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The UnAgency Called Nine9

The founder and CEO of Nine9 is Anthony Toma. In his interview with IdeaMensch he talks about how Nine9 got started and what kind of ideals the talent agency company is based on. Toma calls his company Nine9 the UnAgency, because he wants to work with all the people who are looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry, but continually hear the words, “no”. He wants to give them a chance to make their dreams come true. Nine9 at Facebook .

Toma has based Nine9 Talent Agency on the idea that the talented men and women interested in working need to work hard on their craft and display the passion they feel in order to do well. He wants his company to do the same. His staff respects and works hard to place the talent with casting calls and auditions in the television, print, modeling, music video, and other promotional opportunities available.

Toma began as a business owner and has worked with many industries before discovering Nine9. At the time he was in the grocery business and wanted a franchise to be a part of. This is how he came across a franchise talent agency. He joined up, but the franchise, unfortunately, fell apart. Click Here for Nine9 reviews .

In 2003 Toma started his own talent agency called, Coral Reef Productions Inc., which would eventually become Nine9. He wanted to make sure his business was a success, so he followed the business strategy created by Gino Wickman of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Toma insists it was the structure of EOS that helped him visualize what he wanted for the company, by setting a three year goal and then a ten year goal. Toma refused to fail and has developed an UnAgency for the 99% of people in the entertainment field who have the right talent and drive, but still can’t find work. for more .


Nine9 is the Agency that Walks Talents down the Success Path

About nine out of ten upcoming models and actors never get a chance to showcase their talents in the very competitive American entertainment industry. Nine9 talent agency has in the recent past stepped in the gap between these artists and success, linking many actors and models with their destiny. These artists have then taken to the agency’s website to narrate their success stories. See Photos .

Success Stories

Lorena C is a Hispanic fashion artist from Illinois. She has a long and brown hair as well as brown eyes. After enrolling with Nine9, she was taken to a modeling class where her modeling techniques and personality were nurtured. Lorena got her first modeling job at I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert. She did a show mid last year, and she was impressed with the reception she got from the audience. She got yet another job with the Black Fashion Week U.S.A., and according to her, it went down in an awesome way. Click Here for Nine9 Reviews .

John L is a multiracial actor from Laurel, Maryland. He is 67’’ tall with a waist of 28. After enrolling with Nine9, It did not take him long to land a supporting role in an online show. By the time he wrote the story, he had landed a more advanced role. Nine9 CEO .

Barbara S. is a modeling artist from Oak Lawn, Illinois. She has a shoulder-length brown hair. Her bust and waist sizes are 32 and 36 respectively. Thanks to Nine9, Barbara S was cast for a runway show. She expressed optimism that with the help of the agency, more opportunities were on the way.

About Nine9

Nine9 was established in 2013 in Miami, Florida as a talent nurturing agency. In its 14 years of existence, the company has helped countless talented American people to excel in the entertainment industry. Nine9 boasts of state-of-the-art technology and a talented staff. Watch Video Here .