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The Power And Influence of Avaaz Makes Powerful Changes in the World

Avaaz is an organization whose members operate around the globe. They believe there is a gap between the current world, and the world people want to have. Their mission is to close this gap. They stand for global activism, and strive to find solutions to major issues including corruption within the governments, the rights of humans, and animals, climate change, and conflict. Avaaz consists of a core team, and they work from five continents, and eighteen cities. Their virtual office is achieved with online tools, and their support comes from volunteers located all over the world, and numbering in the thousands.

Avaaz receives their funding from their members. The online donations are small, with the average donation being $35. The decisions regarding what Avaaz does, and says, are made by their members. No money is accepted from any corporations, or governments, and their members donations are not tax deductible. The members of Avaaz are located throughout the world, and have raised more than $15 million to support the causes in which they believe and learn more about Avaaz.

A global civic group named Res Publica co-founded was another founder, and this is an online community responsible for pioneering internet advocacy within the United States. The team who co-founded Avaaz consisted of a group of entrepreneurs involved in global social issues. These entrepreneurs were from six different countries, and included Ricken Patel, the Executive Director, and founding President, David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, Tom Perriello, Jeremy Heimans, Eli Pariser, and Tom Pravda. The Avaaz members live all over the world, with many in France, Brazil and resume it.

Avaaz uses technology as a tool to run campaigns with effective strategies, and to promote change. They have established a connection between citizens that surpasses borders with power, and speed. Their power is derived from the combined force of their members and more information click here.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed to Steer Coriant’s Growth and Expansion

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently announced as Coriant’s new Board Chairman and CEO in September, 2015. Shaygan will be joining Coriant after serving on the board of its parent company – Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir served as an operating partner at the parent company since early 2015 and was able to form good working rapport with both Marlin Equity Partners and Coriant (then under the leadership of Pat DiPietro).

Shaygan will be replacing DiPietro who in turn will take back his previous position on the board of Marlin Equity Partners. This has made the appointment more of a switch of positions between the two executives. Furthermore, DiPietro will become the Vice Chairman of Coriant. DiPietro was initially appointed as the CEO of Coriant and tasked with guiding the company’s transition into the North American market and streamlining operations between the American headquarters and those based in Munich, Germany. This was after Marlin Equity Partners acquired Tellabs Labs and Sycamore Networks.

The appointment of Kheradpir as Coriant’s CEO signifies the end of the integration process. With Kheradpir on board, Coriant is gearing up to begin its expansionist plans through the introduction of innovative telecommunication products. With the growing demand of data-intensive applications, Coriant is poised to provide products that meet several market needs including data centers that are hyper scale, cloud infrastructure and coherent metro (100G to multi-terabyte).

Shaygan Kheradpir said that he was glad to be joining Coriant and further reveled that his main attraction to the company was its impressive portfolio of data networks and top-notch packet optical solutions. He also said that he was impressed by its innovation and global reach. He believes that Coriant is set to help clients attain cost-disruptive network solutions that promise a high degree of programmability, automation and agility. Shaygan is expected to drive Coriant’s growth and development.

Shaygan Kheradpir

With an impressive 28 years of experience, Shaygan Kheradpir has amassed a wealth of knowledge and leadership wisdom from all his previous executive positions. He has worked in industry sectors like Telecommunications, Finance and Technology. The electrical engineer is an old student of Cornell University.

Kheradpir has worked in several companies. He started his career working at GTE Corporation before joining Verizon. In 2011, he left Verizon to join Barclays. He then joined Juniper Networks and later Marlin Equity Partners, both in 2015. He has been instrumental in coming up with several innovative and groundbreaking products including FiOS (Verizon) and Pingit mobile payments (Barclays).



Benefits of Using a Company Like Bury Bad Articles

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