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California Man Has A Turnaround Of Fortune Thanks To A Navajo Antique

One man in California managed to have a complete reversal of fortune thanks to an old Navajo Indian antique that was in his possession. Loren Krytzer was living and working as a carpenter in California when he got hit by a car. The accident left him hospitalized for over a year on dialysis. Eventually his condition deteriorated and one of his legs had to be amputated.

Unable to work, Loren Krytzer applied for disability benefits, but was shockingly turned down multiple times. You would think that a person who was hospitalized for a year and had their leg amputated would get disability right away, but instead he would have to reapply many times. He would eventually get disability, but it was just enough to get by. Mr. Krytzer recalls living on about $200 a month and going to Costco for the $1.50 hotdog and coke. He even had to send his children away to live with their grandparents because he could not afford to take care of them. Those were very difficult and trying times he recalls.

One day while he was sitting at home watching TV, Loren saw a man on the Antiques Roadshow program have a Navajo blanket appraised for about half a million dollars. It was at this moment that Loren Krytzer realized that he had a blanket that looked just like the one on the Antiques Roadshow program. He ran to get it and compared it to the one on TV. It looked very similar and had the same line pattern.

His family was skeptical at first and though the blanket was worthless. It turns out the blanket was worth $1.5 million dollars at auction when he offered it up for auction in Pasadena, California. The Navajo Indian blanket was passed down from generation to generation in his family. It dates back to the 1800s when one of his family members obtained it at a trading post.

Loren Krytzer bought a home and a car with the money from the auction. He also set aside some money by investing it in stocks and bonds. Mr. Krytzer credits his strong faith for helping him get through the tough moment of his life.