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Creating the Right Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a know it all kind of blog where one can get search results on almost anything you can think about. Anyone can contribute their articles to Wikipedia by ensuring they write effectively using the right style and being precise to ensure their articles are of importance to the readers. One can also edit existing content on Wikipedia through the designated channels.

To be able to contribute to Wikipedia, one needs to have a Wikipedia account. It is not difficult to create your account, but one need to, first of all, create a new email account that is only for Wikipedia business. This email should be in either Gmail or Yahoo! Mail only. Another crucial point to note is not to use your real name with as little as possible detail about yourself and high level of security settings. By using Get your wiki, one can get assistance from seasoned Wikipedia editors. They help you to create articles that are similar to what any user can do. It can service any entity from business, non-profit organization or personal entities. The good thing is that after your page has been created you get the full refund in case it is taken down. As an open source community, one can edit any article on Wikipedia even if they don’t hire Wikipedia editors. Therefore, Get Your Wiki ensures that a dedicated account manager is there to help in monitoring to ensure edits are not malicious and are in good faith. Wikipedia also has a team of qualified translators to assist in ensuring articles are present in any language to ensure greater access around the globe.

Before editing any article, it is important to read policies and most importantly the Wikipedia community standards and principles, the Neutral point of view policy and ensure you have understood the difference between policies, guidelines, and articles. After this is done, you can start making your contributions. An important point to note is not to edit your favorite topics first. This is to ensure you do not have the emotional connection to the comments you get from readers.

One should also try to avoid writing an article about themselves. This is due to the need for neutrality. When a person writes about themselves, they mostly omit the negatives making the article false. The article needs to talk about everything, negative or positive to ensure it observes the neutrality policy. There is also a conflict of interest policy that seeks to prevent you from making any changes to an article about you since you do not own it.

Wikipedia seeks to be human to all by setting up policies to ensure; information is placed in the right perspective to avoid putting emphasis on unnecessary information, people do not use it for gossiping, putting up information that can be verified, it is not used to attack one’s enemies, and neutral point of view is maintained.

Skout Social Networking Application

Skout is the world’s largest social networking platform for dating and meeting new people. This application was developed by Skout Company and it uses location based algorithm to detect new people within a pre-defined radius. Skout Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. The App is free to download and to use. The application can be used for meeting and chatting with men and women based on the customized search parameters set by the user.

Skout application has isolated its user community. The adults and teens are completely separated and this means that kids cannot easily access adult materials. This segregation also ensures that adult and teens don’t mingle together as opposed to other social networking applications. This decision was arrived at in June 2012, when there were three separate incidents where minors were allegedly raped by adult users after posing as teenagers.

Skout is available for both iOS and Android operating platform, and in 2013 the company reported that it had managed to establish over 500 connections which is exceptional considering the fact that the company is a startup. The application is also available in more than 180 countries and so far it has been translated into 14 different languages. The application boasts of more than 10 million members.

Through Skout app it is possible to chat with new friends, provide gifts such as photos, flowers, and chocolates, and even share photos.

Skout utilizes mobile phones Geographical Positioning System (GPS) to assist users find each other within pre-defined radius. However, the application does not identify a user’s exact location, and users are free to move out from the location tracking feature. The GPS feature is only enabled in the adult community. When searching for individuals, it is possible for the app users to view each other’s profile related information together with recent activities.

Due to Skout’s aggressive market expansion, it has not escaped the eyes of venture capitalists. In 2012, Skout managed to raise $22 million in form of venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz.

One of the best features with using Skout is the travel feature that allows users to meet with each other in another city or country while travelling. However, this is a premium paid feature, and since majority of users are travellers, Skout utilizes the paid feature to support most of the company’s operational expenses.

Other feature includes the Snake to chat that connects users to connect other users who are shaking their smart phones at the same time. During the shaking up, user profiles are normally anonymous for a period not exceeding 40 seconds after the shake before any conversation begins.

In May 2014 the Company announced the acquisition of nightlife app. Through nightlife app users are able to find nightlife events, purchase tickets, and at the same time view guest lists for event happening in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York.