands both growing a business and having a sound financial plan to go with it because he has done this for more than four decades as the CEO of OSI Industries. An event was held at Global Vision Academy, an institute in India that celebrated international business leaders and Lavin was given a Global Visionary award at this event. Lavin expressed his deep gratitude and honor at receiving the award, and he was pleased to look back on the story of how he turned OSI Group from a local meat market group to its current position as a leading meat processing company.

Sheldon Lavin managed accounts for businesses and wealthy executives in his previous career in investment banking, and he had turned that into his own business in professional financial consulting. The owners of the original meat market currently known as Otto & Sons wanted his help to get financing from a big bank for a large factory they needed to build. Their local meat market center had just been selected by the CEo of McDonald’s to provide the meat for the restaurant. McDonald’s was still young at this point, but their profits were now enabling them to grow on a huge scale, and if Otto & Sons was going to keep up with their demands they too would need to build up their food processing capabilities.

Within the initial time period of working with Otto & Sons, Sheldon Lavin had been approached by the bank he was applying for financing with to see if he could become a partial owner in Otto & Sons. He turned down that notion at first because he wanted to remain in financial consulting, but he got along well with the company’s current owners and continued to help them grow their financing to open even more plants. Otto & Sons started seeing a lot of revenue come in, and not long after the company owners and McDonald’s wanted him to come on full-time. The company owners decided when they retired they would sell their shares to Lavin and told him it was completely up to him to grow the company as large as he wanted.

Sheldon Lavin not only maintained the strong partnership with McDonald’s over the years, he also helped other restaurant franchises deliver quality meats like Subway and Pizza Hut. Key acquisitions he made both in North America and overseas were Nation Pizza and Foods, Select Ready Foods in Canada, Vista Processed Foods in India, GenOSI and K&K Foods. Lavin helped fund two recent plant openings in the Philippines with GenOSI and OSI Spain that have heavily increased chicken product output in their various markets. He also gives money to and serves on the boards of the Jewish United Fund, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the National Multiple Sclerosis Institute.

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OSI Group Meeting the Challenge of Food Market Based On Convenience

Officials with OSI Group say that customer desire for “convenience” in terms of what they eat in a fast-paced world continues to be a major driving factor in how meat products get from the farm to the end consumer.

OSI Group is one of the largest and oldest meat processing companies in America. It serves the retail food industry. The burger giant McDonald’s is among its major and long-term clients, for example. In addition to fast food retailers, OSI supplies meat products to hundreds of other retailers, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and more.

OSI Group is what is called a “concept-to-table” food producer. That means it creates processed items such as hot dogs, sausages, lunch meat, cook-in-bag items and more. It’s food that is basically ready to go — anywhere. So OSI might be supplying a fast food restaurant with raw beef patties that are cooked on site, but it also deals heavily in products that arrive fully cooked and ready to eat with a minimum of preparation, and which can be purchased just about anywhere.

More and more, people around the world are “eating on the go.” They rely on pre-prepared meals that can be ready for the dinner table with minimal cooking or preparation – or even more so, “grab-and-go” items purchased from, say a convenience store — just unwrap and eat!

A key factor with foods today is “portability.” Not only are customers looking for foods that are fast, easy and delicious, but they want something easy to carry as they drive, walk or bike to their destination.

Creating food products that meet the changing needs of the consumer doesn’t just happen. For example, engineering the process in which safe, healthy – and delicious — foods can also be transported with lighting speed to distribution locations is a major logistical achievement.

It’s also a perpetual moving target. The way people choose food products, and how and where they eat them, requires extreme attention to detail on the processing side. That’s where OSI Group excels.

OSI group is based in Aurora, Illinois, but has established a major international presence with 65 meat processing facilities located in 17 countries around the world. It employs more than 20,000 people.

Another defining factor of OSI is this company’s almost unique focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly modes of operation. The company has won numerous awards for implementing innovative and advanced environmental procedures. Extreme food safety and safe working environments for employees is also a key characteristic of OSI Group company culture.

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Global Reach with a Local Touch Offered by OSI

OSI has a clear goal as a company: customers’ success. Some of the world’s leading brands rely heavily on the global food provider to deliver food solutions that are cutting edge and serving the need through product development and processing. What sets OSI apart from other food providers?

OSI has solutions that deliver the quality food products but with a reach that is global. OSI Group has worldwide partners that help the company’s success and also to maintain the competitive advantage in the food provider industry. OSI’s international network of partners is vast and helps the company leverage its global supply chain that allows them to have better financial flexibility and cost savings.

OSI has been around for more than 60 years and the global leader is well known for supplying value-added protein items amongst a variety of other high service food and retails brands. There are more than 60 facilities located throughout 16 countries.

OSI is headquartered in beautiful Aurora, Illinois. Whether your company is selling food products in the U.S. or another country, OSI can help you get out there because OSI partners are deep rooted in their respective communities. OSI can help you get customized solutions to actually work.

OSI is a large company. Its manufacturing facilities, although located worldwide, are operated like OSI is a small company. How it works is OSI is a privately owned company but you, as a client, will know exactly who you are working with and you will learn to trust that person because of assured satisfaction.

OSI is dedicated to your success. In fact, it is the heartbeat of the company and OSI employees are known to be passionate about customer satisfaction.

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So what do customers say about OSI? Customers have described OSI is a global company that is “results oriented” and that also has motivated and very talented people, who operate on a ‘can-do” attitude. OSI hires people who have a passion for others businesses, meaning OSI employees are empowered to act entrepreneurial, while encouraging improvement and innovation.

Who wants their products better developed, produced and distributed? If that is you or your company, you should check into OSI. They have the commitment and passion to turn dreams into reality. Are you having trouble finding the right market to service your food products? OSI can help you with that too.


Using “tenacious persistence” and “delivering on promises,” OSI believes that customer partnership, as well as having deep relationships with suppliers and employees sets the company apart. By partnering with OSI, you are not just entering a business deal. More than that, doing business with OSI is an exchange of resources that will help you reach your goal – a common goal between you and OSI.

By combining your company brand with marketing, OSI maintains a close customer-supplier relationships. Do you need to help your food product business grow? Maybe you should give OSI a try!