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Exceptional Online Advertising Campaigns Make White Shark Media an Online Marketing Leader

There are thousands of businesses that call the Internet their home. Some are very successful and some are not. If you don’t have the advertising and marketing skills to promote your business, it will get buried and you’ll never succeed. White Shark Media has outstanding use of Adwords, PPC and other marketing tools in the marketing industry to promote your company.


White Shark Media is geared to small and medium online business owners, and their phenomenal team provides effective strategies to advertise and market your company. White Shark Media has geeks on board that are experts with the Web and exactly what it takes to make your business name stand out.


White Shark Media was founded by Gary Garth and Andrew Lolk who are credible marketing experts both in brick and mortar and online. They have one great goal, which is to provide business owners with excellent advertising online. White Shark supports their clients in every area of management with an individualized program for each. The entire team works together in developing a unique program to benefit your company.


Handling Complaints – Turning Negatives into Positives


The way White Shark Media handles suggestions from their clients is unheard of in most any businesses today. Where most ignore complaints, White Shark Media is dedicated to turning that negative complaint into an amended situation that has a positive outcome for everyone.


Customer service is always number one with White Shark, but the attention they give to satisfying their clients is above and beyond what is expected. This characteristic alone sets them above similar SEO, PPC, and Adword marketing agencies. Handling client issues has become a challenge for the team that brings the best possible solutions. Here is an example of how an issue with a client resulted in an amazingly successful outcome.


Each client is assigned a contact person for questions and assistance. A client had difficulties contacting theirs, so they were not getting the full benefits of the expertise. of White Shark Media. Polk and Garth know how important communication is especially when working on the Internet, so because of this problem, they installed into each client’s account a GoToMeeting once a month with more meetings available if desired.


This amendment ensures that every client is updated on the status of their account monthly, with the ability to have any questions addressed. Go to for more examples of how the team has turned negative into positives for the entire company.