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The West Coast Becomes Music Festival Heaven with Coachella

Music Festivals have become something that many music fans are raving to get to. They want this time where they can go outdoors, and this is why many of most popular music festivals are on the west coast. The weather is perfect for an outdoor concert and that is what usually causes such a big push for this type of concert environment. One of the things that has become very big on the west coast is the Coachella Festival.

This is the music festival that has been able to bring out everything from Eminem to a hologram image of Tupac. All of the mainstream and indie artist performances makes it one of the hottest tickets around. Lady Gaga and a ton of other big-name artists have graced the stage, and this festival tends to get bigger every year. There’s a lot of talk about it far in advance because there are even some celebrities that come as spectators.

It is a big open field party that really gets a lot of people talking about all of the different acts and the great amount of music that people see on the west coast.
Another large part of the reason that the west coast tends to be perfect for music festivals has to do with the amount of stars that are already coming to perform in other areas on the west coast.

There’s always a concert of some sort going on and various stadiums in Los Angeles and San Francisco because this is where many musicians live. They have put a large portion of their time into performing on the west coast, and having access to a crowd outdoors music festivals is a musician’s dream.

The iHeart Music Festival that happens in Las Vegas is also a big thing as well. The west coast tends to rule the music festival world varsity because of the weather. It’s perfect for outdoor fun, and many artists prefer to have a festival in this area over everything that might be outside in colder cities like New York.

This is something that people keep in mind when they are trying to find an outing. People that want to check out the music culture on the west coast will not be disappointed.