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Google’s Modular SmartPhone Is Going to Look Awesome!

When you take a look at the next line of smart phone that Google is <a href=””>experimenting with</a>, you can already see how this one might end up being pretty fun in general. The key is with technology that if you aren’t moving forward, then you will soon get lost in the dust. And, if you start to think about the new ideas, apps, and technologies that Google has been producing in recent years, it almost seems like a perfect match for Google to come out with something so inspiring and creative, yet somehow so normal for them.

The news of this new development has continued to help <a href=””>Google’s stock price</a>, and while the entire market has seemed down in general over the last few months any good news is great news for the shareholders. Google (and Alphabet, Inc.), may not be the ones who will turn the economy around by themselves, but when it comes to the company’s ability to innovate and continue to grow, it only makes sense to see that the eyes of the world continue to be on Google. And, to put it bluntly, when Google innovates and grows then the rest of the world is just as excited and optimistic as the children who open gifts on Christmas morning.

Stay tuned for more news about Google as well as news about the new modular phone that they are currently creating.

FreedomPop- A New Way of Providing Mobile Service

FreedomPop was first created in 2011. It is a company that provides mobile service to consumers for free. They offer their services of free data, text, and voice minutes to millions of customers in the United States and Europe. FreedomPop’s business model allows them to give out 500 MB of data with an additional 200 voice minutes, all for free to it’s users. They offer three different plans. The first one as mentioned above is absolutely free. There are no mundane credit checks, or contracts, activation fees, or cancellation fees. The company has a line up of various mobile phones.
A consumer can either choose to buy a brand new phone, or purchase one that is Certified Pre-Owned. The line up includes the latest smartphones. The second plan which is the Premium plan, allow users access to Sprint’s voice network,with Wi-Fi tethering, and a visual voicemail by way of FreedomPop’s voicemail Android app. The plan cost only $5.99 a month. With this plan, you can also use your phone all over the world without worrying about roaming charges that some of the bigger companies in the industry charge. If you do not necessarily like the phones that FreedomPop offers, with the Premium plan you can elect to bring your own device. The plans range from 2GB up to 10GB of data.
Even though FreedomPop offers such an incredible deal, the company lacks in customer support, something that other major carriers have perfected over the years. It is noted that they can be extremely tough to get a hold of and when you do, the person on the other end might not speak clear English. Overall FreedomPop is a great service that will allow you to keep more money in your wallet. The story was originally reported on the website RCRwireless. For more information visit

Save Money with FreedomPop’s Moto E and Free Plan

Originally reported on Android authority, Freedom Pop is a service that is offering an alternative to expensive monthly phone services. FreedomPop is a 100% free cell phone service, offering free calls, texting, international calling and data for its users. FreedomPop is proud to offer a service that includes free amenities so that customers can get what they need from their phone service provider without paying an arm and a leg every month for it.

It’s easy to get started with FreedomPop service. Right now they are offering the second generation Motorola Moto E phone for only $49.99. The phone is in pre-owned condition, but it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason it is defective. After you sign up for the service and buy your phone you will automatically receive on twitter a one month free trial. This will include unlimited talking, texting, and a 1gb data plan. After the first month is over you can stick with the plan you were given for just $19.99, with no price increase.

But many people choose to switch back to the free plan. With the free plan customers will receive 200 voice minutes, the ability to send 500 text messages, and 500mb of data every month. There is also a premium plus service for those who wish to have a little bit more. With this service customers get visual voicemail, data roll over, better voice quality, wireless tethering and MMS services. The best part of FreedomPop phone service is that there is no contract to sign ever. If you’re ever dissatisfied for any reason you can cancel your service anytime.

FreedomPop is the only phone service provider to offer such an amazing deal for almost no cost. Just buy the phone and you’ll enjoy month after month of service for free if you choose.